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“These weapons are illegal in our state. Your actions violate the laws of New Jersey and, if you do not stop these activities within 15 days, I will bring legal action against your company.” – New Jersey Attorney General Gubir Grewal in Phil Murphy’s attorney general fires warning shot at ‘ghost gun’ makers [via]

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        • I hope they tell him to shove it in his turbin…then up his ass! What the hell is wrong with the people of NJ?

      • While a Firearm I.D. card may be needed to buy a BB or Black Powder gun in Jerzy-Stan , one CAN purchase them and bring it into NJ for use on PRIVATE land.
        A Black Powder gun is an effective defensive weapon.

        ……………… The more you know

    • They are paperweights. The law, LE, the ATF – considers them paperweights. They are “firearms” when they are machined into firearms.

    • in the state of nj you need a manufacturing license to build your own 80% lower. this is so you not only need to go through the state but also the atf which makes you then have to serialize the 80% lower which makes it trackable. Its all a money grab and away to keep guns out of law abiding citizens hands and in criminals hands

        • Why do you say that? Is it not the law in NJ? It certainly is the law in California since the first of the year. You can buy all the 80% lowers you want, but to build a rifle/pistol, you have to apply to the DOJ for a serial number (with a background check) and apply the serial number to the lower (to the same standard under federal law for manufacturers) before starting the build. (On the other hand, the ATF has nothing to do with it.)

          That said, I find it difficult to believe that NJ has outlawed 80% lowers. It has been attempted by one of our idiot legislators, but as written the bill would have outlawed raw blocks of aluminum. Consequently, the bill never made it out of committee. (It should be noted that all of the committees are dominated by the Democrats. It gives you a pretty good idea of how stupid the bill was.)

        • I’d learn the difference between your and you’re before calling someone an idiot.

      • ATF does NOT require you to place a serial number on a lower receiver you manufacture for yourself. Likewise DOJ has nothing to do with it.

      • I went to N. Carolina to a friends house and we milled out a few lowers then when my vacation was over I put them in a locked ammo box and came back to NJ. They wern’t manufactured in NJ but are legal to use. Problem solved.

  1. Go ahead and try.

    You can sue them in state court … But then you’d have to get them to come to New Jersey.

    You can sue them in Federal court … But they’ve broken no federal laws (probably) and you are likely encroaching on the fed’s interstate commerce turf. So good luck with that.

    • If a criminal action is brought, it would have to be brought in a NJ state court. A federal civil suit could be brought based on diversity of citizenship, and it is not at all necessary to allege a violation of federal law, only that damages exceed a statutory minimum.
      The state could assert personal jurisdiction over the companies based on what is called a “minimum contacts” analysis, i.e., the shipping of product into the state. California did it with respect to manufacturers of AR magazine repair kits that could be used to make illegal 10+ mags. So it would be easy to sue in NJ.

  2. Time to license and register all tools from chipped stones to CNC mills. And time to license and register all instances of ore in existence.

    If that should fail the state will institute a test to all children at the age of 12. If they demonstrate intelligence greater than a chipmunk they will be euthanized to maintain civil order and public safety. We don’t want anyone doing things or learning things. Just eating, sleeping and dying.

  3. Better just ban aluminum. That way you don’t have to quibble about whether it’s an 80% lower or just a 74% lower.

  4. No REAL crime in NJ to keep him busy?

    No crooked pols, drugs, mob, gambling, hookers, illegal aliens, corporations to shake down?

    • Corrupt governmental anti-Constitutional tyrannical MFrs to roll in an alley?

      It’s ok NJ, you are a piss ant piece of property that no one’ll miss.

  5. ‘Supporters of the state crackdown say people who would otherwise be prohibited from legally buying a gun can purchase parts one piece at time and assemble them using kits that can be ordered online.’

    But it’s illegal for a prohibited person to possess a firearm whether it’s home made or store bought. Kind of like it’s illegal to carry a gun into a gun free zone and shoot people. They have so much faith in criminals to obey GFZs, why not trust them not to buy 80% lowers?

    Clue; it’s not about controlling criminals.

    • There are no gun control laws that apply to criminals, psychopaths or terrorists. They are exempt. Not by law, but by their very nature. Gun control laws only apply to people who will never use their guns to commit violence, murder or mayhem. And those laws are mainly used to manufacture criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens.

  6. N.J. Attorney General with his hand held high. Reminds me of someone. Hmm. This is still America Asswipe. Go away !!

  7. Sikh Seeks Siezure of Subtle Smiths’ Specialty.

    NJians should begin flooding him with polymer80s. Drop them off at his house & office in person if need be.

  8. What a goober er Gubir…hey do they let him pack that big-azz knife(dirk)around?!? And who even has a dirk even among Sikh’s in Joizey?😧

  9. I think that NJ should have a massive buy-back on all partial lower receivers.
    $100 per “weapon”.
    Then folks can turn in bauxite ore rocks and make some fast money.

