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US PALM is introducing a quad stack (coffin mag style) AK-47 magazine. The new mags will be introduced in two flavors: a 45 round “standard” length magazine and a 30 round “short” magazine. US Palm’s magazines seem to be using a modified version of Magpul’s expanding follower design, instead of Surefire’s “docking” method. Which raises some questions, especially as . . .

Magpul has yet to release their high capacity magazine—which indicates issues with the system. Whether these magazines will be prone to the same failures has yet to be seen.

US Palm’s new magazines feel a little lighter than a standard 30-rounder and a little thinner than the Tapco polymer version. But these are display models; whether the final product is as light is anyone’s guess.

The two new US PALM magazines will be available in “a couple months” (where have we heard that before?). MSRP for the big one hangs out at $99.

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  1. This is so stupid. These types of magazines are NOT RELIABLE and everybody knows it. Will SOMEONE just PLEASE finally make a U.S. copy of the chinese and/or romanian drums that we can barely import. Quad stack mags are prone to failure which is why the “serious” countries that use AKs don’t bother with them. Don’t you think the chinese and/or Russian engineers thought of this? COME ON. Of course they did. The concept doesn’t work, which is why they stuck with DRUMS. American companies think they can use their fancy computers to come up with a design to turn a penguin into a lion. Yea, these quad stack mags might work SOME of the time. Until you need them. I’ll stick with my steel drums thank you very much.99 bucks for a hunk of plastic that WON’T WORK and that you can’t trust? Wow. A sucker born every minute. My ten dollar double stack AK mags can be trusted. My drums that cost LESS than these dumb unreliable quads, work perfectly, and guess what, changing mags is NOT COMPLICATED.

  2. Have you ever used a quad stack? I own 2 Surefire 60 rounders. Never had a problem with either and I run my gear really hard, in classes, training, dry practice, etc. You think the Russians didn’t test their 5.45 quad-stack magazines enough to know they are reliable? The quad stack isn’t as cumbersome as a drum and I imagine going prone wouldn’t be a problem as it is with a drum. With new technology comes new capabilities. The same can be said about rifle technology, AKs are good fightin rifles, but with everything we know now and are capable of. AKs leave alot to be desired and can be improved. The Israelis, the Finnish, Chinese, Czechs, all knew it and had their own designs that improved on the the AKs short comings. Like a short sight radius, poor ergonomics, accuracy, capabilities, modularity, etc. Even the Russians know it, that’s why they responded to the AR-15 with the AK-74. Then came the AN-94, now they are looking for a more 21st century design in the AK-12.


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