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Hi-Point may not be glamorous (and they may not be able to spell “muzzle”), but making functional firearms at the lowest possible price point doesn’t leave a lot of room for cocktail hours, spa treatments, and industrial designers. It looks like they do, however, listen to the gun buying market as they’ve released something many have clamored for for many years: a pistol caliber carbine in 10mm Auto. Hi-Point’s distributor’s press release and more photos of their 10mm Carbine follow . . .

New Hi-Point 10mm Semi-Auto Carbine
MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH, December, 2017 – New for 2018 is Hi-Point’s high-performance carbine in 10mm Auto.
At only $389.99, this new carbine will shoot with much higher dollar carbines and of course will send the bullet just as fast. Hi-Point began work on this project in the spring of 2017 due to customer demand for an affordable carbine platform chambered in this powerful pistol cartridge.
When a 10mm round is fired from a barrel several inches longer than a handgun, the velocity, range and energy really jumps up, making this carbine so powerful it’s even legal for big game hunting in some states.
“This new carbine chambered for the potent 10mm cartridge will make a lot of buyers happy,” says MKS president Charles Brown. “Tough, reliable and accurate, it fills the bill for a robust, reliable and accurate firearm that delivers excellent performance.”
Model Number: 1095TS
Barrel: 17.5 inches, threaded barrel (0.578x28TPI)
Caliber: 10mm Automatic
Sight: Iron with ghost ring
Overall length: 32 inches
Weight: 7 pounds
Capacity: One 10-round magazine with each carbine
Trigger: 6-pound single-stage
MSRP: $389.99

 At the 2018 SHOT Show visit MKS at booth 16144 on the main floor.
MKS Supply, LLC

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  1. Nice, I know someone with a 9MM Carbine as a truck gun and you can’t kill that thing, and it’s plenty darn accurate.

    Plus, I’ve already contacted High Tower Armory to see if they’d be doing any work-ups on a Bullpup stock, like they do for Hi-Point’s 9MM Carbine.https://www.facebook.com/HighTowerArmory/

  2. I’m actually excited about this! This will be my first Hi-Point – unless Kel-Tec reveals a Sub-2000 in 10mm that uses Glock 20 mags.

    • This.

      I’ve heard grumblings of 5,000 round-counts (Max). So, hope not the case and hope for a 10MM anyway.

      • That’s if it doesn’t blow up on you along the way. Mine was in the low 100’s count when that happened.

        • Haven’t had any issues with my Sub 2k in .40 S&W. In the low 100’s tho, I don’t shoot it much as the sights are set, the trigger is heavy and long, and the recoil actually leaves are bruise.

      • Do I take it correctly that you are talking about the Kel-Tec and not the HiPoint self destructing at 5000 rounds? I can imagine the HiPoint going to 15-20000 before needing a good cleaning.

  3. While the FBI dropped the 10mm S&W 1076 pistol they continued to use their MP5/10 in 10mm. That was a dynamite gun. They discontinued it when they switched to the M4.


    .10 MM ! ! !



    • What are you talking about?

      .10mm has nearly 9 times the round count of .9mm! Superior in every way! 🙂

      • What the hell are either of you talking about? Joe r doesn’t even mention who supposedly is coming out with the 10mm. We already know Hi-Point is that’s the article. Also you do not put a. (Period) in front of 9mm or 10mm. If you did you would have 9/10 of 1 mm or one tenth of 1 mm!! Like just bigger than a human hair in diameter. 10 mm cartridge is .40 caliber!! 9 mm is approximately .36 caliber. ugh double ugh and and what the hell when it comes to round count? Whatever size magazine you have however many that holds that’s how many rounds you have.

  5. F i n a l l y ! ! !

    I will almost certainly be purchasing one of these. Now if only someone would offer 20-round magazines!

    Speaking of 20-round magazines, I would argue that these would be the IDEAL home defense firearm if 20-round magazines were available.

    They would be ideal because:
    — short and maneuverable
    — accurate at home defense distances
    — plenty of “stopping power” in 10mm
    — almost zero recoil
    — far less blast than a shotgun or rifle

    • For an elderly or physically limited person or a person that just isn’t into guns but still wants to be able to defend themselves a pistol caliber carbine would be hard to beat.

