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3. XD(M) Threaded Barrel Specs

Tyler sure liked the XD(M) 4.5″ pistol he just reviewed. Now if you like your Springfields quiet, for the first time you can get an XD(M) threaded from the factory in either .45 or 9mm (no soup for you, .40 fans). Coming soon to a retailer near you. Press release after the jump . . .

(Geneseo, IL) – This week, Springfield Armory® is introducing a Lipsey’s exclusive XD(M)® 4.5” Threaded Barrel Pistol in both .45ACP and 9mm options. The pistols are set for consumer and retailer availability by June 6, 2015.

The XD(M)® 4.5” Threaded Barrel .45ACP model is only available in a black finish while the XD(M)® 4.5” Threaded Barrel 9mm model is only available in a Flat Dark Earth finish.

9. XDMT94545BHCSP_4

“This is the first threaded barrel offering that we’ve released for our production pistols,” said Chad Dyer, Marketing Director at Springfield Armory®. “As more states legalize suppressors, we want to offer an affordable solution that caters to the growing demographic of suppressor users.”

Licensed FFL holders can place orders for both pistols at

About the Springfield Armory® XD(M)® Series:
Originally released in 2007, the XD(M)® Series is known for its ergonomic features, ease of operation and high performance in a production handgun. Offering a series of interchangeable backstraps, the XD(M)® can be tailored to fit a hand of any size.

Learn more about the XD(M)® 4.5” 9mm Threaded Barrel Pistol:

Learn more about the XD(M)® 4.5” .45ACP Threaded Barrel Pistol:

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      • Believe so, yes. I have a couple XDM’s already (a 4.5″ in 45 and a 3.8 in 9mm) and they are really well made.

      • They were a Croatian gun to begin with. Springfield just bought the rights to market them here essentially.

  1. The big question is will they sell the barrels separate and at a reasonable price?

    I can always Storm Lake or BarSto, but there is an appeal to a factory barrel.

  2. They should make the barrels and the sights available separately, if they want really “want to offer an affordable solution that caters to the growing demographic of suppressor users.”

    • This ^^^^^^ plus 1000. I have the XDm in 45 ACP already. I’d buy that barrel today if it’s available.

      • everyone knows you would probably buy the new gun as well… smart move Springfield 😉

  3. I always thought the XDs looked really cool, but something about that threaded barrel makes the full size guns look excellent too.

    Mm. Tactical.

  4. Let me get this straight…
    You can now spend extra money for a threaded barrel and special sights, a few hundred $$ for a suppressor, $200 for Obama’s permission to own a silencer and wait 3-6 months for it, and then you can have a gun that’s not feasible to carry and you save yourself a $70 pair of electronic earmuffs.

    Do I have that right?

    • You can do all that to have a gun you can take out of your nightstand, that won’t blind and deafen you if you need to use to defend your home in the middle of the night.

  5. I’m looking forward to these! I really like the XD/XDM lineup, and have an xd45 and an xdm competition 9. My favorite plastic guns!

  6. The .40 S&W isn’t the greatest round to suppress anyway. The .45 is subsonic already and many loads for the 9mm is or close to it.

    • why does everyone perpetuate this myth? .40 is the same to suppress as everything else. much like the caliber wars there is give and take to it.

      9mm and .40s&w have identical chamber pressure

      .40 is easier to suppress than 9mm because 180 grain stock ammo is nearly all subsonic anyways. no specialty purchases required. big,cheap,white box target 180 grain is awesome for subsonic. .40 is harder to suppress than 9mm when compared to a standard 9mm size suppressor. the loss of volume to larger bore diamter and increased powder capacity work together to make a more compact can tough (just like the original 9mm to .40 “conversions” from manufactuers. they did not hold up well).

      .40 and 9mm are both 30% higher chamber pressure than .45acp
      .40 is easier to suppress than .45 because .40 out of a .45 sized can has less grains and a larger volume thanks to a smaller bore diameter. the larger standard .45 can size generally negates the higher psi. .45 has an ever wider selection of subsonic ammo as nearly all of it is subsonic though subsonic ammo is readily available for .40 as well.

      for the best suppression, you have to stay subsonic, and if you can’t increase velocity, then you have to increase weight to make a round more lethal (assuming equivalent bullet design) and 45 acp bigger than the others. however, as indicated by the recent spate of new round developments and testing, all the pistol calibers are equally sucky compared to a rifle.

      you probably want to figure out your suppressor host before you decide on a suppressor. or just by the mystic x and shoot 9mm and a bunch of other fun stuff out of pistols or rifles.

      • Show me where I said Jack about chamber pressure? I didn’t. I stated that the 9mm and .45 have many loads that are already subsonic. The speed of sound is around 1,127 ft/s but can vary some with conditions. You can suppress a 10mm and people do. Its still going to be relatively load. What part of velocity and sound barrier did you miss in physics class?

  7. Did they ever get their weak magazine spring issues sorted out?

    I had an XDm 4.5 and had to get the
    magazine springs replaced twice. Second time they sent me a different type, and I had to get new floorplates for mags as well. Sold it off about a year ago after those weakened in about 6 months.

    I liked the gun, I just hated that it was coupled with lousy mags.

  8. Well, since this is California, these are unsafe, and the threads would make them “assault weapons”

    Yay morons in charge.

  9. I’ve got a Barsto threaded barrel for my XDM .45ACP and an Osprey. They go nicely together. Maybe I should pick one of these up in 9mm.

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