New from Smith & Wesson: M&P 10 in .308

S&W has gotten some great sales out of their S&W M&P-15 rifles, and this year it looks like they’re expanding into the AR-10 area as well. Their new M&P 10 features an 18″ barrel that is not free floating, and apparently comes with no sights (yet has a railed front sight base for flip-ups if so desired). No word on MSRP, as I couldn’t get one of their reps to stand still long enough. Comes in .308 Winchester, and appears to take standard PMAGs. Which is great, since they just upped the round count on those to 25. More info in this here post.


  1. avatar Nine says:

    I’ve been wanting an AR-10.

    Hmmmm. Now I’m torn between this and an M1A.

    1. avatar ricky clabough says:

      I have both ,its tough the M1 is a rough solid rifle and 10 much lighter and with a 50$ magpul fore stock you can add all the attachments your heart desires.

  2. avatar Adam Z says:

    I think I just jizzed in my pants.

  3. avatar Billy says:

    Not sure I like the NON free floating barrel…

    1. avatar Hasdrubal says:

      My PWS 7.62 has a non free floated barrel, and still gives .5MOA with handloads. Free float is good, but it’s definitely possible to build a good rifle without it.

    2. avatar Thomas Reed says:

      Okay I may be stating the obvious here but the reason for floating a barrel is because the barrel will roll in the stock, and if it is not floated it will strike points within the stock and effect the accuracy of the round. So the stock is sanded down to remove any high points within the stock so a dollar bill can be passed between the barrel and the stock without difficulty. On the AR the barrel is strapped so it can not roll. Floating is not necessary because the barrel is tight against the frame and will fire consistently. Glass bedding and floating is good for open stock type rifles but for sport type rifles they remove the problem by securing the rifle tight against the stock so that there is no movement. Reports coming in about the accuracy of the M&P 10 has a 1/2 inch grouping at 100 yards. For a semi automatic that is damn good. I am sure that results will vary with individual shooters and rifles. You might get slightly better results with match ammo or hand reloads, but for the average shooter a 1/2 inch grouping at 100 yards is better than average. Frankly I am looking forward to getting my hands on one just to see what it shoots like. I expect the lack of weight in the rifle means that more of the recoil will end up in your shoulder but it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

  4. avatar ctay says:

    I’ll take one and a pair of Troy folding sights please.

  5. avatar AnotherMatt says:

    A (presumably) relatively inexpensive AR-10 that will actually be reliable? They’ll sell a trillion of ’em.

  6. avatar Ryan says:

    Solid Win. It’ll match my M&P45.

  7. avatar Chris says:

    This or a Tavar, hope these make it to market.

  8. avatar Philthegardner says:

    And probably waaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than a Ferfrans SOACR

  9. avatar ed says:

    About time! They were doing measurements on the line for this when I was working there waaayyyyy back in 2011.

    1. avatar Thomas Reed says:

      Better to take thier time and get it right than rush it out the door with flaws and accuracy problems.

  10. avatar KeithF says:

    More info please?? Release date? Does the adjustable stock one in black have the 18″ bbl too? I’m a Smith fanboy to begin with (5 M&Ps alone) and my favorite rifle round is 308 so this thing (at that price) is driving this instructor insane with giddiness

  11. avatar Pulatso says:

    Oh, I hope these are able to be found come summer.

  12. avatar Mike Mancini says:

    How much would they go for on the private market

  13. avatar Mike Mancini says:

    How much will they go for on the private market

  14. avatar Jason says:


  15. avatar Jason Stokes says:

    I picked one of these up today at my local gun shop. They had them listed at $1850. Being military, and S&W being a huge proponent of servicemen, I got it for a steal. Cant wait for my quad rail to come in so i can mount my bipod and 6-18x44mm vortex scope.

    1. avatar Blake says:

      What quad rail did you order form the M&P and where did you order it from?

    2. avatar Matt says:

      I too would like to know what quad rail you bought for this gun???

  16. avatar Matt says:

    I too would like to know what quad rail Jason bought for this gun???

  17. avatar Tom RKBA says:

    MSRP on S&W’s site is $1619. LGS price will be lower (assuming pre-panic pricing). I expect I can probably get one for around $1,400…if the pricing stays consistent.

  18. avatar Mike says:

    Local gun shop had ten. offered them for $1399.

  19. avatar ll4mer0311e5 says:

    I just picked one of these on line….added Armalite A2 front and rear iron sights…fine shooter once you get used to the weirdness of the trigger pull.. may replace trigger later but still very happy with purchase. May consider Trijicon upgrade later….my only complaint would be the
    the fit of the Armalite sight system doesn’t line up well lengthwise on front or rear pickatinney rails (not S&W issue for sure). I gave $1895.00 +s&h for mine.

  20. avatar Bob Calcott says:

    I picked up a M&P 10 awhile back , I will handload for it does anyone have any loads that they have tried yet?

  21. avatar DSVet says:

    Does anyone know if a Smith and Wesson AR-10 accepts a M1A magazine? Please advise…thanks

    1. avatar Wes says:

      No, takes the same as DPMS. You can get pmags on s&w website for $20

  22. avatar jim black says:

    can anyone tell me if there is a quadrail that fits the m&p 10 308?

    1. avatar John Clifton says:

      I am wondering that same question. I got the UTG mid length quad rail mtu007. It doesn’t fit. It says it takes the MTU007R, but I can’t find one. Any Ideas?

  23. avatar Rick Moreno says:

    I purchased an M&P 10 and used some Hornady rounds and all i was getting was key hole shots on all my rounds. I then switched ammo and the key holing had stopped but the rifle was shooting way too low.I put some Iron sites on and the rifle is still shooting low. Can someone give me some advise as to whether the rifle is bad. I have also bought a Vortex scope and have bottomed out the adjustments. I have used up way too much ammo just trying to sight it in. Is it the rifle, the ammo or the scope ?????

    1. avatar Thomas Reed says:

      If you are aiming for the same spot every time and all the rounds are hitting the same area every time then it isn’t the barrel. More than likely the sights need to be adjusted or replaced.

  24. avatar Russ says:

    I’ve read that the Troy MRF308 low profile rail works fine and simple to install.

  25. avatar Mike Shanahan says:

    Atascadero, CA $1,085.00

  26. avatar Thomas Reed says:

    Okay so how does it shoot? Is it worth the $$$?

  27. avatar BP says:

    I bought one of the SW MP10 in CA.
    The buttstock seems to have a tiny pin that keeps it from adjusting or being removed. Does anyone know how to solve this?

    1. avatar William H. says:

      California thinks retractable stocks= more assault rifle..probably why it’s pinned.

  28. avatar Bruce says:

    I got my M&P 10 about 4 months ago in California and the stock wasn’t pinned, but I immediately changed all the furniture to magpul in foliage, looks sweet !!!!

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