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Hurricane Butterfly has been importing and exporting firearms, components, and manufacturing for many years. With deliveries starting this month, they’re now officially diving into sales of their own firearms, too. First up is the Typhoon 12, which is sold in various configurations as an AOW (any other weapon) or SBS (short barreled shotgun). In either case, it’s a Remington 870 clone that’s fed from a 5-round box magazine, with higher capacity drum mags in the works.

As a Remington 870 clone, there’s no shortage of stock options available. Up front, both versions of the Typhoon 12 have a Picatinny rail for the attachment of whatever grip the owner prefers.

In AOW form, the tax stamp to transfer it is just $5 and the MSRP is a very low-for-the-genre $599. 

Breacher comps and other grip and stock options are available from Hurricane Butterfly as well.

Next up from Hurricane Butterfly will be a Remington 1100-based AOW/SBS.

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  1. I know I’m going to hear a bunch of crap back from everybody but where is the Mossberg 590 A1 and the Mossberg 930 Auto version of this? Will these guys be designing a clone version of the 590 A1 and the 930 series shotgun?? Will this be something to look forward to in the future or is that a dead fish. Just curious not really a big fan of the 870 or Remington in general.

    • I’m with you on the 870 hate. I like the design, just not the execution from Rem. The last 3 I bought were all piles of crap. The 590A1, and 930’s I’ve gotten have all been completely flawless.

        • I must add this: I bought an 870 express 12 ga in 1998 and have had not one problem with it. I think the issue is Remington’s quality the time frame just after the “freedom group” bought em out. Those days are over.

          My 870 kicks A$$. AND YES, the Mossburg 590 rocks! I need to get another one of those as well.

    • Let me guess, you don’t even know why you oppose stuff like this other than you’ve been told you do, or why Trump’s “agenda” angers you so (do you know what it is? Because I’d kind of like to know as well; his constant vagueness was the reason I couldn’t vote for the man).

      Whatever; I suppose if it’s easier for you to yell “I’m mad!” and throw a chair, that’s all that matters (your feelings vs. reality or fact)

  2. Or is that just too much or maybe there’s a reason why they went with Remington over Mossberg because of personal preference or design issues??

  3. Nice. It would have been better if it was belt fed – you know, a huge basket of linked shells. That would have been awesome.

    • I have to agree that would have been absolutely awesome and hilarious at the same time. Like a grocery basket to hold the disintegrating belt load full of 12-gauge so you could just push the cart with all the ammo holding the bagel huge belt you just push the cart as you pump the shotgun or just pulled the trigger on the auto version. LOL

  4. This year’s “innovations” have been most disappointing. I’ve seen more useless crap coming out of this SHOT Show than I can ever remember.

    And the only thing worse than useless crap, is useless crap requiring a $200 permission slip. Enter this SBS and the B&T pistol with folding stock we saw earlier today.

    It looks like the firearms industry has completely run out of ideas. At least they have run out of good ones.

    • “And the only thing worse than useless crap, is useless crap requiring a $200 permission slip.”

      Dude, the ‘Typhoon 12’ in a pistol grip config is a $5 AOW stamp.

      The one with the stock has the $200 dollar stamp.

      Mark Serbu’s ‘Super Shorty’ costs $1050.00 and holds 3 rounds.

      The ‘Typhoon 12’ is about half the price of the Serbu and has a 5 round mag, with higher capacity mags in the works.

      Something tells me Serbu is not gonna be happy about the Typhoon 12…

    • With that brand name, I kind of figured – looks like “World HQ” is in Seattle, with manufacturing in Korea and Taipei. Some Korean stuff is great – my Daewoo rifle ran like a champ. But if this is the Harbor Freight equivalent of firearms, think I’d have to pass.

      • I’m not really up to speed on this company but seriously this crap is made in Korea? Can someone please give me the rundown on where this product is made and all the ins and outs I really would like to know if this is really made in Korea???

    • Yeah, Frank, saw that one.

      The AOW version in this article with that rectangular shotgun suppressor would be mighty tempting for home defense…

    • Made in China, but not the same gun as the version available in Canada. Significant differences, if only in making the receivers Remington compatible. The Canadian version is not Remington compatible, cannot take aftermarket stocks, nor does it have a forward Picarinny rail.

  5. Great, now my wife is going to add another gun she wants to the list.

    I thought my list of guns to buy was long, then I got married.

    • WOW! When I got married I had to start buying women’s shoes and makeup, but you have a woman that makes you buy guns and you’re complaining…why????

      Now I just have to make this new eye shadow I have coordinate with my Rem 870…damn!

      • No Doubt on having a woman that loves guns we should all have one like that a round of applause for the man that has the perfect wife. Just kidding but that is pretty cool that she’s into guns so much that she would see something and do like I have to have that. My girl is into shoes as well and clothing. LOL

      • It sounds great but it’s not as great as you think it is.

        Guns and knives, along with ammo add up to being as expensive as bags and shoes pretty damn fast. You might worry about your wife loose in a department store or mall. I worry about mine loose in Cabela’s, BPS, Gander Mountain etc.

        You worry your wife went out shoe shopping. I worry mine went to the Sportsman’s Warehouse and picked up a Benelli Ethos or something. God forbid she got that asshole Earl (I kid Earl, he’s a nice and very knowledgeable guy) at SW. He might have talked her into maxing out a 4473.

      • I’ll take an extra four inches of barrel and a stock. You can have your $5 entertainment tax, your paperwork, your waiting umpteen months for bureaucratic permission.

  6. a wholly owned subsidiary of matsumura fish works and tamaribuchi heavy manufacturing concern.
    “well, there’s your answer, fish bulb.”

  7. I currently own their firearm version of this. As far as I know it is the first and only one manufactured in a firearm configurations. It is awesome. The first 50 rounds were a little rough, some feeding issues. But the last 75 have run like butter.


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