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Uberti new Silver Boy vs. Henry Repeating Rifle’s Golden Boy. Geddit? “History repeats itself,” Uberti pronounces. Yes, well, I wouldn’t be surprised if Uberti gets a letter from Anthony Imperato’s lawyer in the next week or so with the words “Not so funny now, eh Mr. Bond?” underneath some serious letterhead. [Click here to read TTAG’s review of the most excellent Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy.] Meanwhile, I’ve got to say it: I prefer silver to gold. And if the $589 Uberti Silver can match the $515 Henry’s quality—a very tough proposition indeed—then game on! Oh, and please take a moment to mourn the passing of Marlin as these two manufacturers eat the storied brand’s lunch.

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  1. That video promo ad is so much like the ones on the Stoeger site pushing its Coach Guns and their Outback.

  2. I like Uberti’s stuff, but seeing as how this isn’t a side-loader, I won’t be buying it – just like I won’t be buying any Henry’s.

  3. Uberti has made some *extremely* fine retro lever guns, but paying more for an aluminum-framed Uberti than for a brass-framed Henry? That’s a tough sell.

    As for both these guns being front-loaders, we’ll just have to deal with it. Side-loading tiny rounds doesn’t work too well, and even Marlin quit trying in the late 1800s.

    • Yeah, but the Henry isn’t “real” brass. It’s a mystery alloy receiver cover that just looks like brass in the rimfires. Only the larger calibers are machined out of real brass.

      I’ll take an alloy with a known provenance (aluminum) over a “nobody will name it” brass-like alloy any day.

  4. My 22 Silverboy has never been shot, Why is my front wooden hand grip loose? Moves back and forth.
    My Henry seems to be (also never shot) much more sturdy.

      • Do coin collectors spend their collections? Do stamp collectors lick and use their stamps? Real men collect guns for investment and resale, not to kill animals or spread lead.

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