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Sphinx SDP SUBCOMPACT (courtesy 

$1195. That’s the price of admission for Sphinx’s SDP Subcompact 9mm due in your LGS this summer. When I asked the rep the riddle of the Sphinx—what could possibly justify spending the better part of a grand for a subcompact pistol—he didn’t hesitate: durability. My Schweizerdeutsch isn’t as good as it used to be, but I think the Sales Manager said the bitzeli handgun would last longer than Uranian 235. Which you’d kinda hope for a firearm made from unobtanium that feels as solid as my alibi for Kennedy assassination. The gunsmith next to me at the stand couldn’t praise Sphinx highly enough (though God knows he tried). I’m not a big fan of DA to SA triggers but the gunmaker’s Communications Manager assures me the Sphinx will be a baby in the morning, a man in the day and an old man at night. Or something like that.

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    • Their guns have ALWAYS been licensed copies of CZ designs. This is no different. It is a CZ P-07 Duty. Some minor aesthetic changes. P-07 is $479 brand spanking new.

        • The difference is going to be the build quality. These are made to be high-end with a fit-and-finish to match the highest level of pistols. Personally, I would actually like one of these for a nice carry gun with a custom leather holster.

      • You know how the Taurus 92 looks a lot like a Beretta 92 but for $250 less? The guns couldn’t be more different. You know how the Sphinx and CZ P07 look similar but the CZ sells for $450 less? See where I’m going with this?

        Inside the guns are completely different. Sphinx came out with this design and they don’t use any of the P07 internals. The frame and slide are CnC machined, the fire control is completely different and the frame is METAL and not plastic. Keep going? The trigger is different and so are the sights.

        It’s cool with everyone here that you can’t afford the nicer of the two. But don’t think for one second any of us buy into your attempt to beat down the better gun just because you can’t afford it.

        • The CZ P07 abd the Sphinx SDP Subcompact are two completely different guns size wise, build quality and handling.
          A comparison would be objective with a H&K P2000SK or the CZ 2075 RAMI.

      • Internally they are very different.

        Why post a comment like that if you have no knowledge of the gun?

    • All depends on the kind of build quality you want… you want a pistol that will last forever or one that won’t?

  1. Hope they weren’t banking on this. Unless it can show up Glocks in general durability, then it may be the worst marketing ploy I have ever seen.

    • I sell Glocks. As guns go, they’re okay. But there are TONS of guns that beat them for durability as well as accuracy and do just as well in the reliability arena You might as well brag on and on about how great your Honda Civic is.

      What is it with Glock Fanboys trolling threads about other guns just to pimp for your favorite gun? It’s like a cult or something.

      Want a cheap gun with zero character and zero soul? Get a Glock. It’ll go bang-bang. Congratulations, here’s your plastic gun. NEXT!!!

      Want one that’s actually collectible, reliable, accurate and doesn’t need to be changed into something it’s not just so you’ll like it? Get anything else.

  2. Sorry RF, the only Deutsch I remember the meaning of is “Du bist eine scheisskopf und Du bist eine schlampe” Ein eine einer is rusty too.

  3. What problem do people have with a $1195? Is it because it isn’t a high dollar 1911? These guns are known for their fit and finish. They are the Swiss watch of pistols because errrr they are made by the Swiss. Be more open minded!

    • pretty much. they’ve taken their sweet-ass time getting their guns released here in the states, though; after last year’s shot show I was chomping at the bit to pick one up, but it never materialized. I won’t hold my breath on this one, either, though I’d love to have one.

  4. Wow… what is it made out of? Admantium?

    If so, I’d rather pay the money to have it bonded to my skeleton, thank you.

  5. I know this is a few years late.. I own two Sphinx pistols, both Swiss made, the Compact and the Subcompact, thankfully street price is about 30% less than MSRP. Only have to handle one of these to see why you’re paying more. I hear that they have begun US production. Switzerland has pretty tight export rules regarding guns, main reason why Sig merged with Sauer. That explains why it’s so hard to find these, hopefully the US made models will have the same quality as the Swiss made. If you have the cash you won’t be sorry, on the other hand if your pockets aren’t bulging stick with CZ and don’t worry about it, you’ll still have one of the best made guns available.

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