Meopta MeoMag 3x Magnifier
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Meopta is beating the jungle telegraph, announcing new products ahead of their SHOT Show debut. Next up: the MeoMag 3x magnifier. Press release below. Bottom line: a penny less than a grand msrp. Plus mount. That’s a whole lot of money to stretch the legs of your red-dot equipped AR. But the MeoMag’s a sturdy little beast that you can use as a monocular. And it comes with a FOLC (Fast Opening Lens Cover). So there is that . . .

TAMPA, FL, January 8, 2018 – Meopta is pleased to introduce the new MeoMag 3x magnifier.  Designed for use with red dot sights, it can also be used as a monocular.  This new generation Meopta magnifier features supreme optical performance, dioptric correction and can be used with any red dot sight on the market today.  An added benefit of the MeoMag is its ergonomic body shape which fits comfortably into the user’s palm when used as a monocular.

“The MeoMag 3x is ideal for use with our MeoRed T, MeoRed T-mini, MeoSight III, M-RAD and all other red dot sights on the market today,” said Reinhard Seipp, general manager of Meopta USA. “When extra magnification is required for longer shots, the MeoMag 3x can be swiftly attached with the quick release mount and removed when additional magnification is no longer needed. A hinge mount is also available that allows the user to quickly flip the magnifier to either the right or left and out of the line of sight at a moment’s notice.”

Meopta’s proprietary MeoBright™ lens multi-coatings eliminate glare and reflections while the hydrophobic MeoDrop™ lens coatings ensure the highest level of visual clarity in adverse weather conditions, easily repelling rain and snow in addition to skin oils and dirt.  The MeoMag 3x is also waterproof, shockproof and fogproof and comes with Fast Opening Lens Covers (FOLC).


Optional Accessories:

  • Fixed Mount
  • Quick Release Mount
  • Hinge Mount (moves to left and right)
  • Nylon Tactical Pouch
  • Hard Case


Meopta MeoMag 3x
Magnification 3x
Objective Diameter (mm) 20
Exit Pupil Diameter (mm) 6.5
Eye Relief (mm) 60
Resolution (“ or SOA) ≤12
Field of View (°) 7
Dioptric Correction -4/+3
Integral Transmission Daylight (%) 86
Integral Transmission Twilight (%) 83
Recoil Resistance (g)   500
Operational Temperature Range (°F) -40       +140
Waterproof (m/hours) 2/2
Max. Length 4.65 in /

118 mm

Max. Height 1.85 in /

47 mm

Max. Width 1.93 in /

49 mm

Weight (oz) 7.48


About Meopta

The Meopta Group is a U.S. family-owned, multinational company with facilities in the United States and Europe. Founded in 1933 in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), Meopta is a leading manufacturing partner to many of the world’s finest optical brands. Meopta conceives, develops and manufactures precision optical and electro/optical systems for semiconductor, medical, aerospace and military industries as well as for consumer markets.

For more information regarding Meopta, please visit

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  1. Whatever unobtanium they are using to make these things, it’s damn pricy… Especially when an actual Aimpoint magnifier can be had for 2/3 the price and it comes WITH the right mount.

  2. Whoever is runnin Meopta needs to learn how to price his products…. 1 grand for a magnifying glass? Get real Meopta!

    • People bitch about Aimpoint and their best-in-class optics that come at about 2/3 the price… I don’t know what their marketing department was smoking when they told them that they could sell these things at those prices.

      • They should probably start sellin whatever they’re smokin. They’d have way more buyers.

      • I’m not an operator, so maybe I just don’t get it, but I’ve never thought it was too hard picking up a target even a few yards away with a 2 or 3x scope. There is the concept as you pointed out below of being ‘battle proven’, but even the relatively cheap scopes are purported to be rugged enough to climb mountains with. You could solve both ‘problems’ with a set of 45 degree iron si ghts. And if you’re looking to engage an enemy at 300 or 400 yards there’s a huge difference between 3 or 4x and 7 or 9x.

        That said, I don’t fully understand my wife’s collection of handbags and shoes either.

        • I’m no operator either, but I figure if this thing turns a 1x red dot into a 3x red dot, then a 1-4x illuminated scope would be a fair comparison.

          I have a cheap red dot for my AR but I rarely mount it. I use a 3-9×40 for groundhogs or prairie dogs, and iron sights fun.

      • Any recommendations? I’m looking for best-bang-for-the-buck, general purpose optics for my AR15 sub $650 build. Might hunt small game, might shoot home invaders, might shoot steel disks. Using iron (well, iron substitute) sights at the moment. I am not looking to be an operator operating operationally, but I would like to improve my current range & percentage of hits. (Which actually is pretty good for an old guy with lousy eyes…)

        • You should look at Cabela’s new line of optics. Most of their new AR/Tactical line is made by the same group, people, that make Vortex Optics. You can get either their 1×4 or 1×6 with tactical lighted reticle and mount included for under 200$. With lifetime warranty.

      • I’ve got a Redfield Revolution 2-7×33 on the wife’s AR (AKA my current truck g un). Not only made in America but right in Leupold’s factory. There’s several on G un Broker right now for well under $200 shipped.

  3. Optics Planet has a 4×32 Trijicon ACOG, dual illumination, with mount, for $956.99. And those things are battle proven.

    This is what I call a pricing failure on the part of Meopta.

  4. What are the people at Meopta smoking? A combo of this and their stupid red dot would run you $1,999.98. For a red dot sight and magnifier costing as much as some of the Gucciest of Gucci ARs without being battle proven is straight up idiocy.

  5. I own Aimpoints. I own Eotechs. Even I can’t bring myself to spend the 4-500 dollars for their magnifiers. I thought they were crazy for charging a grand for their red dot, but is just mind-boggling.

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