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If there was a theme to SOFIC this year, it was that lighter is better. Lighter rifles, lighter silencers, lighter gear…lighter everything. Except marketing budgets and corporate waistlines, that is. Keeping in line with that theme, KAC has introduced a new rifle designed to give our boys in the field a lighter designated marksman rifle with some built-in signature reduction. The SR-25 rifle is chambered in 7.62 NATO and sports a 14.5 inch barrel, onto which is (more or less) permanently attached a .30 caliber silencer — KAC designates this puppy the M110K5. It makes sense since the barrel will be shot out long before the silencer, and eliminating the need for a QD mounting system and perfectly tuning the can to the gun make it lighter and more accurate. We’ll see this on the civilian market about the same time the Stoner LMG is available for commercial sales, though.

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    • KAC is the same company that built the M110 and Mk11 as to not allow them to use the same suppressor. Why not get double the money when it’s on the taxpayers dime, right?

    • I want all his meetings, public or personal, videotaped and turned over to the AG to consider prosecution. Bet we could come to an agreement?

    • Didn’t work the first time, attempt #2.

      I want all Rahm’s meetings, public or private, videotaped and the tapes turned over to the AG for consideration of corruption charges, and the press for the evening news.

  1. The best part of this was being prompted to check out the stoner LMG, that is awesome!

  2. 14.5 inch barrel on 308? Yeah, I am no expert but I wouldn’t recommend it.

    I was hoping for a telescopic suppressor. That way you could have an eight inch suppressor that only extends four inches in front of the muzzle. Though those won’t be popular in the US due to barrel contour limitations.

    • It’s going to be more than capable. I can hit 700yards with the short barrel Mk17 and that thing is a piece of shit. Add to the fact that a good suppressor is going to increase your accuracy and probably add a little more accuracy and this thing would be perfect for 800yards and less

      • Not accuracy wise, ballistics wise. From what I have found out you lose about 200 fps going from 20 to 14 inch barrel, depending on ammo. Some ammo will have even bigger velocity loss, in the range of 250-300 fps. I am not one of the guys who likes too long barrels but I try to not go too short, I find 5% velocity loss acceptable (12 inch barrels on AKs), any more than that and I am a bit skeptical

        Also did you just call the MK17 a piece of shit? Not that I agree or disagree, just curious.

        • Yes I called the Mk17 a piece of shit. It is. Lots of problems with that gun and the Mk20. Unfortunately unless you are in a SMU it’s really the only 7.62 battle rifle around for SOF. And I have no problem with a loss of velocity. If the speed isn’t critical to a bullets BC then the drop in speed isn’t going just destroy your max range.

  3. I have an SR-15 and it was expensive. I’ll bet this one is REALLY expensive as in “my wife will get even with me expensive”.

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