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Don’t worry, you aren’t imagining things. The Stryk pistol seen above looks familiar for good reason. You know Salient Arms, the guys who pimp out GLOCKs? Well, they’ve given the magic touch to the Arsenal Strike One as part of a new partnership between Arsenal Firearms, Prime Ammunition, and Salient Arms International called the Prime Manufacturing Group. Salient isn’t just going to be modifying Strike Ones, though. This is part of a much bigger announcement . . .


The Arsenal Strike One will no longer be sold in the U.S. It is to be replaced by the Stryk, which is going to be manufactured by Salient and sold by Salient/PMG. The gun in these photos is the base model. Not only is it very much upgraded from the Strike One, but it’s less expensive. MSRP is dropping nearly a hundred bucks to about $769 and, despite that, dealers will actually have a larger margin on it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t near-giddy about this pistol.


I think Nick might be as well. We both shot it at SHOT Show Range Day and loved it. Salient has fixed every gripe I had about the Strike One. Nick told me that he dumped a full magazine as quickly as he possibly could and that this low bore axis, flat-shooting wonder put every round in center mass at 20 yards. I don’t have his mad skillz, but this gun still made me look darn good. It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t lose focus of the front sight while shooting.

DSC04217In the next couple of days I’ll be taking a tour of Prime Ammunition‘s warehouse. They’re offering match-grade ammunition direct to consumer through their website, as well as selling wholesale to dealers. Apparently the consistency of the loadings is as good as anything on the market, but the price is more affordable. It isn’t vapor ware, either, as there’s 20 million-some-odd rounds in their warehouse. Including a few flavors of .22 LR. Apparently. We’ll report back with a lot more information on Prime Ammo and what’s in the cards for PMG shortly.


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    • I kind of agree. The Strike One is much more aesthetically pleasing. More pleasing still is the PL-14, but we will never see that in real life, unfortunately.

  1. I realize that a gun’s job is to shoot with accuracy and reliability, but the horrible looks of this gun… makes it hard to keep that in mind.

  2. Salient Arms….the company that still doesn’t have a web site and thinks advertising on Facebook is good enough.

    • When they’re selling all the guns they can make, yeah, I’d say they don’t have a pressing need for a website with the reputation and demand they have. Website or no, I’d want one if I could afford it.

      • Interesting opinion from someone who 1) doesn’t own one of Salient’s products and 2) has no inside knowledge of their sales or profitability numbers. Sounds like you are parroting crap you see on message boards and their Facebook page.

        Also, your marketing strategy is simply genius. By your assertion Porsche, Rolex, and Apple all stand to save millions in dropping useless web site development when all they need is Facebook. Bravo sir….bravo.

        • If you’re production limited, spurring more demand only ends up alienating potential customers.

          I just don’t know how many people there are out there who really would like to buy a Glock; if only it was uglier, more expensive, and less proven. But what do I know.

  3. That very low bore is great! The locking system is interesting, but I’ll wait and see how the reliability pans out. Yeah, it’s sorta ugly, but ugly can be fixed. Ergonomics is forever.

  4. Prime ammo affordable???? Match 175 gr 308 is $1.73/rnd when you buy 200 rnd case. I can buy the gold standard in that round, Federal Gold Medal Match, for a few cents under a buck. Even Black Hills is 30-40 cents a round cheaper. Both Federal and BH have produced quarter MOA groups for me at 100 and under a half an MOA at 600. Doubt Prime can top that, but I won’t find out at those prices.

    • Yes, better deal to stick with FGMM, for sure. And their match .223 pushing $1/rnd so not any better pricing that other “match” offerings. Also, why would they not offer 140gr in 6.5cm?

