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New Jersey –-( With the take over of the New Jersey Governor’s office by rabid gun banning Democrat, Phil Murphy, the first attack on NJ gun owners rights and property, of what will be many, has been launched. The proposed bill would ban most all the rifles and shotguns you currently own and legally bought under the current NJ laws.

Sponsored by state senator Senator Nia H. Gill this bill would “strengthen” the State’s current assault weapons ban by revising the definition of an “assault weapon” to include: rifles with detachable magazines and one military style feature; semi-automatic shotguns with one military style feature; and semi-automatic pistols with one military style feature.

You can read the bill here:

The current definition of an assault weapon sets forth a list of prohibited firearms and specifically includes any firearm that is “substantially identical” to any of the enumerated firearms. Under State regulations, a semi-automatic firearm is to be considered substantially identical to an enumerated firearm if it meets certain criteria.

This bill codifies these regulations while expanding the number of firearms that would be considered assault weapons by adding criteria and reducing the number of criteria that must be met from two to one. For example, under current regulations, a semi-automatic rifle that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least two listed criteria would be considered an assault weapon.

These criteria include:

– a folding telescoping stock,
– a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon;
– a flash suppressor or threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor;
– and a grenade launcher.

Under the bill, additional criteria are added including a thumbhole stock and a second handgrip or a protruding grip that can be held by the non-trigger hand. The bill also requires that only one criteria be met, rather than the currently required two.


NJ Oath Keepers is a Constitution Education Outreach, Public Safety, Civil Rights and Anti-Terrorist Group that is composed of Current and former Military Members, Police, Reservists, Sheriffs Officers, Firefighters, First Responders and concerned citizens that have sworn an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States.   

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  1. And not one person will abide by it and it’ll have to be repealed. A la magazine turn ins that also didn’t work…
    NJ gun owners we are all with you, do not comply!

    • “Does it go ‘bang’ and put holes in things? It’s an ASSAULT WEAPON! Turn it in!”
      Yes, many will not comply – not because they object to this bigoted law but because it is so broad they won’t know it affects them too.

      • Isn’t a trigger a military feature? This law must be a mistake! Otherwise, it could be interpreted to mean that *every*……..oh, wait, I see what they did there.

    • “We” ‘re not ALL with you.

      Fix yer sh_t NJ.

      Quit F’ing up America.

      For a sh_t-hole state with no left turns, you sure turned WAY LEFT, in the last ~ 15 years.

      We could bulldoze your piss ant state on top of MD, and still have enough to cover D.C.

        • New Jersey is a dump.
          It will likely be the first US islamic state.
          Nearly all of their politicians are crooks.
          Most of it’s Famous People are idiots.
          Good Riddance.

        • JasonM from NJ?

          Bing search (cause Google is a bunch of POS MFs) “Land Area by State in the U.S.” .

          NJ is 4th from LAST, yet we get a predominance of the sh_t of the world from there, and TOO MANY OF THE PROBLEMS THAT WE DISCUSS HERE.




    • haha it won’t have to be repealed. How do you think laws work?

      Guess what, the SAFE Act in NY is still in effect.

      • And ignored by most everyone.

        voila! instant felons, which is really what they want anyway so they can just arrest whomever they like, whenever they wish.

        • YA, they just nearly guaranteed a gun-fight every time the cops are called, because there’s no reason whatsoever to surrender to tyrannical MFs like that.

          I hope that sh_t gets broke loose on them sometime and they get some pipe-hitting pitch-fork and torch citizen MFs to raze Albany, then go house-to-house on Manhattan.

      • Surprisingly, it seems a lot of people are trying hard to register their “assault weapons.” I have no idea why. It is just asking for trouble. There was even one old man who sent in pictures that showed he had a standard mag release and not a Bullet Button–and the DOJ sent some “folks” around to pick up his illegal “assault weapon.”

        • I’d like to thank all you brave citizens who register your rifles. You’ll be visited first. You’re canon fodder for the first wave of confiscations. You’re all my heroes.

      • “Before they have you turn in your guns, they have you turn in your balls.” – Me

        • When those POS MFs in NY / NJ government (your [our] stupid POS neighbors who needed a job) finish disarming NY / NJ for the next Civil War, the rest of America can more easily go there and take our real estate back. We can start with POS (D) voters and donor lists (even / especially those from outside the U.S.).

