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I should carry a flashlight. An armed citizen should be prepared to light up a bad guy. Or investigate a darkened space (e.g., the rear seats of a car). A flashlight is also one of those “guy tools” you never know you need until you do. Like a knife. Which brings me to the reason I don’t carry a flashlight: I carry a knife. And a gun. And a spare magazine. And a wallet. And an iPhone. And pepper spray. And, on occasion, dog poop bags. And treats. I consider a tactical flashlight the proverbial camel-killing straw. Ah, but the new 250-lumens TerraLUX TT-1 is “not much larger than a tube of lipstick.” While I don’t carry a tube of lippy, I might carry this. (Or TerraLUX’s LightStar100 Pink.) Bonus! The $90 TT-1’s got a dedicated strobe switch. And there I was thinking my disco days were done . . . [Press release via after the jump]

LONGMONT, Colo. –-( TerraLUX, a leader in LED light technology, puts the power of 250 ANSI-rated lumens into a pocket-sized powerhouse of a tactical flashlight.

The TT-1 is not much larger than a tube of lipstick, yet is packed full of technical innovations and features that could only come from the LED experts at TerraLUX.

The TT-1 features three output settings, a dedicated strobe switch and 1.3 hours of full-power runtime. TerraLUX’s Optimized Digital Control (ODC) technology delivers up to 43 percent longer runtimes and 30 percent more lumen output.

“With its small size, it’s easy to underestimate the power of the TT-1,” said Wade Stevens, TerraLUX vice president of sales. “This is the perfect tactical light for every day carry.”

The TT-line of lights features a unique design that allows the user to access a separate, dedicated strobe switch. This ergonomically designed button allows the strobe to be quickly deployed in a dynamic critical incident, when time and fine motor skills are at a minimum. The disorientation from the variable- frequency strobe can buy users the critical seconds necessary to get away from an attacker.

CNC-machined from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, the TT-1 sports a Type III hard-coat anodize for long-lasting protection. Built to the demanding needs of military and law enforcement users, the TT-1 is designed for hard-use and always-ready durability.

Unlike other manufacturers who anodize their light bodies before cutting threads, TerraLUX anodizes their light bodies after threads are cut. This additional step reduces thread fouling, environmental damage and battery discharge.

“We’ve built these lights to withstand almost anything you can throw at them,” Stevens said. “When personal safety is at stake, be it a police officer on the street or a mother in her driveway, these lights have to work.”

In addition to durable bodies, TerraLUX uses lenses made from tempered glass, not a composite that is more prone to scratching or damage. Powered by a single CR123A lithium battery, the TT-1’s ODC technology draws the most lumen power possible while maintaining battery life.

Some of the other features of the TT-1 are:

  • 250 ANSI lumen Cree Gen 2 XL-G LED
  • High power – 250 lumens for 1.2 hours of runtime
  • Medium – 60 lumens for 4 hours
  • Low – 4 lumens 70 hours
  • Strobe – 250 lumens 2 hours
  • IPx8 water-proof for 4 hours at 2 meters depth
  • Tempered glass lens with precision micro-textured reflector
  • Removable crenelated strike bezel and grip ring
  • Multi-function dual switch tail-cap with direct strobe access for single-hand operation
  • Impact tested to 1.5 meters
  • MSRP $104.99
  • Purchase here:

About TerraLUX Inc. 
TerraLUX Inc., headquartered in Longmont, CO, invents, designs, patents, manufactures and distributes innovative high power LED lighting solutions for portable applications, general illumination, industrial, commercial and medical applications. TerraLUX also produces fully integrated LED Light Engines and Modules to upgrade existing flash lights and portable lighting products.

Visit us at or find us on Facebook

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  1. Ahh… another flashlight to add to my list of potentials.

    Thanks Rob! I would love to hear about new flashlights coming out. Looking for a good one to mount on my AR15 with the Elzetta mount, but without breaking the bank.

    This brand I haven’t heard of before, but they now have my interest.

  2. If worse comes to worse, this site could be re-named the Truth about Flashlights. I can see it now: Joe Biden’s report concluding that guns are not needed for self-defense since people can own flashlights.

    • At least until the anti-flashlight movement gets underway to campaign against the dangers of untrained civilians carrying items of potential mass-illumination.

    • Lets not forget about all the evil high capacity LEDs we need to limit them to only 10 or any other arbitrary number we can think of

  3. I carry a cr123 (lithium) powered flashlight in my daypack, because frankly, I don’t need any more items on or about my person to keep track of. That said, I’m looking to upgrade during the post-holiday sales, and this one looks like an excellent option.

  4. One vacation I was in a state park on the side of a mountain in north GA when, around midnight, the power went out. Only through stupid luck did I have a flashlight and a glowstick. Since then, I carry both in my daily gear bag.

