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Springfield looked at the burgeoning small polymer striker-fired nine biz and evidently figured, who needs to carry parabellum when they can pack a .45 punch? And in the same sized package. Thus was born the new XDs, the ‘s’ signifying single-stack. I had a chance to shoot the pocket rocket yesterday at the Media Day event and it’s provides an excellent argument for toting big boy bullets. . .

The surprisingly soft-shooting (for a .45) XDs is a scant 1″ at the beam making it a slim, easy carry. It will ship with two stainless mags that will pack 5+1 rounds of .45 ACP fury when Springfield starts sending them out in March or so. Adjustable backstrap, ambi mag releases, grip and trigger safeties and a fiber optic front sight…what’s not to like?

The XDs is new enough that the Springfield booth staff doesn’t even have an MSRP for it yet. They did say, though, that a .40’s in the works with a 9mm to follow soon thereafter.


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  1. Looks sweet. Although I do prefer the large capacity of the double stacks, and I’m really tempted by the XDm Compact 45.

  2. The regular xd45 compact was my first carry gun. This new slim model just went to the top of my list after I get my Detonics Combat Master out of layaway. Say goodbye to my tax return.

  3. The Nano still seems like a better deal. Other than the fact that its offered in .45, I dont really see the advantage of this over the Beretta. But I’m all for more options for buyers. It is pretty slick looking

  4. I hope that 29oz weight is a typo or something.
    A standard 4.5″XDm45 is about 30, and a kahr cw45 is about 20.

  5. This is what I have been waiting for.
    My wife carries a XDSC 9mm or a Kahr K9 ( depending on means of concealment ) at present, but at 26 and 25oz. empty she has been asking for something lighter. She doesn’t like the plastic Kahrs. Also I have found our Kahrs to be less reliable than our XDs.

    Brice, I don’t know if a grip safety is needed or not, but it makes me feel better knowing the short 5.5lb. trigger will not fire unless we have a proper grip on the guns. I don’t care for safeties on double action guns ( that is why I have not purchased a LC9 for her) but the grip safety does not require any thought or extra action to operate. It’s a safety you really can ignore.

      • Where do you see 29oz? I must have missed it.
        A XD .45 acp 4.04″ double stack service model is 30oz with empty mag. and a 5″ tactical model is 32oz.

        I find it hard to believe a 6.6″x4.4″ single stack gun is only 1oz lighter than a 7.3″ x 5.5″ double stack gun made by the same manufacturer from the same materials.

          • That must be a thypo.
            Thats the same weight as a 7.3″ x 5″ eleven (11) shot XD .45 acp compact.
            If it is not then I don’t see how it will be successful. The whole point of the pistols it is designed to compete with is small size and light weight.
            I own four (4) XD’s and have carried one daily for nine (9) years (you could say I’m a XD fanatic) but I would have a hard time recommending a six (6) shot 6.6″ x 4.4″ x 1″ 3.3″bbl 29oz. XDs over an eleven (11) shot 6.97″ x 4.45″ x 1.28″ 3.78″bbl 23.8oz. Glock 30SF.
            What could I possibly use as an argument? .37″ shorter length? .05″ shorter height? .28″ narrower?
            How about a .48″ shorter bbl with five less rounds and 5.2oz’s of added weight?
            Or I could compare it to a Glock G36. It’s a single stack six (6) shot gun. Only problem is the XDs is 8.9ozs heaver. Almost 50% heaver (29 vs 20.1).

            I’m betting the XDs is a lot closer to 19ozs than 29ozs or it will be the biggest flop in the history of flops.

            Of course it does have a grip safety, which is my reason for choosing a XD over a Glock in the first place. But even I would have a hard time recommending a grip safety over a 1/2″ longer bbl and a 50% weight reduction when choosing a carry gun.

  6. That link is to the XD(M), which has a double stacked frame & magazine. The XD(S) will be single stack.

  7. Colt Lightweight Commander: “The best carry gun now available.”

    This new offering by Springfield challenges the LW Commander’s putative claim. Polymer offers superior frame life compared to aluminum and better resistance to scuffing. It appears to be everything the Star Firestar promised but failed to deliver.

    The XDS raises the bar for carry pistols and is the first design I have seen that could conceivably displace the Colt/Browning pattern in my affections. I will have to find a way to finance the purchase of this little gem.

  8. They took away 1/2 the gun and found a way to make it twice as ugly. That took some work… bravissimo.

  9. It’s only 21.5 oz with empty mag. The 29 oz reports are wrong. So fully loaded it will be right on with a fully loaded G36. I prefer XD just for the extra bit of safety. I can’t get myself to carry the G36 +1. So for me they both have 6 rounds availble. I will be getting one of these or the XDM .45 3.8″.

    • That’s more like I thought it would be.
      I knew it couldn’t be that much heavier than the competition and compete.
      Mike, mind if I ask where you got your information? I have been looking for weight clarification, but could find none.

  10. Below is official-looking link with specs, including 21.5 oz weight. Though I have heard on several U-Tube videos and read on the internet that the weight was 29 ounces. Hope those were wrong and link is correct. After all, it looks official and it’s on the internet.

    Also read somewhere (sorry, no link) that .40 and 9 mm will eventually follow. No surprise there. Any thoughts/speculation on how the capacities, weights or dimensions could change for those (thoughts/speculation beyond potentially bigger capacity and smaller weight and dimensions)?

  11. The best carry firearm is a 3 inch 1191 compact locked cocked an loaded safety on.Also xd , khar , glocks are all safe firearms………….ed.Revolvers dont have safties so there not safe NOT ITS ALL ON THE HANDLER…………………..ED.

  12. Hey Dan,

    Thanks, good write-up.
    Seriously considering purchasing one of these bad boys. What grain ammo did you use when firing?