  10. There are manufacturers of 80% lowers based in New Jersey?

    New Jersey law doesn’t apply in the other states or Federally.

    So what’s he going to do, send NJ State Troopers to Arkansas? They won’t be coming back.

    • As I’ve stated above, the manufacturers can be charged in a criminal action in New Jersey, not because they manufacture product there but because they export it into NJ. And yes, they could get a multi-state warrant to have Arkansas police arrest the manufacturer and put him or her on a plan to Joisey.

      • But that would depend on exactly how the item in question got to New Jersey and if Arkansas actually honored the request.

  11. We have to wait and see the official letter, if and when it comes out. However, if it appears as stated, the response should be swift, and without equivocation, from every firearms and parts manufacturer, we will no longer supply or service any firearms or parts to ANY person or agency in the State of New Jersey. Make New Jersey a pariah. Further, any manufacturer that tries to break that embargo will be shunned by gun owners countrywide, no exceptions.

    Private sales of firearms account for 85% of the industry business. We can make a difference.

    • Do you think Glock cares if a boycott is called? I don’t think so, sports fans. NJ will just buy its ARs from the feds, and continue using Remingtons for its sniper rifles that it can buy anywhere.

      • Doubtful. The Feds are not, as a general rule, in the gun sales business to States and don’t want to be. Who would service them? This is a foolish line of thought.

        Yes, Glock should care because they may we’ll be next. If you read my post you’d understand that WE, citizens, account for 85% of firearms sales not govt agencies.

    • Why would you support refusing to supply the average Joe? Am I misunderstanding or are you calling for 2A companies to take actions against the citizenry here on the front lines? It’s not like you’re punishing us for not voting against these thugs. We already did. We’re just outnumbered, and it now seems being thrown to the wolves to prove that if the states make a threat, then everyone outside the state will help them enforce that threat.
      There should be a figurative flood of 80’s pouring into NJ. Please don’t abandon us. Not everyone in this state is an idiot. Just the majority.

  12. It’s unconstitutional to make it illegal for an individual to create a weapon in the privacy of their home.
    I can see that Attorney General Gubir Grewal retained his law enforcement career as a Democrat which is an oxymoron.
    Read AG’s Gurbir Grewal info below to find the contradiction.

    Before becoming Bergen County’s top law enforcement officer, Gurbir Grewal served as the chief of the Economic Crimes Unit at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey under former federal prosecutor Paul Fishman.[5] New Jersey Governor Chris Christie nominated Grewal to lead the Bergen County Prosecutor’s office in 2013, but Grewal was never scheduled for a New Jersey Senate confirmation hearing then. Grewal was confirmed by the State Senate when tapped by Christie the second time around in January 2016 as acting prosecutor, and was finalized in the role in November 2016.[6] In this capacity, Grewal has concentrated on fighting the opioid epidemic[7] and white-collar crimes, upholding constitutional rights, and strengthening relations between police and communities.[8]

  13. New Jersey politicians are drunk on their unchecked power since Governor Christie’s departure. Empowered to run roughshod over the only minority, (gun owners) that is politically correct to trample on the state is attempting to take their show nationwide.

  14. If New Jersey voters were stupid enough to elect this guy, you deserve everything he will unload on you! Next time elect someone who is moral enough to follow the Constitution!

    • Correction – NJ voters were too apathetic to vote against this guy. Only 38.5% of eligible voters turned out to vote.

      Phil Murphy flat out said he was going to raise taxes and go after guns. I suspect most sane NJ residents have given up on voting and are formulating an exit strategy.

  15. Attorney General Goober ???? A really Sick Goober ??
    Fine looking headgear there Goober. Looks like the New Jersey idiots are getting more moronic by the day.

    1) Unfinished gun parts are not weapons unless you throw them at someone.
    2) It doesn’t matter what New Jersey law says. Our Constitution says: “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” and it supersedes local laws.
    3) If you don’t understand Number 2 above, it obviously means that you never graduated and have a problem with reading comprehension.

    When you learn proper reading habits, let me know, and we can revisit your imaginary law.

  16. Nothing says idiocy like wasting tax payers dollars on filling frivolous lawsuits against people who have done nothing wrong.

    • click to the article. the article has a link to the letter. “New Jersey law prohibits possession and sale of ‘ghost guns.’ As you are aware, that term refers to unregistered and unserialized firearms–including assault weapons–constructed, at least in part, by the purchaser. Assault weapons include not only fully assembled forearms, but also ‘a part or combination of parts designed or intended to convert a firearm into an assault forearm, or any combination of parts from which an assault firearm may be readily assembled if those pars are int he possess or under the control of the same person.”

      Frankly, I think his interpretation of the statute is suspect. There is no illegality until the purchaser buys the other necessary parts; a lower by itself gets the builder nowhere, and it is the purchaser who commits the crime, not the manufacturer.

      • Thanks. If the interpretation is correct (the interpretation does not quote the actual law), repair parts for “assault” weapons are prohibited, as well.

