Daniel Defense Invests in their Own Stocks


Daniel Defense has been using Magpul’s furniture on their firearms for years, but starting at SHOT Show this year they’ve begun using their own design for the stock and handguards. The stock design is pretty nifty, with added rubber pads for comfort and grip. The pistol grip… meh. It has the same rubber grippy panels, but it has a much sharper grip angle than the standard A2 grip. Some people will like it, some won’t, but DD will continue to sell like hotcakes.


  1. avatar Jake says:

    I wonder whether that grip would be popular for the AR pistols.

    1. avatar B says:

      Looks alot like the Magpul K2 more vertical grip angle. I didn’t much care for it on my pistol with the sig brace, switched back to a MOE. I could go for a grip with even more lean when shooting groups with the sig. Something closer to a traditional rifle grip.

  2. The stock looks interesting…I put on a Mako Defense recoil absorbing stock years ago and I have never felt a need to replace it, now has I wanted to, but this looks like something I might want to try.

  3. avatar Matt in FL says:

    My understanding is that the sharper (more vertical) grip angle is better for SBRs and pistols. Did I hear wrong?

    1. avatar L in FL says:

      That’s correct, I have the Umbrella Corporation grips on my SBR rifles for this reason.

    2. avatar Steve says:

      Magpul seems to think so. I tried the “K” grip on a 10″ AR – it felt really front heavy, and with the short grip (or maybe the angle?), it took a considerably higher amount of grip strength to just hold the rifle in one hand during reloads.

    3. avatar Tim says:

      The higher grip angle is more ergonomic when the stock is adjusted very short or completely closed. With a normal grip angle and closed stock or almost closed stock the wrist is bent uncomfortably.

  4. avatar Gideon Joubert says:

    I’ve got a DDM4 V5 on order that will hopefully reach South African shores by August. When I first learned about the new DD furniture I wasn’t too enthusiastic: I looked up Magpul stuff on Brownells straight away. However, I reckon I should at least see what the new DD product has to offer shooting wise before delivering judgement upon it. It seems to be functional according to most reviewers, and functionality trumps looks any day.

  5. avatar Taylor TX says:

    I never purchased a DD forearm before after looking at it and holding a few of their rifles at Cabelas. It was extremely light but way out of my price range, just as the forearms were as well. A big price jump for a reasonable loss in weight I suppose.

  6. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    I do like the stock.

  7. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    I like the look. It is more distinctive than a lot of the other stuff floating around out there.

  8. avatar chuck says:

    Having broke my right wrist playing football in college the sharper grip angle is much better for me … probably also the reason I shoot a little better with a glock vs 1911 …

    1. avatar B says:

      Thats backwards. This grip is closer to the 1911 grip angle. Glocks have the bigger angle. Grip preference seems to be partially related to if you have any martial arts training. Regular fist (1911) vs. a directed punch (Glock.)

  9. avatar lolinski says:

    Regarding AR pistols without the buffer tube: What about a birds head grip? They work on sawn of shotties, shouldn’t they work on (sawn off) ARs?

  10. avatar LongBeach says:

    All firearms and replacement parts seem to be transforming into more curved, organic-looking things in the name of ergonomics, which makes sense given that human beings are not particularly geometrically perfect. Makes me wonder how crazy guns are going to look in the future. Sure the barrel will be straight (obviously), but everything else? Should be interesting to watch as I turn into an old grumpy b*stard.

  11. avatar Albaniaaaaaa says:

    I want a DD rifle so bad but I refuse to get a neutered Jersey version. I’ll wait until I move. Maybe get the ISR when I move to PA

  12. avatar KD says:

    I’ve been interested in the pistol grip and stock since seeing the pics from Shot Show. I emailed DD after SHOT and they replied to be patient, as they wanted to ramp up production to cover Rifle sales. At the booth Friday, one of the guys said they would be available around July to retrofit on other AR’s.

  13. avatar PGT says:

    I just got a DDM4 V7 in their new MSP finish and it had thi furniture. I like it a lot and the furniture and finish is why I bought a DD over something else (or building my own).

  14. avatar DBM says:

    Does all of this help you shoot better or is it just a wardrobe upgrade to make Barbie prettier?

    1. avatar Ben says:

      As far as accuracy is concerned? Probably not.

      But do these aftermarket items make your weapon more comfortable? Probably so.

      As with just about anything, your mileage may vary, but the semantics of whether or not it helps you shoot better is pretty irrelevant to the topic.

      As for Daniel Defense’s choice to design their own stock and grip, they already have their own hand guards, so these are a logical next step. Less reliance on another company for supplying components for their weapons and they can have whatever slice of the parts market they’ll get.

  15. avatar Eric says:

    ..but they’re still running quad-rails.

  16. avatar BDub says:

    Unless they are planning on selling that furniture separately, they will have wasted much of the development money they put into them.

  17. avatar Philip says:

    Is there any word as to when the stocks will be available as a stand alone item? As an aside , anyone who has one of these stocks and wants to sell it let me know.

  18. avatar Dean B. says:

    Magpul is the gold standard for tactical rifle stocks, grips, and magazines. (I’m not a fan of their flip up back up sights.) For years, few tried to copy their success but failed. DD’s move to develop and use their own accessories in lieu of Magpul will pay off in the near future. Unlike other brands in the market, DD’s design and materials could give Magpul a run for it’s money. The design appears to offer solid form and function. Question is – will DD sell these accessories by themselves? Right now you can’t own them unless you buy the whole DD rifle.

  19. avatar victor says:

    So glad Daniel Defense and other manufaturing are making new furnitures with new colors besides MAGPUL, and magpul are goin back to basics, especially their magazine colors. Cant wait till` Daniel Defense makes their own magazines. Because Hexmags got some awesome once already.

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