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OK, run-and-gunners. Limitless Gear has a new approach to MOLLE attachment and are intro’ing their new MC-R mag carriers (MSRP $34.95). From Limitless Gear’s email blast:

We’ve got a product that is a completely new take on a couple of old ideas. It’s a 5.56 magazine carrier called the OPFOR that works like nothing you’ve seen before. We have a fast attachment systems for MOLLE that doesn’t require any docks, accessories, or tools. It lets you mount the OPFOR quickly and easily to any 2×2 MOLLE/Pals surface in seconds with just your hands . . .

This means that you can move your entire magazine loadout from a plate carrier to a battle belt to a drop leg in less time than it would take to reload all your mags.

The second unique feature is lidless positive retention, where we use a simple mechanical interlock to retain the magazine in the carrier without relying on a friction system. Magazines lock into place just like in a weapons mag well and can be removed with a simple twist and pull.

With this system we eliminated the need for flaps or bungee cords for retention and, all your magazines are both secure and immediately accessible. Magazines can be indexed in either direction and even carried inverted providing a wider range of carry options than almost any other mag pouch you can think of.

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  1. Is this a sponsored post? Because it reads like an advertisement.

    People have been making similar products out of kydex for a long time now.

  2. They’re a little bulky. And at $35 each, to buy enough for a basic load (6 on the carrier, one in the weapon) you’re out $210. Each of these is more expensive than a P-Mag.

    Also, since they’re plastic, they are going to rattle. They also probably make a distinctive noise when you pull a mag free. That’s not good, either.

    They may be great for the range. For downrange – probably not so much.

    I really like the concept, but it looks like it needs work. Cover them in fabric and silence them, for a start.

  3. 1) Very “clicky” – not so good for a night patrol or anything else stealthy.

    2) Bulkier than a traditional mag pouch.

    3) Will they shatter, even partially, when you drop prone on a rock or log, and then dump your mag on the ground? If it’s less tough than a metal GI mag, then it’s worthless.

    4) Since’s it’s only one mag “deep” it’s a poor use of available real estate. Four mag is nothing in a firefight – probably not enough for a single section attack.

  4. Looks like decent 3-gun gear, but the bulk and poor use of real-estate means I won’t be dropping my double stack pouches any time soon. My basic level 2 rig has more than a dozen magazines in it. I somehow don’t see this being practical with these suckers.

  5. After four deployments, Iraq and Afghanistan both, I’m a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to gear. In short… No. The ability to quickly move my magazine pouches? Useless. The lack of a dead simple retention system? Fuck that, give me something old school that won’t break if I jump on it. I can’t think of a single positive aspect of this thing, that would make me want to carry it downrange. It does look like it’d work ok for three gun, depending on how quickly the mags will release.

  6. Noise, bulk, and cost come to mind as immediate concerns. It’ll be interesting to separate the hype from reality via an independent TTAG review.

  7. What blows my mind is how many people are saying that this isnt a good idea tactically. People are arguing against the limited amount of mags this will allow you to hold. Use a backpack, if you want to carry 12 mags total. Carrying more than 3 or 4 mags on your kit is a sign you either have little experience or you are being forced to.

    • Dunno where you served, brother, but 6 accessible magazines isn’t unreasonable. And in an assault you drop your pack.

      “If it isn’t attached to the track, it had better be attached to you.”

      I’d rip a new @sshole in a troop showing up for a PCI with 3 magazines. That idiot would be burning sh!tters for a week.

      • Afghanistan, Africa, and Iraq. How well can you climb with 6 mags on your front. Go prone. It’s weight that is still draining you when you take a break on patrol. I am not arguing against carrying a large amount of mags, just carrying them wisely. If you are dropping rucks where you stand, carry a bandoleer set up on the top of your ruck which you can immediately take with you. I have fought in a large amount of environments, and have yet to see a situation where I couldn’t take 5 seconds of cover and reposition mags from my helmet bag.

        • Running and climbing are both pretty much no longer things the military can do since we started wearing all that armor plate. A brisk jog is possible for short stretches, but not for long. We are now designed as slow and heavy infantry.

  8. Looks good for 3 gun. Maybe cops. I give them bonus points for coming up with something ingenious. If they can cut the bulk a bit and prove they can take abuse they might be onto something here.

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