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Kinetic Concealment sells holsters., lights, lasers, knives and sights. The CompRail system has just joined their line. It’s a clever solution for handgunners who want to modify and compete with one of a non-race gun, or for anyone who wants to mount a weaver mount style optic onto a handgun. [Full press release via below.] At $85.95 it’s a relatively inexpensive way to get into red dotland.

Jackson, TN -( Kinetic Concealment is proud to introduce the latest product in their defense accessory line, the CompRail System.

The Kinetic Concealment CompRail System was designed for a competition shooter’s quick pistol modification, or for anyone who wants to mount a weaver mount style optic onto a handgun. The CompRail offers an option for shooters on a budget, and the standard picatinny rail gives the owner full choice as to the type of optic they wish to use.

The Kinetic Concealment CompRail System is designed to fit all 1911 pistols with a rail, Sig 250, Smith and Wesson M&P (Full and Compact), and Beretta 92 and 96. (*Will not fit models with one rail slot or sub-compact pistols.)

Attached by two Hex-Head screw bolts, the CompRail System brings a 2 1/4″ picatinny rail system to the top of the pistol for optic mounting. Tested up to a .45ACP caliber, the CompRail System is a true performer at a value price point. Made to be the perfect companion to the RD-01 Red Laser Optic, the CompRail can also be purchased with the RD-01 as the KC CompRail Combo Kit.

MSRP for the Comp Rail System is $25.95, or may be purchased as a combo with the KC RD-01 for $85.95. It can be purchased online at

For more information on Kinetic Concealment, visit

About Kinetic Concealment:

The Kinetic Concealment patent pending system utilizes a special nylon-backed neoprene substrate. The neoprene is bonded to the body side of the leather, then the edges are precisely stitched using standard leather stitching techniques. This added feature gives complete comfort even when the holster is being worn without an undershirt directly on the skin. If the holster is worn with an undershirt, the neoprene slides smoothly along any common undershirt fabric such as cotton or polyester allowing for a better range of motion as the body moves.

For more information, please visit

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  1. Cool idea. Much cheaper than getting your slide cut.
    I’m sure they’ll have a Glock model soon. Sounds like a good father’s day present for a dad whose vision is not what it used to be.

    • From the photo, it looks like it would work on any pistol with a rail in front of the trigger guard.

      What am I missing? Why wouldn’t this work on a Glock 17 Gen 4?

    • TTAG often runs press releases from manufacturers. “Sponsored content” means they paid for it. In this case they did not.

  2. Note: for USPSA carry optic division competition, the optic must be mounted to the slide. This product would be accepted in open division, not in carry optics.

  3. Given the lack of support on the rear combined with the cantilever of the mount, I would not expect this mount to be very sturdy

    • at the $85 price point i wouldn’t expect a serious piece of kit, you can barely get a gunsmith to tap your frame for a proper mount for that price. AND it includes the RDS.

      If I win a racer/race master holster at a prize table any time soon I’ll pick one up as a gag and try some Open silliness.

    • Obviously it’s going to flex some with recoil. The question becomes: Will it flex back?

      Keep in mind, you’re not looking for sub-MOA repeatability here. It’s not a rifle scope. A red dot is all about faster target acquisition and a bit more accuracy than iron sights with a 6 inch radius.

  4. So I can build a budget open gun with my CZ Shadows? That’s what you’re saying, right?

  5. For anyone that trys to get this whole ridiculous red-dot-jumping-out-of-window thingy straightened.

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