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An AR-15 armorers tool is used for the basic needs of AR assembly, but usually for nothing else. DS Arms apparently figured that was silly, and has fashioned an armorers tool that doubles as a hatchet. Or tomahawk. It’s called the Z Hawk, available with and without paracord wrap, and DS Arms’ press release follows . . .

The DSA Z Hawk: The Ultimate Armorer’s Tool

The DS Arms Z Hawk incorporates the standard AR15 armorers tools into one of the most already versatile tools on the planet, the tomahawk! The DS Arms Z Hawk enables you to perform a variety of gunsmithing actions to your AR15 rifle. AR15 based tools incorporated into the Z Hawk include the castle nut wrench, barrel nut wrench, flash hider wrench and A2 receiver extension wrench. The Z Hawk also accepts a ½ driver, has a bottle opener, base that can be used as a hammer and a lanyard loop. The Z Hawk is made from carbon heat treated steel and finished with an extremely durable powder coat finish includes protector head cover.

Looks like they’re $49.95 without paracord, and $59.95 with. Trips to Urgent Care sold separately.

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  1. There are no words. That’s something that should only be seen on a shop at home channel at 3 in the morning.

    just showing that picture should be cause for a disturbing the peace charge.

  2. “In tonight’s news, a gun nut was found dead in his house lying in a pool of blood. He was apparently trying to assemble an evil assault rifle. Various anti-gun groups celebrated on social media.”

    • LOL, yeah. I can envision slipping off the barrel nut and driving that ice pick into my hip or something haha.

    • “Don’t you hate it when you slip with a wrench and end up with it stuck in your leg?”

      “Ummm… that’s not really a problem…”

      “It is now.”

  3. This would handy when someone sneaks up on you while assembling your ARs. Never can be too prepared. Perfect for when you have to swap your uppers and handguards mid shoot out too.

  4. every time i think we’ve come up with all the dumb gun things in the world, i just keep getting surprised

  5. Buy now and we’ll include a whole set of armorer’s screwdrivers with grips made of rusty fish hooks! You’ll never want to put them down!

    • I KNEW when I opened this blog topic that the POTG were gonna be of a certain mindset.
      I have not been disappointed.
      But you made me clean beer off my iPad !!

      Thank you!

      Happy holiday everybody. Tell a vet “thanks”.

  6. Hit the claxxon button before removing this tool from your range bag.

    If an armorer’s tool is $39 and a medievil armorer’s tool is $49…?
    Go medievil.

    Fifty shades of gunsmithing.

  7. “A modern rifle is a precision instrument that requires specialized tool to properly assemble and maintain. Now hand me my tomahawk, I’ve gotta adjust the gas system on my AR…”

  8. I don’t think that screwdriver is long enough to get up inside the pistol grip or even undo the fixed butt stock. If not for that I would surely buy one, cuz I’m a moron.

    • I made a box cutter/pipe wrench; we should start a company!

      Also, we should sell IFAK and first aid gear…

  9. I’ve earned and learned a bit of time in the ER/OR.
    This thing makes me want to learn more.
    I want.

  10. Quite aside from the general lunacy of putting razor sharp blades on a wrench, whoever “designed” this apparently doesn’t have a real strong idea of what a screwdriver is or what is used for.

  11. For when you absolutely positively must meet that cute nurse who works in the ER on second shift. Their tag line should be, “It’s a great conversation starter when you want her phone number…”

  12. Okay, it includes a castle nut wrench, barrel nut wrench, flash hider wrench, A2 receiver extension wrench, a bottle opener, a base that can be used as a hammer, a lanyard loop and let’s not forget that handy dandy femoral artery slicing tool.

    Tell me, oh armorer of the future, can it core a apple?

  13. I thought it was impossible.

    But someone managed it. They managed to invent something dumber than the tac sack.

  14. Comments are great! Got a good laugh. Zod’s was hysterical.

    This is what you get when you mix Darwinism and Murphy’s Law. Though I don’t know that Darwin needs any help.

  15. From their website……

    Important safety information. This item is not a toy. This item is a tool. This item is inherently dangerous. This item should only be used as the manufacturer originally intended. This item has an edge and as such can potentially harm the user and others. DS Arms shall not be responsible for any misuse or damages as a result of misuse or the item being use in a way other than the originally intended purposes.

    So let me step out on a limb here and ask….
    When I’m cranking down on my castle nut (while drunk mind you because I’ve used the bottle opener correctly) and cut my left testicle off then who’s responsible? Wasn’t I clearly using it for originally intended purposes? They should hire a better lawyer to come up with their idiot clause.

    • A better lawyer might have offered: “This item is sold as a novelty only. It is not to be used for any purpose whatsoever. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for damages caused by the use, misuse, disuse, touching, moving, looking at, smelling, tasting, sale, or purchase of the item. Discontinue exposure to the Z Hawk Armorer’s ‘Tool’ if you experience itching, dizziness, vertigo, slurred speech, tingling in extremities, or heart palpitations. Pregnant or nursing women should not handle the Z Hawk Armorer’s ‘Tool’. Do not taunt the Z Hawk Armorer’s ‘Tool’.”

  16. Look at the 3rd picture. The one that shows the “features” from the rear. I especially like the Castle Nut/Lock Ring Wrench “feature”. I picture some goodun out in the garage with his wife holding the rifle across her lap while she sits indian style on the floor. He’s beating the hell out of the castle nut with the blade telling her that the package says this is the right way to do it. This right here guys is why we can’t have anything anymore. SMFH!!!!

  17. Bought one a couple years ago – blade arrives dull, but a few minutes on the grinder took care of that. It’s actually a pretty nice, versatile tool. If I can keep my paws out of the spinning tools or workpieces of my lathe or mill, I figure I’m competent to avoid slicing my thumb off with the sheathed blade of the Z-Hawk.

  18. I honestly cannot conceive of a use for this item.

    All the actual AR-15 armorer functions of this device require a bench vise to hold the workpiece/rifle upper.

    Are you going to wander around the woods packing an AR-15, a hatchet/armor’s tool, a vise and a bench to mount the vise on? I don’t think so.

    If you’re in a shop with a vise mounted on a bench, would you ever use such a dangerous tool when you have your set of for-real armorer’s tools? No.

  19. Might be a little tricky in use as an armorer’s tool, lots of sharp place’s to put hands for leverage, hope it comes with a sheath of sorts or it may wreck an assault pack pretty quick, Other wise how’s for chopping, brush removal, throwing and hammering?
    Yea a real tactical Tomahawk! missing wire fence cutter!

  20. Well…. if.. you absolutely need your fire arm,
    and absolutely need it fixed.
    You may need the tool even more,
    for something other then fixing the firearm.

  21. When you are pinned down, or just adventurous at the range why not produce this to prove your sanity? I invented the Entrenching tool that doubles for a brush scythe or ax, it can be folded to double for a mess kit. Just don’t dig latrine trenches. I have enjoyed reading these comments, almost fell out of the chair on a couple and if anyone comes up with a Bozo idea this is the place to test it.

  22. This is a solution hunting for a problem no one has ever had unless someone really feels they have an over abundance of fingers they need to remove creatively.

    • I have an odd feeling that this was less a hunting issue creation.
      Than a SHTF creation, what do you do if when you need the weapon for defence of yourself and others.. and they interrupt the repairs.


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