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Springfield XDS .40

“Practice is everything,” Springfield Armory asserts, “so rather than go for uncomfortably and uncontrollably small, we aimed to create a handgun that’s easy and pleasurable to shoot while still offering amazing concealment.” I think that’s a fair description of the XD-S — when applied to the 3.3″ 9mm version. It’s not quite as true for the .45 caliber XD-S, but then you’d hardly expect 1911-level comfort from a concealable .45. The new .40? The jury is both skeptical and out. As far as capacity is concerned . . .

Like the originals, the new XD-S® .40SW comes with both flush (six-round) and Mid-Mag (seven-round) magazines, so capacity of the new .40SW model sits right between that of the 9MM and .45ACP XD-S®.

As you’d expect. And we’d expect the XD-S .40SW to be a snappy little bastard that rewards practice like Michal Idan rewards an obvious pick-up line. But we’re willing to give it a go (either way). And wonder how it (the XD-S) would feel in 10mm. Yowzir!

Click here to check out more Springfield pre-SHOT show reveals. FWIW TTAG will have no less than seven of our best writers at the annual industry event.

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  1. No thanks. I have the XDs 9 and it shoots fine. The 40 will be painful. I also have the XD subcompact in 40 and it is pretty snappy. The XDs in 40 is about 3 ounces less in weight than the double stack XD and the narrower grip will put all that energy in a smaller space on your hand.

    • Same. My 9mm XD-s is my edc during the summer months. I like the design and it shots well for me, but others I have shot with have complaned it’s a bit snappy for them over the similar-sized Shield. I can’t imagine the .45 or .40 being a good “practice with what you carry” gun. To each their own.

      • I have a Shield in .40 and although it isn’t my most comfortable-to-shoot pistol, it’s not too bad considering the size. I practice with it every time I go shooting and truth be told, I get more tired of reloading the 3 mags I have than I am of the recoil. I really need to pick up a few extra mags for it.

  2. “so rather than go for uncomfortably and uncontrollably small, we aimed to create a handgun that’s easy and pleasurable to shoot while still offering amazing concealment.”

    Though I’m not a fan of the XD series, I’m glad to see this is a consideration and a talking point. At times and with certain manufacturers, there seems to be too much thought on carrying and too little thought on shooting.

    • It’s a bit of a double edged sword. All the practice in the world matters little, if the one time you need the darned gun, it sits at home for being too cumbersome to carry.

      Buying into a “line” of guns that span the space from G19 to G42 (and an LCP sized .32acp G44….) so that there is decent carryover to the others (or at least minimal negative carryover) regardless of which one you practice with, makes some sense. DA revolvers from snubby to Grizzly slayer is another such “line”. As are 1911 pattern guns. And possibly Sig’s DAK/DAO’s combined with the more-similar-feeling-than-one-would-think kahrs. Or DASAs from Sigs/CZs to PPKs and Bersas.

  3. I will still take my XDM compact .45, shoots nice and it’s a Red Riding Hood gun, not too big and not too small, it’s just right.

      • I’m still going with Red Riding Hood because it’s got big teeth, but you’re right, I mixed up the fairy tales.

    • +1. Except mine is a 9mm. From a dimensional standpoint the XD/m compact has the perfect tradeoff between barrel, length, size and capacity. I was never interested in the XD/s because it lacked capacity.

  4. My experience with the CM40 has taught me that I don’t want to shoot it that often. It feels like lighting off a 357 magnum out of my 4″ k-frame revolver, but with the force spread over a smaller part of your hand.

    as an aside, the 40 works well ballistically out of a 3 inch barrel

  5. I have the XDS in .45. I have always had an issue with it not going into battery 100% of the time no matter the ammunition I used or how rigid the stance. This was true even after I replaced the recoil sprint with a stronger spring. I like the gun, but unfortunately, it does not meet my threshold for reliability for a carry gun. Hopefully, this is not the case with the .40 caliber.

    • My buddy has the XDS 45 and it has never malfunctioned, and we go to the range frequently. Yes, you should send it back to Springfield.

      • That sounds like the best idea I have heard yet. I have known that the issue had been because of the extractor being too tight which seemed to sometimes prevent the case from seating properly. A lot of people had this same problem back a few years ago, and sent their guns back to Springfield only to be told it works as designed. Again, knew it was the extractor’s death grip, but did not know there was what sounds like an easy fix. I will give it a try.

    • I had the same problem with my XDs45, plus some feed problems. I sent it back to Springfield 3x before it would operate reliably. However, I never could shoot it very accurately, just too much recoil for me I guess. I really like the size and am thinking about getting the XDs40. I already have a Kahr PM9 so I don’t need another small 9.

