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Andrew, who’s in the military, writes, “I have a wide range of stuff to try and prepare me for anything, while being functional and quick accessed. I forgot to add my Zippo in there. Stay safe ya’ll and Happy New Year.” Check out all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. There’s four items on that table that will be clipped in the very same place how is that everyday carry or do we need to change the name is I might carry one of these things someday

    • I kinda see what you’re saying and I kinda don’t. My wife has that same smaller knife and the sheath can be clipped or mounted to a belt a bunch of different ways or used as a boot knife. You can also take the clip off and put it in a pocket or rock it as a neck knife.

      Pistol at 4:00 IWB, large knife at 7, spare mags at 9, smaller knife can go to six, 10-11, pocket, neck or on your boot. I load myself up in odd ways like that sometimes when hiking just to add weight. Get’s interesting with a large fixed blade that doesn’t have a drop clip sheath like that one. Something like a TOPS Legion can be a real PITA to carry on your belt if you’re wearing a large pack.

  2. As smart phones (and smartly designed cases which hold IDs and credit cards) have allowed many of us to simplify our every day carry we are bombarded with posts like this that are simply baffling to those of us who try to streamline our lives.

    I mean, seriously. WTF?

    • Well…

      The smartphone does tell time… but doesn’t really substitute for a nice, classy watch. I’d be interested in the kick-ass phone that had a pair of utility/defense knives, cordage, mags and carts, a pistol with the ergonomics and capacity and capability of a Glock… and an indestructible LM multitool. Then there’s pen, paper, and a flashlight… which the phone might kinda sorta have in digital emulation, but not really. Can’t leave digital note on a windshield, since we don’t drive digital cars…(or any car, I’d say…).

      So, basically what you mean is… you fiddle with you phone all day and do nothing physical in the actual world ha 😉 “Streamline…,” ha

      I am always surprised nobody has gum, lip balm, kleenex, band-aids, business cards, mirrors, string & needle, etc. et al ad infinitum…. I surmise it’s because it looks cluttered in the photo, and that makes it less artsyfartsy (read: streamlined), so our imitative “design” expression comes out and we cleverly arrange things like a kid surveying his action figures. At least, that’s why I left all the other “boring” stuff out of my pockets in an EDC photo.

      Good luck with the streamlining! Be safe.

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