  2. Hitler would be proud of New Jersey.

    This law ought to clean that state right up.

    I am sure the populace feels safer already.

    Next they will go after guns with no features. They will pick them up from residents as they board the trains for re-education camps.

    • “They will pick them up from residents as they board the trains for re-education camps.”

      Not to worry. It’s Jersey, so the trains won’t run on time.

      • Well, you know it’s going to be Amtrak. So it’s probably going to derail and you won’t get there, anyway. There’s a silver lining there, but you have to *really* want to see it.

        • I rode Amtrak across country once.
          The public restrooms aboard the trains had peepee and poop all over the floors and up the walls. It was disgraceful.

    • Well, their state police uniforms are identical to Goering’s fancy dress gear.
      Nazis are alive and well in NJ.

  3. So for pistols, that means no threaded barrels or attachments. For semiauto shotguns, no pistol grips (I don’t know of any that have other features?), and for rifles, no pistol grips, no threaded barrels or flash suppressors/brakes (I suspect they will treat the barrel as one feature, the attachment as another) and no folding or thumbhole stocks. Hey, you are lucky! IN California they banned semiauto rifles with removable mags.

    • By that definition, my nicely tuned Ruger 10-22 with a Fajen stock would meet the criteria of an NJ assault rifle. Worst it’s ever assaulted was a couple of rats.

      • I didn’t actually know that NJ was worse the the DPRC.. here the assault weapons laws all specifically say ‘centerfire’.. so my badger m22 is perfectly legal.. I just can’t do a magazine larger than 10 rnds..
        am I also correct that even fixed mags are limited to 15 rnds there in NJ?
        I have been working on a 60 round ‘fixed’ tube/drum mag mod for a marlin 60..

    • No, in CA you can have semi-auto rifles still. The law is very similar to what just happened to poor NJ. The main difference being in CA you can have a threaded barrel on your semi-auto rifle, it just can’t have a flash hider on it if you have detachable magazine.

    • No, It is what the People wanted & voted for. They have the right to write rules and regs
      & the people have consistently voted for more of this. So, let them enjoy their paradise.

      • That right is still constrained by the constitution. A long time back, people in the south voted to maintain Jim Crow laws, but simply having a majority (or majority of elected representatives) enact something does not make it morally or legally right.

        The constitution was primarily a means of protecting the minority parties against the dangers of faction.

        • No politician Dem or Rep cares about or really believes in the Constitution anymore. They only speak its name when it is convenient for some argument they are pushing. No court at any level today really supports or enforces the Constitution anymore. The courts are no more than political arms of their party masters today. Very few military officers seem to care about or honor their oaths anymore today, Flynn and many others are examples of this. The police in most cases no longer care about or remember any oath to the people, to serve and protect, to the Constitution. The Constitution is for all practical purposes on life support awaiting its final termination.

    • Detachable magazine, threaded muzzle. That’s plenty for a bigot to demand you give it up. (See my comment above, it wasn’t much of an exaggeration)

    • Detachable muzzle break, and removable magazine. For rifles this article says that is all that is required, it doesn’t have to be semiautomatic. Whether or not that is accurate I don’t know, but it is what the text of this article states, ergo the picture.

  4. Not one damn thing Legal American Citizens can do. This is TYRANNY pure and simple. Courts? Yeah ah sure!

  5. Thumbhole stocks seem to get folks’ knickers in a twist from CA to NJ.

    What about them is “military?” I’m not a student of military small arms, but I’m enough of a gun guy I figure I should be able think of a widely issued example, but I can’t. Did any nation issue such a thing?

    • PSL (Romania) and Dragunov (Russia) rifles and the VSS Vintorez 9x39mm (Russia). Other than those examples, that’s it.

    • Thumbhole stocks are a sporting feature, generally.
      Dragunov is the only ‘military style rifle’ I can think of that even has a thumbhole.

  6. Democrat Murphy received 1,166,911 votes to Republican Guadagno’s 883,973 votes, for a solid 55% to 42% trouncing. Ouch. It’s hopeless! Change-agent Republicans can’t win in New Jersey! Or can they?

