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The word that SIG’s adding to their ‘classic’ line of pistols for the first time in 15+ years was news. So as soon as the doors opened, lots of SHOT attendees made a bee line for the SIG booth to fondle the new P224 subcompact. SIG’s basically taken a hacksaw to the venerable P229, chopping the barrel and grip lengths to make a more easily concealed gun. But the compact 9mm will still pack a double-stacked 11 rounds (10 in .40 and .357). And they’ll offer the gun in both DA/SA or DA-K with de-cocker configurations. MSRP is $1,100 and expect to see them in stores in late spring.

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  1. I think anything Sig makes sucks. Until I have enough money to buy it. And then they come out with a new one. They Suck

  2. However, for almost exactly 1/3 of the cost, my Ruger LC9 works just fine with over 300 mixed rounds through the test pipe. I now have four magazines courtesy of MidWayUSA. I love Sig..they just love themselves too.

  3. Two thoughts:

    1) Why didn’t they come out with this years ago?

    2) Why is it so (needlessly) expensive?

    I see this as a Sig attempt at their version of the baby Glock. A subcompact backup weapon for those who carry a full size Sig, i.e. P226 or P229, as a duty gun. This COULD have (had) a lot of potential with federal law enforcement. BUT (there is always the “but”) by bringing it out in only the fancy (more expensive) verisons, e.g. SAS, Extreme, Equinox, they priced it out of the range of many civilian owners and federal law enforment agents. I know Sigs are by nature expensive. But you can get a basic P229 in the $750-$800 range, the P224 doesn’t start under $1000.

  4. Yeah, they’re expensive. But prices do come down if you buy used. Mine was used but in pristine condition for $450.

    Used HK’s seem to go for the same price as NIB. Yuck.

    I like my SIG, but I won’t buy another until they figure out how to make a double-stack that is less than an inch and a half thick. That goes for you too, Beretta.

  5. I’ve had one of these for years in a single stack .45 ACP… only they called it the P245… they now call it the P220 Compact. Got it used, like new, for $600.

    This is really just a logical variation on a theme. I’m not sure why it’s being so hyped.

  6. Hmm, no love for Sig Sauer. Oh well.

    As an American, I enjoy having the gun manufacturing world at my feet. I don’t understand the boredom and hostility with which so many offerings are met. What gives?

    Here we have all these gun makers lining up and saying “Here’s what you asked for and at the highest level of quality and the best price we could muster. Now what can I do for you tomorrow?” Where else in the world can you get that?

  7. The $1100 is MSRP. It will sell for a lower street price. The MSRP for the basic P229 is $993 without night sights or any bling-bling and you can buy it online from Bud’s Gun Shop, for example, for less than $800. Still expensive but not outside the realm of possibility given the range of handgun prices these days.

    But the P224 doesn’t really offer anything you can’t get from a Glock 26/27/whatever–at a lower price. And if one really wants something more powerful than a .380 in an even more pocketable pocket pistol, guns like the Ruger LC9 or the Kahrs fit the criteria even better–and the Ruger is a solid bargain in that area.

    Being a solid fan of SIG handguns, I like this new model but I don’t see ever owning one.

  8. I love my P229. I’m not sure I could justify the Sig Sauer price premium again, though. I was only able to convince the CFO (Mrs. Sig) on the 229 because it was functionally identical to the P226, which is our new issue service pistol (as the M11). (In other words, I tried to justify it as a work-related purchase. I don’t think she bought it, but she allowed it, so game on.)

    • I looked long and hard at the P229 Enhanced Elite as my first gun, but ultimately passed on because of the DA/SA trigger and the cost. The ergonomics of the gun were fantastic though and it felt truly solid. If Sig made these guns in a SA or striker-fired option, I’d be very tempted.

  9. Meh. How is this better than a sig p250?

    Sig has WAY too many nearly identical products, they need to slow down and cut down the product line.

    Not feeling the p224 at all.

