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In real life, not so much. Saying that, I wouldn’t want to eat a burrito before encountering one of those “active denial” systems. And it’s only a matter of time before they become gun shaped. Know what I mean?

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  1. Sunset Overdrive looks really fun, but not enough to justify buying an xbox one. If i buy any of the consoles, it will be a PS4. As a lover of Forza Motorsport this pains me but project CARS may heal that wound if ever i pull the trigger.

  2. This may be too long for you guys, but if you think about it hard enough, Sunset Overdrive is a giant allegory of the whole conspiracy that TTAG is primarily themed on:

    The ugly OD monsters represent the liberals and gun-grabbers, such as the infamous action-demanding moms (Drinking the contaminated OverCharge is eerily similar to drinking the liberal Kool-Aid. Hence the liberals would have drunk the OverCharge.).

    The Scabs (human enemies armed with ACTUAL conventional assault rifles, I might add) represent the criminals (who would happen to either get the weapons illegally by themselves or the government sold them the weapons a la Operation: Fast and Furious). Or even the looters and anarchist thugs in Ferguson, if I wanna actually go that far.

    Fizzco (with their laser weaponry and robots, it’s kinda analogical to over-militarization of the cops and corporations) represents the cops, the tyrannical government, and the equally ruthless corporations. The mascot Fizzie, who insults the player (e.g. ‘Get ready to die, asshole!’) is representative of the liberals’ tendencies to insult the more level-headed conservatives and law-abiding people in an immature manner.

    And the player, who has to protect important groups of people, represents the ‘good’ guys with guns at Ferguson and in other places, although the player has to use a more wacky arsenal than conventional stuff (s/he can still use normal weapons, but the fact that there aren’t many of those kinds available is a minor analogy to the law-abiding citizens being gradually disarmed and left defenseless, even forcing them to craft impromptu weapons like the wacky ones in the game ).

    Maybe this is what actually happens to a disarmed populace: they have to become more creative and make weapons out of everyday items to fend off the criminals and tyrants. If only we could be as creative as the guys in Sunset City…

    Quite a heck of a metaphor I did right there!

    BTW the Turret Copter weapon represents the government’s questionable use of drones on foreign soil and the way the bomb is strapped to the Teddy on the TNTeddy is related to Islamist suicide bombers.


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