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The problem with using a scoped firearm in competition shooting is that stage designers LOVE to put really far away targets as well as really close in targets in the same stage. So while a scope might be perfect for that 250 yard shot it might not be so peachy for the 10 yard target. Offset sights fix that issue by providing a second unmagnified option for shooters accessible simply by turning your gun to the side. I did this on my own competition rifle with a pair of back up iron sights I wasn’t using anymore, but now XS Sights has a dedicated pair that come on their own 45 degree offset mounts. Press release after the jump.

January 12, 2012 – Fort Worth, TX — XS®
Sight Systems, in collaboration with Lone Star Armory, will introduce the XTI™ (Xpress Threat Interdiction™) AR-15 angle mount sights at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada next week. The XTI™ with XS® Express Standard Dot Tritium front, and White Stripe rear, are back-up iron sights designed for quick acquisition in CQB situations.

The result of extensive field testing the XTI™ AR-15 Angle Mount prototypes were put through their paces by police firearms instructors, SWAT and patrol officers, as well as combat-seasoned former military professionals. Here is what Police Firearms Instructor, Officer Michael Moore had to say about XS® Sight Systems’ New XTI™ AR-15 Angle Mount Back-up Iron Sights.

“Magnified optics are great at distance but can be a hindrance when engaging threats at close range. The addition of your new sights to a weapon allows the officer to have the best of both worlds. They can engage a target with precision at distance and still be able to quickly engage a threat at close range. While testing these sights we had several instructors and officers engage targets at ranges from 7 yards to 50 yards and everyone was able to keep all rounds in the center of the target. These new offset sights are another great innovation from your company and I have had to threaten bodily injury to be able to keep somebody from taking them off of my rifle.”

Available now at and for hands-on inspection next week at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the XTI™ Xpress Threat Interdiction™ AR-15 Angle Mount Back-up Iron Sights are an excellent addition to Tac optics class 3-gun rifles and patrol rifles with magnified optics.

Product# AR-0007-4
Retail Price: $150.00

About XS Sight Systems:
Started in 1997, XS Sight Systems is a leader in the manufacturing of practical hunting and combat effective tactical products. Technical Support available [email protected]. XS Sight System products are made in the USA. For more information visit

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  1. When are we going to see some competition among manufacturers, neither this nor the surefire sight can really justify these absurd prices.

    • I second that. $150 is steep for BUIS IMO. I dont get why these things are always marked up so high. Like the Magpul MBUS. Those are super cheap to make. Injection molding for pennies on the dolar. XS Sights sights has those CSAT sights… Those probably cost a couple bucks to make and they sell for $40 each. Should be a $15-$20 at most. With the latest advances in CAD and CNC machining these kinds of things should be going down in price. that said, demand is probably low. There is just to many companies to choose from (which should bring the price down no?). Sadly some companies are cheap others arent. Theres alway this pissing contest over brands. My favorite being the AR15 lower receiver circle jerk. “Oh these guys are better than these guys…” Nope, your mostly spending your money on that fancy buck on the side or that mega logo. *rolls*

      • Keep in mind that the cost of raw materials, tools, labor, power, packaging, marketing, etc. are not insignificant. Also keep in mind that there are generally at least 2-3 parties who need room to make money on a markup (OEM to distributor to resale).

        So they MAY only go to the distributor for 20-30, and to your dealer for somewhere between that and retail, but unless everyone is making money on the deal, then they won’t stock them. Also keep in mind that having inventory on hand is costly….

        Now, I don’t LIKE the high prices of things, but quite honestly it’s more due to the devaluation of the dollar than the manufacturer trying to overprice things.

  2. They match the ones I have on my ghetto glock!!!!!!!

    I can understand that this will make bucketloads of money for XS, but are the GI-Joker wannabees really turned on by this type of thing!? I hope I am not the only one who thinks that the whole “tactical” fad has been the most bone jarring stupid obsessions of the past couple of decades.

    Not stupid with respect to mental development – Stupid like WWF & Jerry Springer,

    There is money involved….so I suppose that is the ultimate answer

    • It actually makes a lot of sense for people who compete. If you’ve ever watched one of Nick’s videos you can see how he easily he rotates to the iron sights for close range targets and then moves right back to his scope for the long range targets.

      • Yeah, but competitions are known and planned….they would be better served with a dot 99.9% of the time.

        Unless there was a provision where no-optics were allowed in that particular event….then the standard sights would work.

        I can certainly see the merit of the AR platform, but some of the items that people convince themselves they need to bolt on to them are kinda batty

        • I agree with you there. There is definitely a trend of over indulgence when it comes to AR accessories.

        • Yeah, how about when you’re in a shooting position where you don’t have clearance to USE your optic?

          I’ve been there, and done that.

          Hopefully you can see this image:

          The above is a perfect example wherein ironsights on a 45 degree rotation concentric to the bore would allow one to actually shoot reliably. I remember when *I* did that stage, I had a VERY hard time making out the target through the optic I was shooting with.

          • If you are that close…you could practically throw something at the target and hit it?

            And it time mattered that much – there are other ways better than tilting to an unfamiliar 45 degree angle, lining up 3 different planes, focusing on the point in the middle, getting it to the specific point you are trying to hit, and pull the trigger.

            ….like put the dot on the target, pull the trigger

  3. I wonder how bad parallax will affect these since they aren’t inline with the bore… I guess it would depend on how far apart you have the front and rear sight, as well as your “zero” distance…

    Either way, sounds silly – if you want magnified optics and open sights, get an ACOG with the post and blade/aperture, or one of their fancy new models with the built-in red-dot! No parallax problems, and nothing to snag hanging off the side of the rifle. Another great alternative is the 1-4x scope… I know Leupold makes a nice one, although there are others that have gained a lot of traction lately (Millet, PFI, Trijicon, etc).

    • “since they aren’t inline with the bore”
      As I understand it, they are. You just rotate the rifle.

      • Ahhh, that’s right… I have it stuck in my head that you just use them at is. I haven’t tried rotating a rifle, but I’d imagine that it takes a bit of practice!

  4. A much better design for a CQB scenario than Surefire’s rapid transition sights. That being said, I would have rather seen a large ghost ring rear sight at least as an option. Mounted at the back of a receiver in the traditional BUIS location, I believe would make this BUIS faster on target and more accurate at say 50 yards.

    • Really? The surefire has wings to protect the front sight post, this one is exposed and protrudes from the rifle in a way that it is likely to be damaged.

  5. This may not be as stupid as it sounds. When I was a kid with a .22 with a scope mounted, I rotated the rifle 45 degrees and sighted down the barrel for close up shots. Except I rotated my rifle the other direction about 25 degrees or so.

  6. These comments crack me up but everyone has an opinion and mine is that for someone who has only one gun this give me the range I need with my scope then a quick tilt for a short shot out to 50 yard. So if you don’t want to pay don’t buy it, that the beauty of what is left of America. You are still fee to spend your money.

    Oh and by the way when the UN takes my gun they will have a nice set up!

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