New from Volquartsen: LLV and Frame


My youngest daughter’s learning to tickle the ivories. So I hit-up the Old Lady for a new piano. A good piano. It’s my belief that you can’t expect a newbie to learn mad skills on crap equipment. Musical instruments. Guns. Same thing. Fortunately for firearms newbies, there’s Ruger’s Mark III .22 caliber pistol; a fine piece that msrps at $379. Or the $379.99 Browning Buck Mark Camper. Worth the extra .99? Click here for Dan’s most excellent review. Now, would you pay another $621 for a MUCH better gun for a starting shooter? Wait! Don’t answer! Make the jump to check out how much easier the Volquartsen LLV is to take down and clean . . .



  1. avatar Dennis Pope says:

    Not what I needed to read with two Mark III’s sitting on my bench ready to tear down and clean. Even if it was fun taking my grand dauter to the range and getting my butt kicked.

  2. avatar Kevin says:

    A friend of mine who taught guitar used to think that. Eventually he realized that what a beginning student really needs is an instrument makes them, every time they walk by it, want to pick it up and play it. Then they need to leave it uncased where they will walk by it multiple times a day.

    Eventually they will reach the point where a high quality instrument will make a difference, but they will know when that happens.

    Buying a $5500 AI Arctic Warfare in .338 with a $3000 Schmidt & Bender isn’t going to teach you how to accurately hit targets 600 yards away any faster then a $900 Remington 700 in .308 with a $1200 scope. It will just make the learning process a lot more expensive. When they can shoot to close to the limits of the 700 then thinking about the big bucks makes sense.

  3. avatar I_Like_Pie says:

    Um….This is EXACTLY the same way you break down a Standard Auto, MKi, or MKII.

    1. avatar Derry M says:

      The only difference I saw was that the Volquartsen’s Upper slid onto the Frame much more easily than my Ruger Mark I Bull barrel ever did. Sometimes it’s a downright fight.

  4. avatar Ropingdown says:

    For the same price I’d prefer a S&W Model 41. Very accurate and even simpler to take down.

  5. avatar Aaron says:

    Best $475 I ever spent was on a used MKII with Volquartsen grip, comp and trigger. Amazing gun that looks great, feels great and draws endless compliments at the range.

  6. avatar Wade says:

    The three guns i learned to shoot with were a beat-to-hell 10/22, an old single-six, and a rusty 30-30 94. I was a nail driver with all three, and when I finally got a beautiful bolt action CZ .22, I started winning all kinds of 4-H contests. I think it is best to start off with nothing fancy, and upgrade as one’s skills become more finely honed. Think of it like teaching a kid to drive in a Lamborghini.

  7. avatar Hal Davis says:

    For a marked improvement of the MK series Ruger try Majestic Arms Speed Strip kits. Makes the pistols much more user/cleaner friendly with LLV or no LLV!

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