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There’s no reason to replace the slide on a GLOCK 43 — unless you want one cut for a red dot sight. On a 43? That’s a bit like putting a bull bar on a Fiat 500. Lightening cuts? Don’t even. Oh wait. Style! Front cocking serrations! If you’re looking for something a bit different to top your pocket GLOCK, something with snout-enabled rackability, Grey Ghost’s sexily named SPG43’s got you covered. No word on price, or the limited edition’s production limitations. Press release below.

Lakewood, WA –-( Grey Ghost Precision, leading manufacturers of accurate, reliable, and attainable weapon systems, is excited to announce the release of the first aftermarket upgrade slide to the GLOCK43, the Grey Ghost Precision SPG43.

The team at Grey Ghost Precision started the design process with a billet blank of American made, certified 17-4PH Stainless Steel; chosen for its high levels of strength, hardness and corrosion resistance.

Additionally, the 17-4PH also maintains a level of machinability, which allows the engineers to hold critical tolerance to .003dz; ensuring the reliability and accuracy loyal customers of allof Grey Ghost Precision’s products come to know and expect.

Available in two designs, each with strategically placed patterns that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional for slide manipulation. Customers will be able to choose from Black Nitride or various color options in DLC (Diamond-like Carbon).

As is the case with every other product that comes out the door at Grey Ghost Precision, the SPG43’s attention to detail, fitment and mindset for the end user is paramount. The team spends no time, wasted on production – partnering with only the best in the industry, receiving feedback on exactly what the end users are looking for in a concealed carry pistol.

“With the need now more than ever to rely on your carry pistol, the decision was obvious for us to develop an option for the G43,” stated GGP Vice President of Firearms, Jason Curns. “We take great pride in providing products that meet the demands of our customers, and are confident that the new SPG43’s look and functionality will more than exceed expectations.”



  • Made from American 17-4PH Stainless Steel
  • All critical dimensions held within .003dz
  • Strategically placed patterns for ease of use and function
  • Coated with choice of Black Nitride or color option in DLC
  • Ready to accept all GLOCK or aftermarket OEM G43 components
  • Ready for GLOCK or OEM components to install right away

The Grey Ghost Precision SPG43 is available now for order. Visit our site for more details. A Limited Edition will feature a Grey DLC color, and etched to commemorate the first to market – so get yours now!

About GGPGrey Ghost Precision

Grey Ghost Precision produces weapon systems that are accurate, reliable, and attainable while ensuring that these platforms are ready for combat and will stand the rigors of hard use and perform with devastating results. The GGP team collectively has an extensive background in the military and in manufacturing. Rifle and pistol design specifications are directly influenced by a network of industry and shooting sports experts. When customers include family and friends that use these rifles, pistols and accessories to protect themselves in dangerous environments, you are very serious about their safety and survival. GGP has zeroed in on quality and reliability to ensure that these platforms are ready for combat and will stand the rigors of hard use and perform with devastating results.



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  1. Awesome! I can now spend even more money on my already overpriced Glock! After replacing the plastic sights, getting a trigger that isn’t garbage, adding the +1 baseplate to make it competitive with the Shield, I have only spent $750! That’s a great value right guys!?!

    • I have nothing against Glocks, but I think the G43 is priced to take advantage of the fanboys. The S&W Shield 9mm is a better gun for less money.

      • I disagree. The 43 is the only Glock i like and its Glockiness makes it work for a small pistol.

        I don’t like the shield for it grip and trigger. It does carry 1 more round.

        Better.?.. i dont think so. It is cheaper. You could also get an LC9s.

        I definately shoot the 43 better than either the shie.d or LC9s.

        We have plenty of options for small skngle stacks..better is what works for you.

    • Meh. Haters gotta hate. If you’re so smart and your finger is so in touch with the pulse of the market’s desires, then go build your own gun company and make a million dollars.

      I hear the same crap about Microsoft. Their products are crap. They’re riddled with security holes. They’re unoriginal and outdated. Blah blah blah. I’ve heard that nonsense since the 1990s. Yet, MSFT, like Glock, is still going strong and leading the pack. And haters are still making obscure blog comments about both that nobody cares about.

      Now, that’s not to say that there is no place for constructive criticism. There is. It’s just that such instruction gets plowed under in the course of knee jerk dismissal of companies who changed the world.

  2. Here we have today’s solution in search of a problem. I mean, if you think you need serrations on the front of your slide, you’re doing it wrong.

    By the way, neither the photos nor the Grey Ghost press release indicate a cut for a red dot sight.

    • Right. These slides aren’t cut for an optic. I stand behind Robert’s statement 🙂 (and there are companies cutting G43 slides for optics, but I think it would be impolitic of me to mention them here since this is about GGP, which makes very nice stuff indeed)

  3. First 45-70auto now this. Wtf are these gun designers doin nowadays? Tryin to see who can perfect the first screen door on a submarine?

  4. So they go to all the trouble to machine a G43 slide out of stainless steel—-and NONE of the options they offer are stainless finish?

    The only reason to change a Glock slide is for looks. This one has no slide cuts(which appeal to some people) and isn’t SILVER and SHINY?

    I like two tone pistols. I like shiny. So, mega fail.


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