    Trump got schlonged by Hillary by that same 55% to 42% margin in 2016. However, in 2016, the turnout was higher. Hillary received 2,021,756 votes to Trump’s 1,535,513 votes.

    Soooo…..there exist some 1,535,513 Republican, or at least non-Democrat, voters in NJ. Where were they in the governor’s race? That’s a huge surplus of Trump voters who just forfeited their votes and their rights and handed the keys to the Democrats.

    THIS is why I have no sympathy for these lazy, complacent people in NJ and other slave states. You say you want a revolution? Well… know…..

    I don’t support sending Texas boys to New Jersey to do what New Jersey boys should be doing for themselves legally and easily.

    Suck it, New Jersey. Suck a million.

    • That’s a hard point to argue with. Besides if you’re going break the law, you only need to … to fundamentally alter the fabric of our nation for a generation. Why an ellipses? Because I don’t want no visits from the federales.

  7. “With the take over of the New Jersey Governor’s office by rabid gun banning Democrat, Phil Murphy, the first attack on NJ gun owners rights and property, of what will be many, has been launched….”

    Let’s step back one moment and remember that Republican Chris Christy was happy to sign a bill to make bump-stocks illegal and take them from the property of NJ gun owners within 90 days. Screwing NJ gun owners is a bipartisan enterprise.

  8. So under this regulation, in New Jersey a Yugo SKS (grenade launcher) in a Tapco stock (pistol grip) is considered an “assault rifle”? ROFLMAO!

  9. It is a juice of NJ Tomatoes that induces humans to dislike touching firearms & gas pumps in the Garden state. Then again, it might be the Cranberries?

  10. Never thought of my pellet rifle as an “assault” weapon, but it has a thumb hole stock and therefore illegal in New Jerksey? Take apart The Constitution one step at a time. The 2nd Amendment is just for starters. I, for one, do not love firearms, that’s why I only have two. .380 for light work and a pump 12 gauge for everything else. (The pellet guns are just for fun).

  11. Time to head for greener pastures, this will be the final nail. People unfortunate enough to grow up in New Jersey can’t wait for SCOTUS or Congress to save us any longer

  12. i’m surprised you guys didn’t start out with the sister legislation to this one, the one where everything over 5 rounds is banned. that law will outlaw all guns in the state, including the wild west six-shooters

  13. …Did someone say Civil War…? And the arrest, conviction, and execution of traitors to the US Constitution…For those Who would misuse their public office in the name of public safety to criminalize, Strip them of their civil rights, property, and strike fear in their fellow US citizen…..

  14. If all the folks i know from New Jersey would GO BACK and vote they could change the state. At least 3 at my local range – can’t really blame ’em for leaving, but that only leaves the libtards.

  15. I miss the Greek and Latin plurals; it’s a pity they have not carried on in English as once they did.

    One criteriON, two or more criteriA.

    One forUM, two or more forA.

    One datUM, two or more datA.

    New Jersey ought to focus on the above; it will be more useful than their current proposal.

  16. Do they teach American History 1860-65? Might be a good idea to begin doing so before history repeats itself.

  17. What do you expect from a state where (according to another thread on these forums) possession of a slingshot is a felony!

    Happy Motoring, Mark

  18. This new bill outlaws ALL rifles and shotguns and black power muskets. “second handgrip or a protruding grip” any firearm with a second handgrip or place to put a second or support hand would be illegal. This analysis was given by the states leading firearms attorney Evan Nappen.

  19. The US Constitution limits the power of the government, so it is very naive to expect the govt to enforce it. The law of the land can only be enforced by armed militia.

  20. At what point will someone in NJ and/or CA file a suit against these state commies for “infringing”? When does the water get hot enough to make the frog jump? Or even when does the tree of liberty get watered?

    So with this law it’s basically outlawing anything “military” for the peasants to own, and the Miller ruling said that the 2nd didn’t prohibit the state from banning a feature that WAS’T military. Doesn’t that eliminate EVERY firearm if the state chooses to? Similar to Cali’s bans on both concealed and open carry. They “shouldn’t” be allowed to ban both, although the agenda-driven judges will let them get away with it.