      • jwm,

        I have been researching available magazines as well as expected muzzle velocity of 10mm Auto ammunition.

        No one makes extended magazines — which is not a surprise since this is a new carbine.

        It seems like Underwood Ammunition is the only vendor who makes 10mm Auto with full-charge loads. Boy, are they zippy though. They offer a 155 grain hollowpoint with a stated muzzle velocity of 1500 fps (from a 5-inch barrel???). If that bumps up to 1700 fps in the 17-inch barrel of the carbine, that would be a whopper of a ballistic solution. (That is 994 ft-lbs at the muzzle!!!)

        • That’s a hot load. From a 7 pound weapon it should be very controllable. Easier to control than a 7 pound 12 ga. Which is what mine weighs.

        • Buffalo Bore has several offerings in 10mm – ALL claim SAMMI safe; however, they are HOT. With their 180 JHP (using Speer GDHP) bullet, they chrono 1250fps out of my G29, and close to 1400 out of my 6″ BarSto barreled G20! Should clock close to 1600 fps out of this carbine’s 17.5″.

    • I agree on all points, except tactical slugs and buckshot, which run around 1100-1200 FPS, will have less muzzle blast than a 10mm round from a carbine running 1350-1800 FPS.

    • I agree… it needs a larger magazine; otherwise it would be great for home defense.

      There’s another factor you missed– the 10mm case has enough capacity to use slow powders, and get large velocity increases with a long barrel. That’s not the case with 9mm, and especially .45.

    • 20 round mags illegal in California. 10 max. That influences gunmakers worried about restrictions elsewhere in the near future. I’d buy 20s or 30s if i could get them.

  6. I predict you will see aftermarket 20 round magazines for this gun within two years.
    Hard core haters will never say anything good about Hi Point products. To them the second amendment is for rich people only.

    • No, I don’t think most people here are going to fault someone for buying a high point, especially if it’s all you can afford. I’ve also heard good things about their carbines. Where you will run into some issues is if you come on here claiming a Hi-Point is as good as a Glock/Sig/etc. Because they simply are not. There’s a reason why no reputable police or military service carries Hi-Point. But again, if it’s all you can afford or you just don’t want to shell out a lot of money for a gun, do you man.

    • I’ve got the 100 dollah bill hydrodip c9mm (seriously). I got more bills on my gun than most have in a SVI Tiki, dawg.

      Hi points aren’t just for the rich, they’re also for those of discerning tastes. Maybe I’ll get the carbine when they offer a euro hydrodip.

  7. Well I just don’t know about this thing. I remember back in the day when the first 9mm versions of the Hi-point carbines came out. I recall how sharp the kick was from them and how it would start to really sting my shoulder after a while. I wonder if this version will have similar issues, or if they’ve managed to get that sorted out fully.

    But that said, I’m always down for more firearms that come in 10mm auto. |3

    • Noishkel,

      I cannot imagine that there would be much recoil on a 7 pound carbine, even shooting hot ammo.

      • Yeah, that’s what I had thought myself. The gun wasn’t mine, it belonged to a friend. Ironically I had my own 9mm MAC based carbine. It had series reliably issues, but when it did work it was just fine to shoot. My friend gun was reliable but it was a sharp sting with ever shot. Very weird.

        • That feeling is not from recoil but from the hard plastic stock. Easily remedied by changing the springs or applying a pad.

    • Though now I’m wondering…will there be a handgun in 10MM coming from them down the road as well?

      • Hi Points are blow backs. They rely on the mass of the slide and the recoil spring to operate safely. A full power 10mm blow back pistol would probably weigh as much as the carbine.

        • The first time I saw a .45 ACP Hi-Point I laughed so hard everyone in the gun store stopped and looked at me. You could easily club someone to death with the slide alone.

          I really want this carbine though, and I don’t think it’s THAT ugly. I think it looks better than a Vector and you can buy about 8 Hi-Points for the price of one of those.

        • I’ve heard that so many times but Eric from IV8888 on YouTube reamed out his 40sw to 10mm and it seemed to run well.

  8. I’ve had one of their .40 carbines for a decade plus with no reliability or mechanical issues.

    I just hope the new stocks don’t slap you in the cheek the way the old ones do. That starts to sting after half a dozen mags or so.

