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Besides the Hudson H9, this was one of my favorite new products from SHOT Show 2017. Magpul has been releasing tons of great new products every year and the X-22 Backpack stock is the latest in a long string of good ideas. Designed to take the compactness of the 10/22 Takedown to the next level, the X-22 Backpacker effectively makes the old AR-7 Survival Rifle obsolete. Now, in that same space you can have a full size proper 10/22 rifle and a couple spare magazines. No wonder it was the runaway winner for the 2017 TTAG Reader’s Choice Award for Best New Accessory of 2017!

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      • The 10/22 is magnitudes more reliable than the AR-7 in function.

        I had one years back, neat concept, execution was poor.

        I have heard they have improved reliability, but given the choice, I’d rather have the 10/22…

      • Unless you’re an Air Force pilot, I don’t think you’ll be needing a floating .22 rifle. This is a backpackers/hikers, SHTF, or vehicle rifle. It’s less finicky and has more firepower with those 15 and 25 round magazines than the AR-7 has and you can put a scope on this and it won’t affect how it functions.

        I lost interest in the AR-7 long ago, but I’m not that big of a 10/22 rifle fan either. I prefer the Ruger Charger with a Sig brace. Small, also able to be broken down to just the pistol, and with a Q Erector suppressor, shorter OAL than a standard 10/22.

        • Actually, you probably don’t *want* a floating .22 rifle . . . you know . . . in case there is a boating accident.

    • That, the weight and a lack of buoyancy. Granted, I love my Ruger heart and soul but if I spent a bit more time paddling around in my canoe, I’d probably have to invest in a Henry as well. Its the one rifle that won’t be lost in “a tragic boating accident”.

      • Ever since I was a little boy I wanted the Survival Rifle. I finally indulged recently, having seen one on the local range. Gotta say – what a sharp little rifle! Accurate and lightweight and with undeniable “cool” factor as well. Very much a “toss it in the backpack” tool.

        That said I’ll also be getting a 10/22 TD one of these days and this stock will definitely be on the list as well

  1. I added this stock in FDE to my 10/22 takedown and it is awesome. The ergonomics are phenomenal and the function is outstanding. I have aftermarket raised AR style sights, so I use the higher cheek comb and it is very comfortable.

  2. The Ruger weighs 1.5lbs more than the AR7 and costs 3x more after you buy the Magpul stock. My AR7 has an aftermarket adjustable stock with a pistol grip. It’s a great backpacking rifle for the times you want something to get small game on a long trip. Yes the Ruger is more refined but at the end of the day less weight matters more than looks.

  3. I wanted an AR-7 for a long time but the reviews from the early versions complained of major reliability issues, terrible accuracy and on top of it all they would sink after taking on enough water.

    Supposedly Henry solved all those problems and I admit I want one again (my Henry Big boy .45 Colt has made me a lifetime Henry fan). I currently have a Ruger 10/22 takedown and other than the horrible factory trigger it is an absolutely fantastic rifle. I will definitely swap the factory stock for the X-22 Backpacker to perfect the rifle soon.

    I have no doubt that Henry improved the AR-7 dramatically but when comparing designs I just can’t see how the AR-7 could come close to the accuracy of the Ruger. Especially considering the huge numbers of aftermarket parts available to improve the Ruger while the AR-7 is as good as it’s ever going to be out of the box.

    I still really want one but I couldn’t imagine any scenario where I’d choose the AR-7 over a Ruger 10/22 takedown. If I’m going in a canoe I’d just tie a flotation device to it like I do every other gun where there’s a risk of going to the bottom. If I didn’t have the option of a 10/22 takedown but I’d be plenty glad to have a Henry AR-7 in my backpack should things go south.


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