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Magnum Research Ultra-Compact Desert Eagle® 1911U (courtesy

The tighter a brand’s focus the more successful it is. Brand extensions—products that wander outside the brand’s consumer-defined expectations—-can make mountains of money. But they dilute the brand. Diet Vanilla Caffeine-Free Coke Zero anyone? Magnum Research established their rep with the Desert Eagle. The .50AE gun was such a success that not even decades of excreable quality control couldn’t kill its appeal. (You can now buy an excellent Israeli-made Deagle for $1563). Meanwhile, Magnum’s wandered off into the desert, producing various Eaglets and . . . stuff. How about $1,050 .500 JRH Revolver with a 5.5″ barrel? Or an $819 .22LR Barracuda Nutmeg Rifle? Or an ultra-compact Desert Eagle 1911U (Undercover)? [Press release after the jump.] How does a JMB-designed 1911 “share the proud heritage of the legendary Desert Eagle”? Hell if I know. While I’m sure – well, hopeful – that the $946 gun is well-made, Magnum Research should research the term “brand purity.” Just sayin’ . . .

Magnum Research® Introduces the Ultra-Compact Desert Eagle® 1911U

PEARL RIVER, NY – USA based, Magnum Research, Inc. (MRI) newest 1911 offering addresses the high consumer demand for a smaller, ultra-compact, ultra-light concealed carry firearm in a .45 ACP caliber. Introducing, Magnum Research’s DE1911U, Undercover model. For the past 3 years, Magnum Research has offered the 1911G Government sized model with a 5″ barrel, the 4.33″ 1911C, and now the Undercover model DE1911U with a 3″ bull barrel featuring an 11-degree muzzle crown.

The DE1911U is built on an ultra, lightweight frame made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy and features a 4140 high carbon steel slide and adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation. Standard features include checkered front and back strap, double diamond checkered wood grip, and stainless steel hex screws.

The DE1911U also has a high-rise beavertail safety, skeleton hammer, and an aluminum trigger. True to the earlier 1911 variants, this model is a Series 70 configuration.The .45 ACP DE1911U has 6+1 round capacity, an overall length of 6.85″, height of 5″, and weighs just 25.8 oz.

It comes standard with two 6-round magazines. The DE1911U will be ready for shipments beginning in January 2014. MSRP is $946.For more information about Magnum Research products, visit

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  1. I don’t know the specific models but I have seen, held and shot two(2) “desert eagle” 1911s that were garbage. They were both at least a couple years old. One was chewing itself apart at the slide lock from what looked like extremely soft metal. The other one was just sloppy loose and looked as if it had been detailed by 3rd graders, it also malfed constantly. I didn’t bother to find out the reason for the FTF/FTE problems so that could have been anything including a bad mag.

    Both were well taken care of and rarely shot with no obvious signs of abuse.

    • or…why even buy a “hit or miss” quality Kimber. Just move to STI and get a tremendous gun right off the bat.

  2. Please don’t take offense (OK go ahead) but it strikes me that this is a case of a Jewish company copying a Mormon design.
    Of course the Godless Commies did the same but I was struck by a certain incongruity
    Just Saying!

  3. Notice it is made on an “Ultra-lightweight aircraft grade aluminum alloy” frame…………..I guess regular aluminum is just too friggin’ heavy………..

    A normal 3″ 1911 batters the sh1t out of a steel frame, I can’t even imagine what it will do to an aluminum frame, even with shok-buffs……………..

  4. Lol no, sorry MR… You’re late to the game and your marketing is annoying and arrogant.

    I’ll stick to my Colts thank you very much!

  5. Didn’t Magnum Research come out with a nasty little .380 a while back? As I recall, it was a heavy stainless steel thingie with a 40-lb. DA trigger and dual recoil springs.

  6. Why are they so stupid, they should make a Desert Eagle with a 2.5 inch barrel and 5 shot mag (in .44 magnum). Something like the Glock 26.

  7. I don’t know why they have bothered to make this gun??
    While Im sure its well built and a nice gun.
    Too many out there that already fill this bill.
    As a 1911 fan and owner of a RIA Compact.
    I see no place for this one at its price point.

  8. I have the De1911U. I freakin’ LOVE IT. Tack driver out of the box………eats anything I put in it factory, garbage, Russian or reloads. Accurate as hell on 7/12/15 yards………hits slightly high at 20 so I compensate. Light weight, forget I have it on my belt at 28 ounces and 2 mags with 6+1 is PLENTY for anyone unless you are a shitty shot. It is my third magnum research to include my .50 Desert Eagle and it is a beauty in chrome finish and stainless and easy to take down and clean. I shot 200 rounds of the .45 yesterday as did my wife with her 9mm baby eagle and she love it better than her Walther PPX 9mm 17+1! You guys do not know your weapons at all! Just because it says COLT or S&W or does not make it better. This little baby eagle is finished and fit as well or better than anything I have that is USA made, by a USA name brand. I DO know where it is made……..yes!

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