  9. I’d buy a 10mm Hipoint carbine. Google ballistics by the inch. Terrific footpounds andmuzzle energy. Oh and if you wear the barrel out HP has a lifetime warrenty. But I second a Keltec Sub2000 in 10mm…

  10. I recently moved back to Dayton from Cleveland, I have to say that North Dixie Drive is not a place anyone should go without a lot of firepower. This might be a good durr rifle for next year, though.

  11. I’ve been waiting for the official announcement for a while. Pretty excited about this. Would love to see some bigger mags, but I’ll wait.

    And F’ Keltec Subs. Those barrels are held into the “receiver” with red loctite. Not threaded, not pressed, but glued in. I’ll never buy another Keltec piece of shit as long as I live. CS also told me they’d redo the barrel, but I’d have to ship both ways, and pay $80. That was almost what I paid for the gun.

  12. Give it an 18.6″ barrel and it would be legal in Canada, with maybe a little bit extra fps !

  13. This one is actually tempting me. Except for the 10 round mag. That’s almost a no go even for a carbine with me.
    Anyone know whos mags it uses???
    Last $400 rifle I had was a Marlin 336? in 357 and I traded it.
    Wish I still had that one made back in 92. It actually worked but was a joke with 38 wadcutters.
    100 yards pull the trigger light up a smoke take a puff and then youd here a “whack”. The bullet would eventfully hit the target.

    • Proprietary mags.
      They do lic. out a 20 rounder for the 9mm.
      Which is two 10 rounders glued together.
      Not the prettiest execution of engineering.

      And I just picked up the 9mm cuz I was tired of waiting for a 10mm.
      BTW, my .40 Sub2000 has been a great buy (so far).

    • Get a Mech Tech (Mechtech) upper with a Glock 20 lower. It’ll cost you, but it seems to be a nice system.

  14. I’m always surprised at the lack of correct information about ballistics from gun people. It’s out there for all to read. It’s not some super secret LEO/MIL only information. A 10mm in it’s original loadings are great powerful short range rounds. But that does not mean it’s a great home defense weapon or round. There’s a lot more to it. Adding velocity to most hollow point bullets exceeds its design parameters and it no longer is nearly as effective as it would be at the slower velocity, testing has proven this over and over again. Yes it will dump more energy in the target but that’s not what stops the attacker and the energy is still nowhere near a rifle cartridge even out of a short barrel.

    By adding a lot of velocity to a pistol JHP bullet you open up the pedals too soon, that means it basically becomes a FMJ. The pedals peel back or come off. You can either get too much penetration or not enough. You have exceeded the design parameters. Look at this test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl_n_miLfbY now imagine adding even more velocity!!!!

    I love 10mm but in this configuration the fact is nobody makes self-defense ammo for it. The idea of a 10 round mag is great for states that limit magazines and states that you cannot use JHP rounds for self-defense. If that is the case this carbine makes sense otherwise not so much. In states that do not infringe on your 2A rights. I would be more inclined to use a 5.56mm pistol with a 10-12.5″ barrel and either SP hunting ammo or a SP duty/LEO barrier blind round like the 55-64 grain Gold Dot. Even the 300 BO would be preferable or 6.8mm SPCII and a can if you can.

    • Speer makes a 200gr 10mm gold dot loading. Probably a really good option for a PCC in 10mm. The heavier weight bullets would be the way to go. Also you can load 200gr XTP. Even the non-magnum constructed bullets perform pretty well up to pretty high velocities. They are used by a lot of guys for muzzleloaders as they hold up to pretty high velocities. I see 250 and 300gr .45 XTP bullets fragmenting at close range and heavy powder loads, but you are talking about MVs in the 1800-2000FPS range where that is happening. A 200gr XTP out of a 16 inch barrel is maybe/probably around 1250-1400FPS depending on how hot it is loaded. Should be well under the velocity that it would fragment.

      Hornady critical duty 175gr may also hold up pretty well. Other than some of the really light loadings, going from a 4 inch to a 16 inch with a pistol caliber you are usually only talking about stacking on 150-200fps of velocity. You are also likely talking longer engagement ranges. A 75yd hit from a 10mm 16″ PCC is probably about the same velocity and energy as a 7yd hit from a 4 or 5 inch barrel.