        Have always been curious why gun restrictions are not challenged as interfering with commerce. If a toothpick transported between two states can trigger federal intervention in a states internal laws, why does the same not apply to state attempts to regulate other legal items that are, themselves, transported between states, or regulate transported parts for those items?

  17. So now any machined hunk of aluminum is considered a weapon?

    Is this letter being sent to baseball bat manufacturers?

    • 80% lowers ARE NOT FIREARMS!! Your local store owner simply does not know the law or is too scared about doing something wrong…! 80% lowers and frames aren’t a firearm until completely finished and even then, do NOT have to be traceable unless sold off. Then the owner has to assign a serial number to it…

      • Nope. Only requires a serial if it was built for the purpose of sale. Not the same as building it and later selling it because you didn’t want it, needed money, whatever.
        The ATF recommends a serial number. Because ofcourse they do. But it’s not a requirement.

        Kind of like requiring an FFL to be “in the business of selling firearms” but not if you’re just some guy looking to thin the collection.

    • Yep- all immigration of whites from Europe have been a net negative to the well being of the native peoples of this continent.

      Oh you didn’t mean that far back?

  18. No offense; but did someone make sure that our esteemed NJ Attorney General was an actual American citizen? And didn’t some of his closest relatives and dearest friends recently use Improvised “firecrackers” most recently in his homelands? So, of course he would not want guns to stop his fellow countrymen from achieving their 72 virgins….. or am I just (ahem!) jumping the gun here?

  19. See the 2nd and 14th amendments to the Constitution. Congress has no authority to tax (serial number) a personal activity… Hence the so-called 80% process is legal and the ATF has guided it since the late 60s. Although states have gotten away with it they also have no authority to tax (serialize) a personal activity, specifically in a manner exceeding federal law… Per the 14th amendment. This is how gay marriage became the law of the land.

  20. This AG is out of line.
    A 80% lower is NOT considered to be a firearm (because it is not completed) and in the eyes of the FBI it is not considered as such. No serial number required, no background check…. etc etc.
    For him to say it is ILLEGAL and to state he is going to target the manufacturers that make them…. he has over stepped his authority and needs to resign his position of authority.

  21. I was born and raised in The People’s Demokratik Republik of New Jersey (escaped to PA over 30 years ago). For those of you living in the free world, you need to know that in NJ, sling shots, 6 volt lantern batteries, BB guns are all tightly either regulated or banned. In some jurisdictions it is impossible to buy spray paint and large felt tip marking pens (assault graffiti). The insanity has NO LIMITS. I have heard of petitions created to prevent kids from playing baseball in certain areas (assault bats you know). ABSOLUTELY NOTHING surprises me about looney tune laws proposed or signed into law from either NJ or CA.

      • Elmer would be in jail for his blasting away at anything with his shotgun. Daffy might be in a park somewhere with Bugs Bunny, laughing their respective tails off at the goings on around them.

  22. Libertarians Liberals and the Left are the reason the mans parents were allowed to come to america. So he could be born a US citizen. And now he works to disarm the society he was born into. He has never believed in civil rights. He believes in a perversion of civil rights.

    The three L’s have never cared for America. They like bringing people here who have never and never will support Liberty. They support population replacement because they want to have legal pot and heroin intoxication in public. And they want to be able to use legal crystal meth to improve their sexual experience. Most drug users and drug addicts have a lower moral standard than most non users. They support the Welfare Industrial Complex.
    To them its better to be on government assists than a private church or other faith based support system. Because atheists hate the church more than they hate the government socialist welfare system. The christian faith is part of america and they hate it.

    Most atheists are socialists.

    This is the true danger to an open borders policy. Human-beings have no right to travel wherever the wish to go. But they do have a right to hang their authoritarian leaders from lamp posts, and start fresh with a new government.

    But they have to fight and die for that right, in their own country.

    • I am libertarian AND an atheist, and you do not understand the actual meaning of either of those two terms. Stop attacking those standing next to you.

  23. Why would anyone even live in a state like NJ, NY, CA or MD? I was struck in CA right after getting out of the Army, but a concerted job search effort got me out of there in 18 months. Likewise, I was stuck in MD for one year and did the same, got out. And I grew up in upstate NY; beautiful country but again, gone as soon as I turned 18. If you really want out, you can get out. There are too many wonderful and free places to live in the USA to stay in any of these Liberal-Socialist hell holes.

    • My ancestors fought the British back when NJ was a colony. With family roots that deep it was hard to leave, but I escaped over 30 years ago. All my siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles have left the state but one. Between the high taxes, outrageous housing costs, and illegal suppression of the U.S. constitution, we all realized we wanted our freedom, and left….. except my brother. His wife’s family is all in the state, so they stayed.

    • Hmmm. Interesting question.

      What state did you live during those 18 months you were “stuck” in Cali and 12 months in Maryland?

      It seems you answered your own question.


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