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Next Post has the scoop on SIG Sauer’s brand new SMG they’re working on. In a world dominated by the H&K MP5 its going to be a tough sell to get organizations to switch over to something new (heck, H&K is having trouble themselves with the MP7), but if the features are right, they might just have a winner. Then again, we still don’t have any actual specs on the gun. Expect a SHOT Show release for the firearm, and rest assured we’ll be first in line to try it out.

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    • I’m not sure I get the “you suck” towards Sig like HK.

      Sig offers all their models to civilian purchasers (Their foreign line is unimportable), they are offering factory SBRs of their rifle line, and as shown on Soldier Systems they are developing a line of suppressors (that I believe will be civilian purchasable). About the only thing you can’t buy are their grenade launchers and those aren’t even made in the US.

      • I couldn’t agree more. They’ve had QA and QC issues, but they do have a pretty impressive line of civilian and NFA ready stuff.

  1. The drawback of the MP 7 might just be a bit of a multi-faceted jewel. Aside from the 4.6×30 cartridge being made out of unobtanium in the places where it is most likely to be deployed, the H&K price point is set to there normal standard of “Are You Effing Kidding?”
    As for the obvious homage to Eugene Stoner in the design of the SIG…

    • Civie MP10s are imposible to find…would be nice to have an alternative. Better yet release one that can be switched to 357 SIG

      • Better yet, repeal the Hughes Amendment and let us buy the goddamn things (MP7’s, SIG SMG, etc).

        • I don’t really care to go through all the NFA hoops though.

          Now, repeal the NFA and GCA with it and I’m all for it.

        • Even if they repealed Hughes HK will never, ever ever ever ever ever sell automatics to civilians. Sig likely wouldn’t either. 90% of NFA MG’s out there now are semi auto converts, and 90% of the other 10% are factory MG’s that seeped into the civilian market without the manufacturers consent.

        • I’ve heard that argument before, but it simply isn’t supported by any evidence. Again, even when machine guns could be legally acquired by civilians very few of them were factory machine guns, and very few of those were intentionally sold through manufacturers or their distributors. Even NFA friendly manufacturers like Sig wouldn’t jeopardize their lucrative military and LE contracts by selling onsies and twosies into the comparatively small civilian machine gun market. Would tertiary AR and AK manufacturers fill the void? Sure. But it ain’t gonna be Sig, and it shit sure ain’t gonna be HK.

        • Pete, you’re forgetting that gun culture pre-’86 was very different from gun culture today. Back then you didn’t have the demand for AR’s (or M16’s / M4’s if legally available) and other “tactical” weapons.

          I’d love to hear your reasoning for why selling to civilians would “jeopardize their military contracts”. Sig sells the Mk 25 to us peasants and the military hasn’t revolted. Berretta sells the M9 without consequences. Barrett sells their rifles to both sides just fine. Benelli sells the M2 and M4 to us without fear of the Marines dropping it. What makes you think select fire / full auto weapons would be any different?

  2. Am I the only one who thinks 10mm would seem like the perfect cartridge for an SMG or a pistol caliber carbine? I’m not a gunsmith (paging Dyspeptic…), but it seems like it would be a perfect platform to handle the power of that round.

  3. Supposedly this will be offered in 9,.40 and .357Sig. I can’t see many agencies purchasing this in anything but 9mm however, especially for supressed use. .357 Sig has quite the muzzle blast and there’s no advantage to a subsonic version. Not to mention the beating the action would take and possible contrallability issues. Personally, I think 7.62×25 (or the Russian 9mm PBP) is a far better choice if you want a flatter shooting round with more penetration than standard 9mm.

    • In the final judgement it’s just another MP-5 abliet w/Stoner controls to ease training issues, despite the fact that the Armalite arrangement is less ambidexterous than a 1940’s M-1 Carbine it is still better than the MP-5. This alone should supplant the HK as those firearms are rotated through the inventory. up-grading to .40 cal platforms may make the availabilty of all that .Gov .40 HP ammo a deal maker for larger Depts.

  4. Why keep the AR charging handle? Some kind of forward charging handle would be much nicer. The FBI’s 10mm MP5s have the AR style bolt release which makes them very fast. Still, I might even go through the NFA paperwork for one of these so long as the rail isn’t crazy thick.

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