  6. Well I had a Taurus Millenium pro in 40 and I wondered where all the “snappy”was-didn’t notice more recoil. Not much bigger than THIS(not a big fan of Springfield).

  7. I am intrigued by a svelte carry gun in a “big boy” caliber…(XDS 45 aside) I suppose its the same part of my subconscious that loves the idea of a P239 in 357 sig. Im sure it wont be the most comfortable to shoot piece, but no denying the ballistics.

  8. Now that Shooting the Bull has proven so many good 9MM loads exist, I dont see the point of .40 in anything you would CCW, frankly, unless you are just so comfortable that its a non-issue.

    I’d be interested in hearing from anyone that went from extensive experience with the G23 to the XDM in 9.
    The only advantage to .40 was it was the last to disappear from the shelf in the last shortage.

  9. Love the .40 and all the other calibers but .40 is a sledgehammer and no matter what a block of gel shows,physics will always prove that .40 caliber ammo will always pack more punch than 9mm. Same tech used for modern 9mm ammo is being used for .40 and .45 ammo. Quit crying,man up and just shoot the damm round or just put your gun in your purse and be happy.

  10. Wonder if Glock’s next single stack will be a beefed up G-43 in .40 S&W. The G-27 is nice, but pretty thick for IWB carry for me.

  11. If they “beef up” the G43, it would be close to the thickness of the G27’s slide. The only problem I have with my G27 is the thick square grip. Seriously considering replacing it with this XDs because I like the grip safety for appendix carry. Too bad there aren’t the extended mag options that are available for most double stacks.

  12. I carry the xds 40 everday, great shooter. I am 72 yrs old retired military and retired LEO ,the 40 is not too much for me. Been carrying ccw for 20 Yrs, , My wife shoots the 40 but carries a .38 S&W model 642. So who is complaining? Man up young folks or get yourself a .380 purse pistol.

  13. I bought the 40 XDS the middle of March, i have the 9MM . Took the 40 to the range shot 250 rds thru it , my wife shot it about 50 rounds and likes it. She has her concealed permit and she has been know to take the 40 in her purse. Not as bad as people thinks with recoil, if my wife of 5′ 5 and 145 lbs can shoot it anyone can. She shoots my Glock 27 also but dont like it as much as the XDS.

  14. My edc went from Glock 26 to a SA XDS 40 S&W , luv this pistol shoots great not a wrist breaker. Sold my 26 at gun show bought the XDS 9. Both are nice.

    • I just did the same thing this weekend I sold my gen 3 26 at one show,went the next day to another and the xds .40 was just calling my name there

  15. I had the 9 and it was pleasant to shoot but had to have the 45. So I traded for one and wow…night and day difference in recoil. I really had to grip it tight..very tight. However it is very accurate. The one I traded for has the powder river spring kit in it and the trigger is at 5 lbs. Very nice. Still not plesant to shoot and will trade it off soon. Keep your 9 and forget the rest. Just my opinion and other younger hands will varry. I do like the way it carries however. Better than the glock 26.

  16. I love my xds 40. The 45 was a bit rough on the hands but the 40 is perfecr imo. Also my wife shoots it on the reg and she is 120lbs wet and wearing boots. Anyone have experience with the mod 2 series in 9mm or 40? Been eyeing them hard and getting ready to pull the trigger.

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  19. Sometime my Email does not work properly, that’s why I wrote postal address.
    If I intended to buy pistol 40 or some one else, I hope shipping ll be free.
    I also try that could I prepare some people for business level your products?

  20. Have shot an XDs in 9 & it is a pussy-cat. I have 3 in 45acp. LOVE THEM!!! Zero malfunctions in over 1,000 rounds. Gonna’ buy one in 40. Most concealable while still controllable. Gotta’ love ’em!

  21. Yep…been caring an XD40 subcompact as my EDC for a lot of years. I can shoot the center out of the target at 10 yards all day long, or at least until my wrist/hand wear out. I know, 10 yards, big deal. But with a 3.3 inch barrel and ball ammo what do you expect. Obviously if I move the target out the pattern starts to open up some. Point is; I love my XD. I have lost count of how many rounds I have put through it over the last 8 or so years. And it still shoot great with whatever I put through it. The only time it malfunctions is when I start limp wristing around 100 rounds. Ah ha some of you are saying. That is why you will not carry a .40. Good. That leaves more ammo for me. I got nothing against the 9mm. I just happen to like my .40.

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