  21. And when this bill passes like similar bills did in CA, NY, MA, MD, and CT, the NRA will do…absolutely nothing.

    But Wayne LaPierre is still adding to his multi-million dollar retirement for being a complete failure in stopping the states’ evisceration of the 2nd Amendment.

  22. Let’s give in now. We bitch about this law or that or, this pending legislation or that. I feel a class action suit coming on or, we let this go. Five years from now, that definition of ‘feature’ will be ‘barrel’ and we can just bring up this thread from the past. How many years has it been now since the first sensible gun law? 30 years? Things keep getting worse.

    I live in NO AR MA (“Assault Weapon” definition changed in July with a memo) so I am very jaded. When democrats can ban guns with a pen and bypass legislatures we are in tough shape.

    OK rant over

  23. If a pistol grip is a “military feature” then wouldn’t that mean every semiautomatic pistol is banned?

  24. An opinion, belief or strongly held conviction DOES NOT TRUMP THE CONSTITUTION, too bad the politicians never got that memo. Apathetic voters, feckless courts, media bias, RINO’s and “believers” who whine and complain but don’t get off their butts to effect change are all equal contributors to the mess we are in now.
    unSAFE passed in the middle of the night without being read in NY…it’s still the law of the land here. The “it could never happen here” crown better wake up, they are chipping away at all of the things that make this country great. Death by a thousand cuts is still a win for them, it just takes longer.

  25. Boaters and fire fighters will have to get rid of line launchers since they are identical with grenade launchers. The stock on my AR does not fold.
    But a military feature is not a bayonet lug because it can be an attachment point for a bipod.
    When will NJ adopt the European model and ban military calibers?
    45 ACP is illegal in Mexico, 9×19 is illegal in India but 9×21 is legal. Will NJ ban 5.56×45 but allow .223 Remington?
    Will NJ put all the Jr. High girls in jail on charges of prostitution because they have all the features?

  26. You people in the northeast have exactly what you’ve been voting for, for years. Please stay where you are. You move to free states and infect them with your do gooder socialist tyranny. “Live Free or Die”? As far as the rest of the country is concerned, the northeast is pretty much dead.

    • And you pinheads from wherever you are don’t understand that you are just as much at risk. NYS’s legislature is controlled by NYC lib’s who screw the rest of the state in favor of their own NYC centric, anti constitutional, corrupt views.
      Look at a map genius, NYC covers a fraction of the state but controls the legislature. Most states have similar set ups, cities control the lawmaking and budgets.
      The county I live in has voted solid red for decades, hasn’t helped much.
      For years everyone swore it “couldn’t happen”, right up until it did.
      Your attitude about the northeast being dead to the rest of the country is a big part of the problem. NRA and other groups get the majority of their money from us but don’t spend anything supporting or protecting us. Guys like you like the freedoms you have but won’t lift a finger to support fellow Americans who are being shit on by politicians.
      Take your redneck, hillbilly BS and whisper it in one of your cousins ears, meanwhile, the millions of us who are in the middle of the struggle will keep fighting…for all of us, including you. Not that we’d ever expect you to do the same.

      • Spot on. I pay my dues every year and the NRA has yet to do d!ck for me. Meanwhile they spend money in southern and midwestern states where the work is easy and they can score wins with idiots like the original guy you responded to. Divide and conquer is working well for the dems….of course since most of my fellow countrymen are concerned about themselves and no one else, including their ‘brothers’ (a joke reading the responses in this article), we will continue to go down the rabbit hole. You guys in the south and midwest are just not as deep in the hole as us poor saps on the coast, but with the moronic attitudes of self serving you will soon be joining us. Demographics in this country are changing, there is no arguing that. If we do not band together we will soon be outnumbered and all these wins are going to start turning into defeats especially with the selfish attitudes exhibited here.

  27. Yep because every day in New Jersey a Child is killed and folks robbed, raped and terrorized by a grenade launching, pistol grip, screw threaded ,flash suppressor equiped large magazine fed assault military rifle.
    Say, a break open single shot shotgun looks like an M-79 Thump gun grenade launcher, is this an evil gun?

  28. “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

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