More Info on the S&W M&P-10: Fully Ambi Controls, Camo Option


Dan and I just roped a S&W rep for a good half hour (with help from our pals at GunUp), and he spilled the beans on the new M&P-10 rifle that we’ve been reporting about today. The thing will come in two versions: the standard black version we featured last post and the camo version as featured above. The camo version, though, will come with a 5-round magazine instead of the 20-rounder. Also included: fully ambidextrous everything . . .


The stock is Magpul’s MOE stock from last year (that I reviewed and loved on a precision rifle), and works great on this gun. The ambi bolt catch is also nicely done and makes the nerd within quite happy. Also ambidextrous is the magazine release and the safety selector, which makes it great for lefties as well as righties.

The trigger, however, is pretty shitty. If its meant to be a single stage, then it has a MASSIVE amount of creep. If its meant to be a two stage trigger, then it has no perceptible wall before the break. In short, it is quite possibly the shittiest trigger I’ve felt in a long while. The good news is that the AR-10 trigger is pretty damn easy to replace.

Oh, and MSRP? A cool $1,729 for the camo and slightly less for the straight black.