    • If you want affordable, reload. .223 77gr. Sierra MK is about. .40 rd,. and 308 175gr. SMK is about .50 rd. Larger rounds are a few pennies more, and non-match bullets cost less. Empty .223 (and to a lesser extent 308) brass is just laying all over the ground at my range for free. Dedicate one evening a week, a 100 bucks for equipment and it brings a whole new dimension to the sport. If you cast bullets, you can shoot for less than buying .22’s (I shoot cast bullets from several vintage military rifles at 300 yds, 1-2 MOA, for 7.5 cents a round, but that takes more time and knowledge.

  5. No thank you, when I tried to get my glock modified through Salient they didn’t return my e-mail then when I tried again it took three days and they only sent me a price sheet and didn’t answer any of my questions.

    Come to think of it zevtech gave me a similar run around…

    Geez, am I just a fluke or are all after markets just this bad?

  6. Their ammo looks rather nice. I’d really love to see what their 77gr pills do out of a SBR. I really hope we have stumbled on a “budget” mk262 clone.

    • 77gr Tipped match kings (TMK’s) have a better BC (.420) and still fragment down to around 1800fps. Out of an 11.5 inch gun they still fragment past 300m. Pretty hard to beat.

    • It’s a .223 loading and is a lot slower than 5.56 pressure Mk262.

      262 should be pushing 2750 from a 20″ barrel, the Prime is doing 2608 from a 23.9″ test barrel.

      If you want a cheap 262 clone, look for the IMI RazorCore which runs about 80 cents per round. If you’re shooting from an SBR look for the BlackHills 77gr TMK loads.

  7. @Jeremy S.

    Have they upgraded their customer service too? Will they actually answer emails and the phone or is the upgrade just the gun?

  8. I love the low bore axis, one of the major reasons my P7 is the best shooting pistol I own. Unlike the P7, it’s ugly, and I’ve seen plenty of customer complaints, of which Salient should be thoroughly embarrassed.

  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think I dig it. I wouldn’t mind a spin with one at the range.

  10. Looks a little weird… a Kahr got frisky with a Glock.

    Be nice to see it next to some known contenders to get an idea of size and such.

  11. If this is as good a value as it sounds, it will be a top-tier full size pistol and I’d consider a compact version as a possible carry gun.

    Yeah, Billy Birdzell!

  12. This is the only new Glock that I’m actually intrigued by. A lot of those plastic fantastic you guys are scooping is like”Oh look that one kind of looks like an M&P and a glock had a baby”. This one actually offers something different.

  13. All of you need to shoot a Sig P49 or the newer P210. The wheels on the bus go round and round, seems like lately the new and ground breaking designs(low bore axis, etc al) are dredged up from 60 years ago with black paint and plastic added. Oh yeah, add a rail and striker fired. I remember when anything “striker fired” was considered trash. Im still awaiting the arrival of the Tactical PolyRaven in .17hmr and the cudos and 5 star reviews. It’s coming. If it looks like a glock,walks,talks and quacks like a glock it’s a glock. As far as the glocks go why not just get a DAO smith or ruger same thing right?? oh wait, gunguru8675309 said it’s not hip and cool nevermind.

  14. This may be a minor gripe but the stippling lines look horrible around the take-down pin notch(?) as well as the random looking patterning overall. IMO, a $700+ pistol from what seems to be a small company should have more attention paid to detail and craftsmanship. The downside is…. What would that extra attention do to the price point? Like I said, Minor gripe.

    It’s not always assured but when more attention is paid to the minutia, it seems like the package as a whole is less suspect or likely to fail.

      • I don’t know why you say it like that, I thought the same thing. They put out a gun for Shot, it should be the best example they can muster. I think it looks like total crap. The actual Arsenal looks awesome. I was all ready to buy one in a couple weeks. Now that Salient has there hands on it, I wouldn’t touch that golden barreled lump with a ten foot glock. Salient has the worst customer service about 50% of the time than anyone in the industry. No thank you.

  15. Still wondering what the final product will look like without all the stippling, or if that IS the final grip texture… :/

    Regardless, I want one of these guns particularly bad.