  10. Sounds like a lot of cheap shots at Sig Sauer. For those of you who buy cheap you don’t know what you are missing. Sig hasn’t gotten their well deserved reputation for accuracy and reliability for nothing! I wouldn’t trade my P226 9mm for anything, except a Sig with a smaller grip that would fit my , admittedly smaller woman’s hand, better. I must admit to being an expert shooter and I never go cheap. I like quality because it NEVER fails you. Sig never jams no matter what the conditions. In my mind what REALLY counts when my life depends on the gun is accuracy and dependability. If I can’t hit the perp with the first shot then the weapon is useless. I must tell you that during the carry class the “teacher” decided to set up a “fun” last trial. He set up a 12″ x 12″ target at 40 yards. It took him 6 shots with his “wonderful” Glock to hit it. It took me 1 shot with my accurate and dependable Sig. I’ll stick with my Sig every time. I can’t wait to try the new Sig P224 in the 9mm. It sounds like the perfect concealed carry gun for a woman.

    • LEO’s carry glock for one reason……they work and are reliable as well.sigs are WAYYY over priced and the quality isn’t any better than glock or springfield.ANd sigs have their fair share of issues each their own so fuk off cunt whore,or cap your skinny azz with my glock…IN THE KITCHEN NOW!

      • Then tell me why SEAL TEAM 6 carry’s Sig Sauers? The most elite of our military! In addition to that Sig is the gun of choice for the FBI. Maybe you should check your facts before you open you mouth. I certainly don’t think my LIFE is worth less than the cost for an accurate and dependable Sig. Maybe your isn’t? That’s your choice, but bashing Sig just because your cheap and ill informed is just plain stupid.

      • Oh, I forgot to tell you I am an expert with a handgun and a rifle. I can put a 5 shot group in less than 4″ at a 1000 yards as well as a master at off hand 22 rifles and I do very well in ARA. I also have a PhD. It is very apparent by your language that you have very little education. So in the future you really should watch your language when speaking to a “Lady.”

        While you are bashing women shooters you might want to consider this fact; women have better hand eye coordination than men and are often better shots than men.

        • One of the best snipers in the world was a Russian FEMALE. I’m a guy who shoots “Master” every time I need to qualify, but I know MANY women who I would NOT want to get in a gun fight with!

        • Thank You Jane,
          As a Law Enforcement Firearms instructor of over 25 years, I totally agree that women overall are better shooters than men. This is because they have no preconceived macho regarding recoil as well as better
          overall eye hand coordination. Incidentally I am lucky enough to carry any handgun that I choose as long as the caliber is between 9mm and 45 a.c.p. and I choose Sig’s hands down. I have a tag line as follows;
          “My life is too Valuable to depend on a mediocre Firearm, Blade, or Timepiece”
          Thanks but I find Ruger to be mediocre at best, Maybe one of you can tell me of any Agency of size that carries one?
          thanks all,
          Major Richard Paradies, C.M.A.S.

      • Seriously, man. Shut up. Gun owners have enough problems looking like obsequious chauvinists already. (I’ll give you a minute…or three…to look that up in a book called the dictionary). Please, as someone who owns a lot of guns, I’m asking you to stop and close your mouth.

        You are doing the gun community a disservice leaving comments like these.

      • Way to go Jane, I was taught 30 years ago that foul language is a sure sign of stupidity and a small vocabulary. He posted this at 1:40 AM on a Saturday morning, sounds like this mental midget was REJECTED and went home alone

      • SEALS USED to carry sigs. And the weapon of choice for the FBI is the Glock.
        SIG used to be known for their quality, but now they are known for how crappy thier products are. Specifically the 229 that was issued to DHS. Pure junk. They are so bad that agencies within DHS allowed their agents to turn in the issue sig and carry the Glock 26 or the 17. Glock is overwhelmed with orders for the 17 right now. The gov’t is done with sig. Next issue weapon will most likely be a Glock, h&k, or S&W MP.

