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  1. If I need a pointy tool on my rifle, I’ll use a bayonet.

    If I need a pointy tool that’s not on my rifle, I’ll keep it in a scabbard on my hip.

    This may be the most point-less accessory for a rifle I’ve ever seen. That having been said, if they can make money selling it good for them.

    • +1 on the bayonet. I’ve used a No4 .303 with the No9 blade bayonet in the field. Using the bayonet was a good way to coup-de-grace wounded game without risking them fighting back or having uncontrolled ricochets from the stoney ground.

  2. Surprisingly, the security guards we have over here in Nigeria all seem to have knives taped to the foregrip of their AK’s. I’m suspecting though that it’s because they would have to answer for firing rounds and not for knifing someone.

    • What, are they having an ammo shortage too? Or just a terminal case of red-tape: fire a round and fill out this form in triplicate?

      • Red tape… government is concerned that unaccounted for rounds would go to all the militants. That, and they’d be lucky a) if the rifle doesn’t blow up from all the rust in the barrel; and b) to actually hit their target with a contact shot.

  3. I think some of you may be missing the point of the product and are over complicating it. I think it is suppose to serve as an easily accessed location for a knife, which does not always mean in a “combat situation”. Take note, the knife is in a scabbard, not positioned at all to be used as an attacking instrument.

    It just offers one less thing on a belt or worn rig to have to remember where you put your knife, or mess around to get it removed.

    I am surprised we have not seen a lightweight enclosed battery compartment that attaches to a rail (6-8?) instead of relying on battery holders built into stocks/grips that hold like 2 of them.

    – D

        • A few ounces and may add a little front end weight, which is not always bad.

          And this is all you can manage to complain about?

          Should we get excited about a new butt stock coming out that is just another redesign of a redesign of a redesign of a knock of that was made after the real thing?

          – D

  4. Not you too Nick Leghorn…. If I wanted to know the truth about knives I would go there, but I want to know about guns.

  5. I’m still holding out for the rail-mounted nutmeg grater. How am I ever going to perfect my tacticcino without it?


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