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Between your keys, EDC knife, phone, spare change and a few Tic Tacs, it can be hard finding extra room in your pockets for a light. Not a problem any more. Not with the new Surefire Wristlight. Besides keeping you on time, this 3.7 oz. wonder will also will light up your world with 200 lumens for an hour. And you can recharge it via USB. They also make a light-only model if you don’t care when you get there. The rumor that it also makes delicious smoothies appears to be totally false. And just to keep RF happy, Kel-Tec KSG.

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  1. Who in the world wears a wrist watch anymore? Since I got my first mobile phone (a mear 5 years ago since I’m a stubbornly late adopter of technology) all of my watches gather dust sitting in a small bin on my dresser.At any rate Surefire sells some of the most overpriced illumination gadgets known to mankind. Maybe they should move their business to a neighboring state like Nevada or Arizona so they don’t have to deal with Commiefornia’s insanely anti-business, high tax, greenie weenie distopian government. Then they could produce a moderately priced 200 lumen buggy whip.

    • Their high cost can’t be from wages. I saw a story about Surefire on The American Rifleman last year, and all of their production workers looked like guest workers (if you know what I mean) and most would not look at the camera. Same for Crimson Trace, when the same show did a story about them.

    • Who in the world wears a wrist watch anymore?

      Well, I do. Namely as it’s faster than digging a phone out of a pocket and, in the case of higher end stuff, looks pretty.

    • My wristwatch talks to my cell phone via BlueTooth and displays the caller ID of incoming calls so I don’t necessarily have to dig the cellphone out of my pocket.

  2. I kinda like it. A hell of a lot better than trying to hold the gun with one hand and the flashlight with the other.

  3. It’s also got an adjustable setting for how much light it puts out. I’m kinda liking the idea for nights where I’m trying to start an IV in the dark….

    I’m interested to see what it costs, and if they’ll offer it with other watch set ups.

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