    • For all the people who forgot how physics work, I guess. 45acp, folks. increase pressure, drop bullet weight. Voile. 10mm velocities in a cartridge that has been a standard for over a hundred years.

  15. I’ve been interested in one for awhile. A neighbor has an S2k. I tried it out in 9mm. I could see getting one if I need something THE most compact possible. I wouldn’t own one without a folding red dot mount though. The irons suck like crazy, I have to mash my face down on the stock to be able to use them. The trigger is terrible and the recoil even on 9mm is sufficient to completely throw me off target for follow-ups, especially with my face crammed down on the stock. A red dot being a lot higher and more sight radius I think would solve most of the issues, except the bad trigger, but that ups the price a fair amount when you include the mount.

    So maybe a high point as a PCC/trunk gun? I also am very intrigued by the ASR. Especially as an 80% is a pretty good price and replace the barrel and bolt head and now you’ve got a new caliber so you can get a lot of fun choices. Plus glock mags. PCC AR-9/45 lower receivers also seem to be coming down in price as are bolts and barrels for them.

    Choices, choices.

    • I was surprised by the recoil as well. Not wholly unmanageable, but I’m used to 9mm not being so grumpy. Then I had an epiphany– If i’m willing to deal with that level of recoil and size footprint, why not just AR pistol it and not have to worry about Keltec rarity and QC?

      So I got an Extar 556 instead. 4lbs w/mag and optic in a much more potent round. Done and done.

      • ozallos,

        A 5.56 x 45mm chambered “pistol” is certainly a fine choice for home defense. I suspect that it cost at least twice as much, if not three times as much, as a Hi-Point or Kel-Tec SUB-2000 carbine.

        The implied meme here is the hope for a pistol caliber carbine that is inexpensive, reliable, and a serious man-stopper for home defense. In that respect it looks like this Hi-Point carbine might be the ticket.

        • I get the impression a lot of folks have never fired a short-barreled .223 indoors… There’s a reason there’s a market for alternatives, and it’s the beach-ball sized fireball and deafening concussion.

          And to the “pedal” man, some hollow point designs fail at high speed; the bonded ones not so much. Gold Dots and so forth. They turn inside out, but don’t come apart.

  16. I enjoy my 9mm HP Carbine a lot.

    It goes to the range with me every other time.

    It’s heavy, it’s not very ergonomic, it’s got tiny magazines (although I have some of the non-HP brand 15 rounders) and the factory magazines are sharp.

    That said, I paid almost nothing for it, it’s super fun to shoot, always goes bang and is more accurate than I am shooting offhand.

  17. For what it’s worth, I’d rather have an M1 carbine at 5 lbs instead of 7+.
    Not against the Hi Point, just like M1 carbines.

  18. Underwood extreme defender in 10mm, and this carbine as mentioned earlier has nearly 1000lb ft of energy. Plus the physics of increases velocity and hollow point effectiveness can be thrown right out the window as the extreme defender is a cnc machined nickel plated solid piece of copper that is barrier blind, has 0 chance of getting plugged when traveling through metal barriers and still maintains its devastating ballistics on the target. The round stays supersonic in tissue and creates a hydrodynamic shock wave making the wound channel larger than any hollow point on the market, and the wound track is as long as the fbi standard for penetration….this is with there 9mm 65g +p at 1800fps, and their bad boy 9mm 90g +p+ which makes 2a body armor a laughing matter. At 480 lb ft. Just think what the 10mm out of this carbine will do. 2-3 in wound channels all the way through a bad dude feeling invincible in 2a armor. Sorry sir you picked the wrong day to be brave. CANOE CITY.

  19. when they get the price down like the 9mm I will buy one The price is falling I seen the 10 mm for $329.99 the 9mm usually goes for 279.99

    (Red Dot Arms )The Hi-Point Rifle 10MM 17.5″, Black includes (1) 10 round magazines, polymer frame, cheek rest, butt stock, threaded barrel, and iron and ghost ring sights.
    Availability: In stock
    Now only: $329.99

  20. I have had the 1045 for about 6 months, and fired approx 800 rounds. ZERO fails! Holds about 3 inches at 50 yards. PITA to disassemble for cleaning. Almost all of my shooting is with reloads. Cost per round for 10mm = 9mm almost. Recoil is ok, but cheek pad abrasion can be irritating. GREAT self defense gun.

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