  16. I really want one of these, but the Strike One is available at the Prepper Gun Store for 750.

    So to wait, or just get the older version…

  17. I own a Strike One here in Germany. i´ve always shot my Lugers and hate `tilting´ barrels. The Strike´s very pleasant to shoot and very reliable (and the LRC.2 Israeli carbine frame is another very good reason why I´m a very satisfied customer). I´ll wait for the US version to see whether it´s any better (but I doubt it).

  18. Not available until Q3, and grip is still not final – and is certainly not going to be the killer stippling job pictured.

  19. in fact, it’s effing vaporware as far as I’m concerned. I’ll believe it when I see it. Right now, it’s nothing more than a couple blogs from a shot show booth and an ArmsList page for pre-orders.

    • I own an Arsenal Strike One (with the Israeli LRC-frame) here in Europe and would very much like to know what the future holds: is production being moved from Italy to ther US? What exactly are the `improvements´, and what effect will they have? Are changes planned to service availability here etc. etc. Please keep us informed!

  20. I own a small gun shop (SCGUNCO) in Greenville SC. We used to carry the Strike One’s until just before Christmas. When it was announced that Salient Arms was going to manufacture them here in the US we had to return our demo gun. I tried to buy it from Arsenal but I was told that the existing stock of Strike One’s were being sold off to one of the bigger firearms wholesale groups. So we were out of Strike One’s, or so it seemed?

    From a personal experience this in one bad ass gun. It shoots like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s not the best shooting handgun I’ve ever shot but it’s up there. I think that right out of the box it was a great gun – the trigger could be better. Ergonomics were great. Disassembly was easy. And it shoots where you point it. On a final personal note; I just bought one of the used Strike One’s from one of the Auction sights for $700 shipped, including 5 mags. I can’t wait for it to get here..

    My professional experience with the Strike One’s is dismal. We only received a handful of these pistols and we never had more than one in stock at the same time. They were hard to sell because of the price point, brand recognition, lack of accessories, and/or parts. Very few people came into our shop and recognized the Strike One. Spare mags were pricey. Holsters were pricey. Accessories were non existent. Let’s face it, for the same price you could buy a HK VP9 or a Walther PPQ and have some money left over.

    I will grab a Salient Arms Stryk pistol when they are in the distribution line. In the meantime if you feel like you need a Strike One there are LOTS of them still out there. I suspect that finding one online will be a lot easier than looking for one locally.

  21. Waiting to see reviews. This gun is late ans making me wonder if all is well. i am going to buy one and P10c is another option.

    • Same here in Europe. A large weapons company, RUAG ( has been advertising the Stryk B for quite some time now, with delivery always `in the rear future!´. Preliminary manufacture is said to be here in Germany with parts then coming from Hungary and assembly in Germany. But although journrnalists have been able to test it, no deliveries have yet been made. RUAG state that the KPOS stock will not fit the new Stryk B (which is the shortened version of the old Strike One). Right now, the Strike One is still available from the old, established dealer. And Arsenal Firearms still seems to be in existence in Italy.

    • I have waited 2 years for one and finally said forget it. I have a CZ p-10C that works just fine. Management at Arsenal are jerking around distributors also, they are leaving them in the dark also. I tell everyone don’t do what I did and drink the koolaid. At this point I doubt we will see large scale commercial production. Its a plan for disaster, over hype a gun with management that doesn’t tell customers or suppliers the truth. Mark my word get your money back while you still can

      • Over here in Europe, RUAG are prevaricating in exactly the same manner. `Improvements´ to the original Strike One would largely seem to be cosmetic: stippling on the grips etc. I already have the upgraded trigger (and don´t see it as a great improvement). Their new pistol is to be the shortened `B´ model which is of little use in most club shooting disciplines. It looks as if Arsenal have made a series of poor decisions in an attempt to gain a greater foothold on the market.

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