      • LEO’s buy Glocks because they are CHEAP. They can’t always buy what’s best because of their budget limitations.

        • Glocks aren’t cheap. They come with sights that are best replaced, and night sights are in the $100 range. But a Glock is worth it. They are absolutely dependable and accurate. If the time comes that my life depends on a pistol, I trust Glock.
          I’m sure the Sig P224 is a good pistol. It should be at that price. But it is larger, heavier and has a shorter barrel than a Glock 26. I don’t see how they can sell them, but to each his own. My 23 is the best pistol I have ever owned, and I intend to purchase a 26 very soon for concealed carry. My license is in the mail, I hope.

      • F-jane, where I come from there is honor in being a real man, and real men don’t let themselves feel threatened by a competent woman. You are typical of internet cowards hiding in their anonymity. If you spoke to a woman like that in front of me, I’d put you into a dentist’s chair for a long time.

        Thanks to others on this board for the thoughtful comments.

        • Thomas, being a “Real man” myself, I could not agree with you more. It’s cowards like these that give men a bad name! That guy who posted that crap must have a very miserable life and it would truly suck to be him. Yes, I even feel much sorrow for people like him as there is so much life has to offer and he is NO doubt missing out on much of it. 🙁

          As far as Sigs go, I like them. Every gun maker has something to offer and I like most of them. My EDC (I’ve had my Florida CCW for 25 years now) is a Colt “Defender” in .45ACP that I bought new 15 years ago (replaced my Beretta 92FS made in Italy and I stll have it. Bought new over 25 years ago) when they first came out and a Sig P220 .45ACP that was made in 2000 (carbon steel slide). Hell, even during our Florida summers when concealing a large auto is difficult, I carry the much smaller Kel-Tec P3AT in .380 cal. My back up weapon is a S&W 642 “Airweight” in .38 + P. If it’s reliable and fits my hand….I like it, regardless who makes it. Unfortunately, Glocks DO NOT fit my hand very well and that’s the reason I don’t own one.

      • Don’t look now, fukjane, but your insecurity is showing. This is a firearms discussion. Your attempt to bully a woman who is a good shot embarrasses those of us who are here for insight and information. Go home and watch Super Nanny.

    • Jane, I have a Sig P238 and it jams, stove pipes and fails to feed with various ammo. Recommendation from Sig…put 400 rounds through it. Apparently, (and this is from a Sig Sauer rep) there is a break in period of about 400 rounds.
      I’m sorry but my Glocks, Browning, Makarov, M&P, Kahr, S&W Sigma (P.O.S.) and Baby Desert Eagle did not have those problems out of the box.
      However, I have shot the P220 and P226 E2 and they did not have those problems either.

    • Jane, I have a Sig P238 and it jams, stove pipes and fails to feed with various ammo. Recommendation from Sig…put 400 rounds through it. Apparently, (and this is from a Sig Sauer rep) there is a break in period of about 400 rounds.
      I’m sorry but I have owned and shot many other pistols that did not have those problems out of the box.
      However, I have shot the P220 and P226 E2 and they did not have those problems either.

    • Jane, I have a Sig P238 and it jams, stove pipes and fails to feed with various ammo. Recommendation from Sig…put 400 rounds through it. Apparently, (and this is from a Sig rep) there is a break in period of about 400 rounds.
      I’m sorry but I have owned and shot many other pistols that did not have those problems out of the box.
      However, I have shot the P220 and P226 E2 and they did not have those problems either.

    • Jane, I have a Sig P238 and it jams, stove pipes and fails to feed with various ammo. Recommendation from Sig…put 400 rounds through it. Apparently, (and this is from a Sig rep) there is a break in period of about 400 rounds.
      I’m sorry but I have owned and shot many other pistols that did not have those problems out of the box.

    • Completely agree here.

      A lot of folks that obviously haven’t owned or shot Sigs. The comparisons of this gun to an LCR or Glock are laughable. They are in completely different leagues. And BTW LCR owners, let me know when I can get one in .357 Sig caliber like the P224.