    John A

  13. John if your looking for a 1911 look at kimber tac 2 or my fav ultra cdp 2 ,both have 3 inch bbl great carry guns but remember 1911s are set up to be carried one in the chamber with the hammer back safety on. 230 grain ammo is what kimber specs are with 500 round break-in period. the ultra cdp 2 has all the bells an whistles on it and is available with laser grip for around 1300 to 1600 dollars.

  14. Well this is just great. Bought a XD 9 sub compact just a couple weeks ago. Now a new XD. I have three so far,now gotta get another one,cool. Love them Springfields. I dont know about the single stack though,one might as well get a revolver. Get a itty bitty little gun. Springfields are known for their toughness,reliabilty,ease of use,field strip and list goes on but why this the XDs. I do prefer rounds in the 40’s. The 9 was for my wife. I carry mostly a XD40 sub. For the fire power,cal and number of rounds. Be nice if was a double stack but cant have it all.

  15. I’m a big fan of Springfield Guns, can’t wait to check out this pistol as soon it comes to my local gun store and possibly purchase it, the problem is they don’t know when they will be getting them in!

  16. Was at local store yesterday (31 May) SA rep brought in a demo version of XDs…nice. Said dealers should have the first ones in about two weeks. Comes with two 5-rnd mags, mag pouch, holster, locking box. A 7-rnd mag with extension grip will be available. Unfortunately, no night sights on production version.

  17. Picked one up yesterday and after firing 50 rounds, I think I have finally found my ideal carry weapon. Shoots good and functions perfectly. The accuracy is better than expected and the trigger pull is exactly what I prefer in a carry weapon. Springfield has a WINNER!

  18. Lets see? How many people have shot themselves with there Blocks? Now lets look and see how many people have done the same with there XD’s? Bet ya the Blocks are a mile a head of the pack. Not a safe gun in my opinion!! I’ll take the XD over a Block any day.

  19. Although I like the 45acp, I think for CCW I would perfer .40 cal. I’ll wait for the XDs .40 cal.

  20. Is this really better than my Star PD 6-1.45acp? Don’t know but the XDS sounds enticing. No major diferences in size/weight and the PD is all steel.

  21. Hay all you people who talk about weapons that don’t own , or have not shot one shut the hell up. I have a Springfield XDS 45. and if you have a feel for the 1911 you will love this weapon. small to med. hand fits great. recoil not bad at all and it’s weight is 21 OZ’s not 29. that’s unloaded maybe 29OZ’s loaded.

  22. I just got an XDS. i love it. The recoil isn’t bad, but the smaller grip does bite a bit (after 250 rounds, starting 5 min after i bought it). It doesn’t like cheap ammo, had several FTFs (light f-pin strike) on Rem UMC so i ditched it, and didn’t have any more problems. I can’t wait to get a 7rd mag, i hear they help enhance the 2nd shot speed a bit by keeping the gun down easier.

  23. lol, these comments “Kill Me”!… Raving, about Glock, Kahr, ect. weighing ouces less?… [which shoots Better?…].
    Having both Springfield’s XD, & XDm, as well as a Glock 19. Take these guns, to the Range, and Compare, like I have, many times!… [Shooting, my Springfield,XD .45, chambering 230 Grain; Next to my Glock 19, 9mm. chambering 115 & 124 grain, 9mm]. Shooting 500 rounds, between the 2 guns!… [Finding, the recoil difference, being So Nominal, and with the caliber, and grain difference, of the rounds fired; there was “No” Doubt, which gun, i’ll Carry!]. Plus, Springfield, has an external Safety, in the grip, which has to be depressed, to fire!… Springfield, has been making Guns, for the U.S.Army, since George Washington!….[looking, at the M-Series, in W.W.II, [M-1] and Viet Nam, M-14 & M-16’s]. Plus So many more, “AMERICAN MADE GUNS”!… Hymmmn, Glock, has been making guns, since the early 1970’s!…[Gastron Glock, a plastics genius, developed the “Glock- 17”, for the Austrian Army]. Than, Romancing, the American “Police”, into trading in their .38’s, in place of, 9mm’s!… As the “Bad- Guys”, got more powerful, higher cap. mags; Glock, offered to buy back the 9mm’s, replacing them with the Newer, “hot gun”, the .40 caliber!… Selling more Guns, to the American “Police’, and reselling their old guns!… [This man, is a “Marketing Genius”!… and has made himself, Very Wealthy!]. “Springfields”, are a Better Shooting, more Accurate, Gun, that just feels good, in my hand!…[A prerequisite, on my purchasing!]. Also, I Prefer, to Buy American!…

  24. First off dumbass the SA that sells this gun has not been “making guns for the US army since George Washington”. The company was started in the 1970’s.

  25. The SA that “made guns for the US army since George Washington closed it’s doors in the late 1960’s. Today’s SA Inc is not connected with the origional in any way shape or form.

  26. Now back to the gun in question. It’s internal design is unlike any other XD. It is much closer to the Glock design than ever before.

    It is the best XD design so far.

  27. finished my CHP class using my ruger p345 to qualify and immediately bought a consignment sale detonics 45. it couldn’t fire five rounds without malfunctioning. traded it in for the xds. fired 50 rounds thru the xds without a single stoppage. got tight groups, web of hand was tender for a couple of days. manufactured in croatia. a keeper for me. will have to wait and see about actually carrying it.

  28. i would like to see if any one can give me some adress where i can get new recoil spring for my xds 45 acp is getting bad i ned one stanley steel i guess thanks let me know have a nice day

  29. I bought the .40 for my dad for fathers day, And he loves it but ive been looking for the schematics to break it down and clean it ? Does anyone know were i can find them??

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