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Press release [via]: Sighting in an optic can be a time consuming and cartridge-killing task. Designed to reduce ammo waste, the Sightmark Universal Green Laser Boresight Pro (SM39044) attaches to the end of your barrel and produces a strong green laser, allowing you to sight-in or double-check zero on your rifle, shotgun, or pistol with ease. Using its retractable arbor design and an ultra-strong, expanding base, this versatile boresight fits standard .17-.50 caliber barrels.

The Universal Green Laser Boresight Pro’s durable, compact design makes it extremely easy to pack and transport. CR123A batteries, a digital on/off, and mode controls deliver exceptionally long life. The retractable arbor also helps with battery life and on/off functionality of the laser, allowing the unit to turn on once the arbor is depressed and turn off when removed from the barrel.

Sightmark’s Universal Green Laser Boresight Pro

Stop wasting time and ammo at the range trying to get on paper. The Sightmark Universal Green Laser Boresight Pro gets you on there in seconds so you can spend more time (and ammo) making fine adjustments. Visit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to learn more about Sightmark products.

About Sightmark

Sightmark manufactures award-winning products including riflescopes, gun sights, laser sights, night vision, flashlights, bore sights and other cutting edge, premium shooting accessories. Inspired by military and law enforcement technology, Sightmark products are designed for competition, shooting, home defense, personal safety and other tactical applications, as well as hunting. For more information about Sightmark products, visit

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  1. soooooo what is the advantage of this over the 20 dollar red laser ones everyone has? I get that this one probably has a longer battery life, but I don’t really see that being a huge deal…

    • Your claim is obvious although I am not sure where you would have arrived at your conclusion. Please let me know your personal experience with Sightmark. What device/s? What customer service issues? When was the last time you tried a Sightmark product? If by cheap you mean well-priced? Yes, especially for products with a lifetime warranty.

      • I’m just kind of curious here are you the owner of the company? It seems as if you have something to do with the board siding company in question here. If so very good I’m glad to see owners reading this website and seeing the reviews of their products and trying to help the members of this board who are had issues in the past. I know laser bore sights are either extremely cheap and damn near worthless or a little pricey and very good. I believe I don’t know laser light and it wasn’t cheap either it’s the one the military uses that’s how I knew about it same one we used in basic training. I hope I got the name right I own one but I only use it when I’m mounting Optics that’s not a lot lately but it’s very nice to see someone connected with the company wanting to see how they can help one of our members with an issue thank you.

    • When was the last time you used a Sightmark product? Did you know Sightmark offers a lifetime warranty? If you did ever have a problem, what product was it and how was customer service? I’m just wondering what bad experience led you to believe as you do and what was done (or wasn’t) to your satisfaction. Just wondering…

  2. I use a product that is called site Lite and it was pretty expensive as well I want to say around a hundred and fifty bucks but it works very very well but then again a $20 one probably would have worked as well I’m a gunsmith so I popped for the more expensive setup.

  3. “Sighting in an optic can be a time consuming and cartridge-killing task.”

    Only if you’re an idiot. As in literally. Also Sightmark, you’re better off spending that Benjamin on ammo (I checked, it’s $100).

  4. Sight lite!
    Also works great for shotguns, if you can find an arbor bushing.
    Theu used to come with 12 and 20 guage spuds, but I think they dropped them.

    • Site Lite is also the product I use but I believe I paid a little more that $100 I think it was closer to $150 cuz it came with a short barreled pistol attachment for doing 3-inch revolvers and autoloaders but I’ve been happy with it it works very well I believe the military uses it as well. It’s a lot stronger than the cartridge type bore sights it fits down the barrel and is adjustable bio rings and I’ve used it out 250 yards without a problem seeing it and it’s a red laser but it’s very high output they make a green one as well I believe but it was even more expensive I believe the whole kit was around $159.

  5. Laser bore sights are stupid cheap on Amazon. Yes, you need one for each caliber. Still pretty cheap. Just be smart enough to use them in your basement. Don’t expect to see the laser in the sun at the range.

  6. I’ve seen more ammo wasted using these kinds of things over just setting up a target close to the gun (I’m thinking 10-15yds max) and roughing it in by pulling the bolt and visually sighting down the bore, and then firing rounds at the short target to dial in further before moving the target further out.

    The vast majority of saser bore sighters are damn near impossible to get square with the muzzle and so you end up chasing the dot all over the paper. I had a friend who was using one and he set it up exactly like the instructions said to and it was still off by over 12″ at 50yds because it was just ever so slightly off alignment in the bore. The only exception I have seen to date is the wheeler bore sighter that has a big ass magnet on the base that has been milled perfectly flat. The only way you aren’t square with the bore using that is if the muzzle itself isn’t true.

    • my experience exactly. I do better/faster just heading out to the back 40.
      Weird how one can get off zero sitting in the safe from January until December.

  7. I’m green color blind, so a green laser looks white and disappears in sunlight.

    Which, unfortunately, does not qualify me for handicap plates.

  8. I use the cartridge style and have never had a problem getting on paper at 50 yards. After the first shot, I move my optic to crosshair on the hole and then adjust the scope to put the crosshairs back on target center. A few more shots to fine tune and job done. I record the settings and move to 100, 150, and 200 yard targets and record the elevation changes. Once done, I use those numbers to come back 150, 100, and finally 50 to verify. Shouldn’t take 20 rounds to do. Now if the laser could be adjusted to account for ballistic drop, that would be cool.

  9. I’ve sighted in lots of rifles over the years. I’ve done rough zero on 6 this past week (1 scope and 5 red dots). All were on paper with the first shot out of the box at 25 yards. I use a gun rest with the sight aimed at the bullseye, fire one, and then adjust the sight to where the bullet hit while keeping the rifle aimed at the original spot. I fire a second to see if any further adjustment is required. The gun should be ready for fine tuning at whatever distance one desires. I’ve never seen a boresighter that didn’t require some shooting to fine tune a zero, but I haven’t used all of them.

  10. Bore sighting is for losers….want proof…check out those A-team documentaries…. Hannibal Smith didn’t even need his sights.

    • And mr. T AKA ba baracus didn’t even open his eyes when shooting he kept them closed check out the A-Team reruns ba baracus keeps his eyes closed when their firing their mini forteens in full auto

      • The A-Team didn’t actually use full-autos. They used civilian legal Mini-14s and fired them fast (easy when you’re firing blanks and not aiming at anything) which is very noticeable with modern resolutions and slow motion.

  11. I also just pull the bolt, look at something a distance away, and dial the sights to that object. It will get the first shot within 2-6″ at 100yd.

  12. A possible concern. Many Lasers are made outside the United States. The exact power varies from unit to unit. A recent talk presented by an Ophthalmologist at a University noted a tragic number of cases of almost complete irreversible blindness from accidental eye exposure to the “green” laser. A Green laser was said to be much more damaging to the retina of the eye than red laser. Red is also not good for your eye! Never look at a green laser or point it ant another person’s face.

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