      Everyone wants to defend what they owe, I get that. But please keep the comparisons apples to apples (that means no cheap LCR or ANY Glock).

      If you don’t like Sig because you have experience with them and have had issues, then fine. But I’m guessing that’s not the case……….

  11. I believe the Sig P224 does not have a plastic frame; it’s metal just like it’s cousin brother the P229. Comparing it to a Glock or Ruger LC9 is comparing apples to oranges.

    I don’t think I’ll buy one because it’s heavy and thick, not to mention quite expensive. However, a heavy concealable pistol is typically a little more controllable than some of the plastic single-stack sub-compact 9 mm’s on the market, e.g. Ruger LC9 or Kel-Tec PF9. Hey, this is still some what of a free country; I think it’s great that we’ve got so many choices in firearms, even though some may become evolutionary dead-ends.

    In addition, you can’t beat Sig Sauer’s reputation for accuracy, quality, and reliability. I have a few Sig Sauers and love them all, especially the bad-ass 556 rifle. You get what you pay for, and for the most part, Sig Sauers firearms are a good value.

    • Well said. If you read the ballistics on the Sigs they beat most weapons out there except for the custom Kimbers (which are really sweet) and Les Baer. However, they usually carry an even higher price tag. If you can’t afford a Sig then there are some other good choices. Kahr makes a terrific compact, light, and reliable 9mm in the Kahr PM9 (9mm). It is double action only like a Glock if you are used to Glocks but a step up in quality from a Glock. Gllocks are OK if that is what you can afford but make sure you run enough ammo through it, practice regularly, and remember it won’t be accurate as far out as a Sig or a Kahr (so use it closer in).

      The best carry gun is really the gun you will, 1)carry, 2) practice regularly with, and 3) probably the most important one, keep clean, oiled, and in good condition. No gun will work well if it not well maintained.

      PS I am jealous LOL, the 556 rifle is awesome and I wish I had one. I actually shoot rifles better than pistols and love a great rifle. I have wanted this one but still don’t have one. One day, I hope 🙂

  12. I have carried sigs, glocks, and smiths on duty..I always come back to the sigs and don’t think I will stray again…Sold my glocks although I think I might pick one up just to have…have my 226(40), 226(9)229, 239, 556 (pistol), and 238..Love them all the 226 is my duty weapon and I carry the 238 as a bug. I carry a Kahr pm40 off duty, but think that this may replace it…so I can keep it all sig..was going to carry the 239 (my most recent acquisition) off duty, but if I can give up my kahr, that is going to be hard, the 224 may be just the ticket to replace it…

  13. if you can’t afford it don’t knock it, have 8 SIGS, been to there ACADEMY three times for training, The P224 looks good to me and ASTRA HAS 1.99 pistol if you trust your life to that,

  14. What is it with the the Sig haters? Yes Sigs are expensive, yes you can get a cheaper gun, but if my life was on the line I would trust my 226 over anything else I have shot. But most of us will never have to worry about that. Less than 5% of LEOs have ever used their gun on duty and less than 1 % of concealed carriers have ever had to pull their weapon. I carry….and I hope I never draw my gun…but that being said I also shoot for pleasure and fun. Nothing is such a pleasure to shoot as a high quality Sig. So shut up Sig haters, save up and enjoy a Sig like those of us who own several. Life is too short to go to your grave without ever owning a Sig.

    • I mentioned this in my earlier post. Sig USED to be rock solid. It just seems that the past several years the quality had dropped SIGnificantly (LOL at my own corny joke). The ones issued to gun-carriers in DHS had ridiculous amounts of problems. Slides cracking, recoil springs breaking, guns rusting right out of the box. At lease 1/3 of the guns in each acadamy class has some sort of issue. Its a shame because pre-2006 Sig P229’s are one of the best weapons out there. I dont know what happened.

