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 Magpul AK Magazine

As the doors to the NRA Annual Meeting opened this morning, I made a bee line for the Magpul booth to check out their new gear. And for the first time in a couple years, there is actually some exciting new stuff to talk about in the world of plastic fantastic gun parts. First up, their new AK magazine.

Magpul AK Magazine with an Idiot

As I said when it was first announced, this is the first magazine they have produced that isn’t an AR-15 STANAG derivative, and it feels almost exactly like a new Gen 3 PMAG. The grippyness and the ridges feel the same, and really help when rocking the magazine into place in the gun. This magazine is a straight plastic job, but Magpul says that they’re working on a version with embedded metal strengthening gubbins like the newer Russian magazines.

Magpul iron sights

Also new this year are the metal sights, and they actually look and feel pretty good. They aren’t spring loaded like the polymer sights, which means they lie flatter on the rail. In fact, they seem to be extremely low profile. Great if you want to mount an optic over the iron sights and that eye piece was getting in the way before.

Magpul 1911 grips

The last thing on Magpul’s list of new tricks are 1911 grips. There’s a relief cut in the left hand grip that doesn’t quite match up with my thumb, then again not many things fit me.

In terms of the move, the word is that Magpul is about to finalize their decision on where to move Magpul HQ. They’re being understandably cagey about where their new manufacturing facilities are located, but according to the reps PMAG production has already moved out of Colorado.

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  1. You should dig up the truth; we’re all curious where our pmag money is headed now

  2. Will the AK mags be available before July 1st for those of us behind enemy lines in Colorado?

    • Given the Magpul website says late summer, I doubt it.

      I’d plan on either not getting them, or moving, or getting them out of state and declaring you bought them pre-7/1 and they have no way to prove otherwise.

      • “declaring you bought them pre-7/1 and they have no way to prove otherwise.”

        Unless of course they don’t make them before 7/1! That would be just a little obvious bud.

        • “They’re prototypes! I got them at the NRA convention last spring….”

          Is it smart? Maybe not. Can they prove otherwise? Not really. Not unless there’s a date of birth stamped on the magazine.

      • Moving’s not an option; I’ll have to live without. It’s not as if if I don’t have plenty of mags already.

  3. I am an unabashed Magpul fanboy, and as such will be picking up some of those sights to replace my current MBUS setup ASAP. If they make those 1911 grips for lefties too then those are also on my list. Haven’t been able to find anything near Magpul quality for the money. Daniel Defense and Noveske stuff is waaaay outta my pay grade, and as long as Magpul’s quality doesn’t take a sh*t, I’m totally fine with it.

  4. Be very careful buying magpul mags after july first for colorado. Magpul does put dates on their mags. Look for the clock looking casting, in the center will be the year and the hand will point towards the month. Am not sure if it is the actual month of production but if that date is after july first you are in trouble, and you cant scratch it off, if you tamper with it you are automatically guilty, and you can bet the state knows that magpul puts dates on their mags.

    • Interesting… now I need to check my pmags for the time stamp. I never knew that.

      • Every single magazine I have from Magpul has the born on date on them…..unless Drake lied about what that dial code indicates.

        It has nothing to do with the machine number, its the year in the center and the arrow points to the month it was produced.

  5. When are they going to hurry up and announce their move to Texas? I wait with baited breath…

    More on topic… I need to buy an AK now… except I want a 74, not an 47/AKM, so hurry up with the 5.45 mags now, Magpul! I know they’re on your drawing board. Oh, and 1911 grips? Sign me up, I’ll be getting those bad boys the second they hit for my *gasp* 1991.

  6. Now if only Magpul would dip into Vepr/Saiga shotgun magazines, then we’d be cooking with grease.

    • Or the other Saiga rifles. I have a .308, the factory mag seems to cause feeding problems. I will definitely be buying some new AK mags when I move to KS.

  7. “Gubbins”. Wow. Even an old guy can learn new words. Is it anything like a kibble?

  8. The thumb groove on the 1911 grips are so you can reach the mag release with your right thumb.

  9. hope they don’t make a cheesy hand guard like from their AR line.

    BAD lever for Kalashnikov? i think not

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