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We couldn’t let NRA go by without stopping by the Heizer booth to take a look at their just-announced PAR1 .223 pocket pistol. Heizer’s Eric Polkis tells us that a 55gr bullet will manage almost 1500 fps out of that snubbie-length barrel. No word yet as to the size of the resulting fireball closely following right behind that round. We asked for a gun to review and it sounds like one is forthcoming. When it eventually arrives, we’ll be sure to include some low-light photos in the review . . .


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    • According to their web page, CCI’s .22LR Velocitor moves a 40gr pill at 1435fps. So, not a whole lot more.

      Granted, CCI doesn’t say how long of a barrel you need to get to that 1435, but still, this .223 single shot seems like a gimmicky piece of… kit whose most useful defensive application is going to be “mutual blinding by fireball”.

    • About 275 ft lbs at the muzzle, which is about equal to .22wmr, if it really manages to make 1500 fps.

  1. I’m calling BS on the 1500 fps claim until it’s proven, I’m betting around 1200 fps, which is 175 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle. Being a single shot, I think you may want to plan your follow up shot to be throwing the little Heizer at the attackers face.

  2. I think that the ATF rules say no steel cored ammo in a pistol and it can’t be imported. Doesn’t the green tip, M855, 5.56 have a steel core. Currently the ATF doesn’t classify it as AP ammo but they could redo the rules, this could affect the importation of the M855 ammo.

    • .223/5.56 handguns have been on the market for a while, this is not the first by any means. M855 has received an exemption, which is why you’re still able to import it.

      • Hey, you guys ever actually shoot 855 at a steel plate? I have, and regular ball ammo puts a more impressive hole in 1/4″ plate than the steel core does. I have also seen a display of a 5.56 and a 7.62 somehow sliced in half lengthwise, and the steel in the 5.56 is difficult to see, while the 7.62 looks like a full size 7mm bullet. One would in fact pierce armor, the other would not. Hence, exemption!

    • M855 is not completely steel, and has thus been explicitly mentioned to not be restricted. Same reason you can get tungsten-frangible ammo. Its a tungsten/plastic mix, so exempt.

    • The actual rules as per St. Bonzo’s GCA ’88…

      (i) a projectile or projectile core which may be used in a handgun and which is constructed entirely (excluding the presence of traces of other substances) from one or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium; or

      (ii) a full jacketed projectile larger than .22 caliber designed and intended for use in a handgun and whose jacket has a weight of more than 25 percent of the total weight of the projectile.

  3. Spoke to the DoubleTap folks at the NRA show – they are currently in litigation with Heizer…should be interesting.

    On a side note, I ran into Nick Leghorn at Sisk Rifles, and Kirsten Joy Weiss is even hotter than she is in her videos. She was engaging and funny. I’ll stop now. I’m embarrassing myself.

    • > DoubleTap – they are currently in litigation with Heizer

      Heizer and DoubleTap are suing each other. They were supposed to go into mediation last November, but nothing has been posted since then so it doesn’t sound like it happened.

    • Kohout was the principal of a firearms store in STL named ‘Shooting Systems’ back in the 80s-early 90s.

      They were located across the highway from the Chrysler plant, and they moved iron like McD’s moves quasi-burgers back in the day.

      They were also under a gajillion clouds for how their ‘business model’ worked, and there were many rumblings about Fed action against them. Interestingly it all collapsed, was sold to chumps, err, mgmt who turned into Mid America Arms, moved location, and disappeared about a decade later…

    • I’m not accepting that it’s possible to be hotter than KJW is in her videos. A fox with a gun? What could be better?

  4. I cannot imagine why I would ever want this… Granted, I can see some SHTF folks (I am one of them) that might tuck this into his/her kit bag just in case, say, they end up with a fatal breakdown of their main rifle and have nothing else to defend with, but have a bit of .223 available. Or someone who has the money and wants to temporarily (playfully) blind their buddies during some dusk shooting practice.

    What other value could this possibly provide? Hell, pull the bullets from the .223 and use a Wrist Rocket. No impressive fireball, though. Hmmm… pondering this may take a beer or two…

  5. are you kidding me with this piece of crap….whats next a one shot 50 bmg? now that’s a fireball…..

      • how about, “Because America”.

        i dont give two chits why, or how, or how effective. its becuase we can. now back to your mall ninjaing

  6. Very thoughtful of them to prick punch the trigger pin on both sides so it doesn’t fall out. So much easier than properly fitting the parts. And what is holding this thing together? Are those pre-stripped hex heads or some sort of rivets? Inquiring Gunsmiths want to know….

  7. I actually like innovation and the fact that you have people willing to take risks with their ideas. While this doesn’t have a place in my ultra-secure sock drawer, I wouldn’t kick it off the couch for eating crackers. Bully good for them for trying. You think that every rifle or ammo manufacturer hasn’t had a dud? This may join the 300 Blackout on the trash heap of history or it may not, but I’m not going to knock it.

  8. Gunr, forget about the burn, hell he will be blind as a bat, oh shit so will the shooter. There I go again, have to wear dark glasses too! Be careful out there, next review will be a .308 in a crotch gun.

  9. Probably only two viable uses for this whatsit: World’s loudest starter pistol (assuming you can find .223 blanks), or a flashy substitute for a Zippo lighter. There is nothing this can do that an old High Standard .22 WMR derringer or a NAA mini-revolver can’t do better, if you *must* have something this tiny.

    Proof positive that the mallninja derringer market (such as it is) has officially gone Full Retard.

    • Hey, I have a bunch of .223 blanks, can’t seem to give them away, have no use for them, how much does that pistol cost?

  10. 300blk has been relegated to the trash heap of history? Where can I find that memo? I wasn’t aware – TTAG should get on that ASAP.

  11. “Hello, Heizer Defense? Yes, I’d like a single shot pistol that will gently poke my assailant with a .22 round, but still be able to function as a flamethrower. You’ve got just the thing you say? I’ll take five!”

  12. It won’t be the 55 grain .223 bullet that incapacitates your attacker … it will be the giant fireball and concussion from the massive blast that stops the attacker in their tracks.

  13. It can be used to light a signal fire when lost in the woods. You’ll need help getting on the helicopter with a broken hand.

  14. Actually as a contact weapon, it could be devistating.
    If the muzzel was pressed firmly against the body with the blast following into the wound channel. Shootingthebull should do a gel test for that.

  15. Won’t it have yaw problems at those mediocre velocities? I mean, that’s half the selling point of .223, after all…

  16. If I recall the lenghth of a pistol is from the breech to the muzzle. A 3 inch barrel minus a case length of approx 1.76 inches, ref SAAMI specs. gives a bullet travel of only1.24 inches. So with the shorter length you would proably get closer to 1000 to 900 fps. Reloading could probably get better velocity but be very careful.

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