      • 1/3 of each academy class has issues with their SIGs? Can you provide a cite for that claim? I went through FLETC two years ago. Not a single issue with any of my classmates’ P229s.

  15. Well said JRocks. I shoot also for pleasure and sport. Nothing feels better in my hand than a 226. I know….I have tried them all. There are quality guns that are cheaper no doubt….but man life IS too short for cheap wine and cheap handguns. Get yourself a Sig 229, 226 or even a Sig 2022. Stop bitching about the price. It is like comparing a Porsche to a VW….you guys are basically saying… “Well I really prefer the VW….”. You may never be able to afford a Porsche but you can pop a few hundred extra for the simple pleasure of a Sig. JR is right….life’s too short….I can’t wait to get my hands on the 224. Unfortunately it may be a year before I actually see one for sale in my preferred 9 mm caliber. Until then i will keep shooting my 226 and blowing the center out of my targets with a smile.

    • Depends on what model …can’t believe that you found a 224 for that. It would be a very good price for a 224 nib.
      Sp2022 go for $399 all over nib.
      229 and 226 vary from $550 up to 1200 depending on caliber and bells and whistles. Check out Buds gun shop or Top Gun supply for comparison shopping. The best deal is a p229 22 for $529 that you can convert to 9, 40, or 357 by buying conversion kit for about $300 And get two for the price of one.

  16. Jane, just out of curiosity which aspects of “ballistics” do you think are better from a SIG? I know they use Unicorn fat for grease, perhaps that speeds up the bullet?

    • Pretty funny W….I think Jane is defending her favorite brand and I agree with her about the bench rest accuracy being among the best but having been in a forensics firearm class I can tell you that the tool used at Quantico to measure ballistic qualities of different types and rounds of ammo was a Sig p226. Accuracy measurements from bench rest depend as much on the ammo used as the weapon. Also studies have shown that, among weapons of the same caliber, penetration depends solely on the ammo used with no statistically significant differences from different handguns.

      • I think we were in the same class but a slight correction to what you’re saying might be needed. Among guns of the SAME BARREL LENGTH acurracy is a function of the ammo but the degree of rifling also plays a part. But we digress…ballistics are a function of bullet mass, load, barrel length and degree of twist. That’s just physics. As always the best gun is the gun you will practice with that functions reliably. I can hit center mass with my 226 with my eyes shut if the target is in front of me. It just feels right in my hand. Others may not feel that way. That’s why they make different brands. If they were all the same it wouldn’t be any fun and no one would have anything to talk about on the forums.

  17. I agree that this is a beautiful pistol and I like Sigs and gave owned them for years but how is the 1100 dollar cost justified? I mean you are paying a 450-500 dollar premium over the sig 938 or the sig 290. What gives?

  18. The government is not done with SIG’s yet. Have you heard of the new sig for the Seals that is the P226 Mk 25? Look folks, all this chatter about one pistol over another or one company over another accomplishes nothing if it creates a lot of derision and arrogance. This is a thread/site that is supposed to educate and share ideas in a spirit of having fun. Lets not take it personal, state your points clearly and you will make a convert to your side if your points are valid.

  19. Sigs and Glocks different styles, shapes, sizes, features, and price! Men and women……different styles, shapes, sizes, features, and price! Hmmm…..imagine that?

  20. High bore axis…….makes it more snappy in recoil to myself. Than the high $$$. I do like the aesthetically pleasing lines of the P228 but I’m able shoot the G17 faster and more accurately. What you like is what you like….I’m waiting for something the size of a sub compact (think Springfield armory XDs) in .50 GI Guncrafter industries. Navy Seals chose the P226 most likely because that’s what they were ordered to use…..But WTF do I know? NADA…

  21. I have a sig 2022 and it has been flawless for over 1000 rounds. The 2022 has been refered to by some as the “turd” of sigs. If the so called “turd” is perfect, then how good must the rest of the sigs be? Also “fukjane” is a moron.