  5. I like my sunwayman v11r 250 lm steady 500 lm burst when using 3.7 volt batteries runs on 3v cr123, 3.7v rcr123, with an adapter it will take AA or the equivalent 3.7 volt rechargable

  6. Can we get a comparison between this and others in the price range? I’m in the market for my first light and its a confusing market!

  7. A hundred bucks for a flashlight? Really? That would have to be one AMAZING flashlight. I’ve carried the 2 AA cell Maglite in my pocket everyday now for over 20 years. I use it several times a week, as my job requires me to inspect machinery inside and out, top to bottom. For a hundred bucks, I can by a whole bunch of Maglites, enough to last me the rest of my life.

    • Dude, I was in your camp. I have a half-dozen of the AA Mini-Mags in all my toolboxes, drawers all over the house, etc. I still have them.

      Then a buddy gave me a SureFire he had kicking around as surplus because he’d upgraded his flashlights.

      Holy. Crap.

      Then I got a StreamLight 2L. Holier. Crap.

      Then another buddy showed me his new StreamLight – dunno the model, but this is the new “Mine is bigger than yours” contest, and this thing was just short of a damned arc welding rig.

      You really need to see these new flashlights, especially the ones with > 250 lumens in a small package. There is no comparison to a Mini-Mag. None. It’s about like comparing a zippo lighter to a WWII flamethrower. Yes, they both are making fire. Only one is doing it in a way that you can use as a weapon.

      Above about 500 lumens, you no longer have a flashlight. You have a bona fide defensive weapon. You put that puppy up into someone’s face, bop the button and they’re clueless WTF just happened. Know how it used to be when someone lit off a flashbulb in your face? Yea, kinda like that, but the duration of the light is so much longer than a flashbulb.

      For non-lethal defense that leaves no mark, I seriously recommend people carry one of these super-nova “tactical” flashlights. One of these lights can buy you time and maneuvering room in a jam.

  8. They lost me at cr123a, ill keep my foursevens quark pro that uses aa’s although only 90 lumens I use it so much that cr 123a’s aren’t practical

      • I have multiple surefires, i still hate cr123’s. they are more expensive and harder to find than aa’s

        that sounds pretty sweet alpha! I need to upgrade from store bought aa’s to some of the better rechargables.

        • they make rechargable rcr123s but be careful theyre a bit longer maybe 2mm but 3.7v as opposed to 3v i do think they make 3v rcr123 but not 100% sure….. most newer lights will take both. I did have an old xeon streamlight that they fit but the light would not turn on.

        • Sanyo Eneloop XX batteries are the best rechargeable AAs on the market, period. Pair them with a Lacrosse smart charger and you’re good to go.

          75% charge after a year on the shelf is close enough to lithium-cell territory for most people.

    • Just ordered a Fenix LD41 along with a pack of Eneloop Max AAs and charger for the relative I got assigned in this year’s gift exchange.

      520 lumens at max power, runs on AAs.


    • Foursevens makes incredible flashlights for any need. They make the best in my opinion. I carry a small Foursevens Preon 1 every day, and also have a Quark Tactical QT2L-X on my shotgun (360 lumens, 8 different output modes). It is waterproof, very tough, and just flat out looks cool.

      My buddies and I go on canoe trips down the river and set up camp at night. They all have a “beacon” mode where the light flashes every 15 seconds. We hang them up in this mode over our tents, and continue down river to fish when it is pitch black… we never lose sight of where our camp is because it completely lights up our tents every 15 seconds, pretty cool!

      I tested their durability by putting it on beacon mode, chucking it to the bottom of the river (only like 4 feet deep at the time), and coming back to find it 10 minutes later… still blinking under water. I’ve become a bit of a flashlight nut after this 🙂

  9. In home defense a good light is a must. I have a hi beam light on hand at all times, defense or not. Light on, round on the way. That, of course, is a blanket statement. If the current trend goes beyond sanity, I will feel less need for a light as major component of home defense. A knife in the dark needs no light.

  10. I refuse to purchase anything called “tactical.” I used Google Translate, and “tactical” means “ridiculously overhyped black stuff” in Esperanto and several other languages including English.

  11. Last month bought 2 1000 lumen aluminum made in America T6-1000 $50.99 per with 2 rechargeable batteries and charger for about $140 shipped fast. 3 modes…High(blind you, lights up the night)Low and Strobe. My wife carries one when shopping at night. We carry one when walking the dog. No way to check if it’s 1000 lumens but it must be close. For the money there’s nothing better…IMHO Check em out. He’s got a 3000 lumen available…$179 iirc

  12. To mag lite guy, a good $65 quark from foursevens with the ability to throw 360 lumens for 2 hrs, down to .2 lumens for 600 hrs, throws a really nice clean beam and fits in your pocket like its not even there . . . As stated above, just try one and yo wll never buy a cheap torch again. What I like to do is give them as gifts. People open them and think “um, ok, a flashlight. Thanks?” And then they start playing with it and can’t stop talking about how cool it is. 🙂


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