  22. based on the Sigs I own they are so well made and reliable this 224 looks very attractive if I could get my hands on one to hold. Honestly I laugh when people think a grand is too much money for a tool of this quality. I shoot a sig in 3-4 competitions per month and it amazes me how many Glocks and other brands malfunction in my squads but my 2 Sigs are relentlessly reliable and forgiving of all ammo. I do sting a little from the price at first but the love I have for these tools after a year or more of heavy use is worth it. I’m just having trouble deciding on the best model, not the brand.

  23. I have a 1989 Sig P-226 in 9mm; made in W. Germany. It is very accuate and reliable.
    The only knock on the older models with the carbon steel slides is corrosion resistance. The factory bluing is not very durable and wears off quickly. Just keep it clean with a ligh rub of oil or silicone and it won’t rust.

    I also have a 2013 Sig P-239 in 9mm. A very accurate and reliable pistol as well. It has the stainless steel slide, which greatly improves corrosion resistance, but also makes the gun heavier.

    One word of caution. Stay away from junk ammo like aluminum or steel cased cartridges.
    They will work in a Sig most of the time, but not all of the time. Definitely not worth the buck or two of “savings”. Stay with name brand ammo, and you will not likely see a failure.

    As far as qualitly control, with the craze in concealed carry weapons, and increased demand by the public, it seems that just about all the manufacturers are having some problems.
    Kahr PM9’s that stovepipe.
    Early model Sig P-238’s that fail to feed.
    Springfield XDs’s that are under recall because they could go “bang” just by racking the slide.
    Gen 3 Glocks with recoil spring problems,

    Sometimes, tweaking a proven design just to make it a little bit lighter or smaller doesn’t always work out. It’s probably better to go with a “designed from the ground up” pistol for a particular caliber than just something with a different grip or trigger mechanism.

    I really only have experience with Sigs, and believe that you can’t go wrong with “Classic” Sig pistols.

  24. People that buy Sigs are the same type of people who buy Porsches, Caddys, Lexus, etc. People who buy Glocks, Rugers and the other plastic junk are people who buy Chevys and say their car is better. Once you have a Sig you have it all.

  25. A Sig is a high quality weapon, like an H&K. Those who have been carrying the best gear for 20-40 years know the difference. I have Guns older than most shooters . If you just got a permit and learned a few things you read someware,, take a break until you know a bit more about guns, before knocking specific brands.

    • You are right on George. Most of these new shooters don’t know what to look for when they buy their first gun. Glock is all they hear and when they see the price of an HK or a Sig they right away think they are over-priced. Believe me, you get what you pay for and I don’t regret paying what I did for any of my Sigs. As far as safety, a D/A S/A is the safest gun you can carry while a Glock might be the most unsafe gun ever made.

  26. I have 5 Sigs and looking for more The new Subcompact looks like a great addition to the family. Nothing like falling asleep with best to protect the other family.

  27. I have been an avid pistol shooter for better than 40 years, owened and shot most brands, what works for one might not work or fit someone else but for my money you would be hard pressed to find a better gun than Sig. I own several, 229s, 225, and my latest a 224 sas for concealed carry. They all shoot like a target pistol and function flawlessly when properly maintained and fed quality ammo and reloads. The 224 is no exception, I shoot is almost as well a my 229s. With a little shopping you can find them for 25 to 30% more than Glock,S&W, Springfield, ect., money well spent

  28. Here is the fact about Sig Sauer I bought A SP2022 that was made badly, which any company can do, it happens, but Sig Sauer replaced the handgun that was bad and sent a new one. Sig Sauer is a company that stands behind their warranty and that’s all anyone can ask of a company!!

  29. Over the years I’ve had S&Ws, Rugers, CZs Xdm, and Glocks, with the latter I tossed the plastic rods, got truglo sights.In the last year I finally took the Sig plunge, first was the 226, then a 239 sas and then a 229 elite stainless, all 3 are superb handguns. As far as our elite agencies trading their Sigs for Glocks none I know have done so.SIG ROCKS


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