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Swarms of SHOT Show attendees wanted to get their grubby mitts on the new SIG SAUER P938. And there was a constant gaggle of gropers around SIG’s new pocket nine. It was displayed next to their P238 .380—and for good reason. It’s easy to mistake the slightly larger nine for the smaller gun. In fact, Jeff Creamer from SIG told us that the two guns share a number of interchangeable parts . . .

They’re so similar, in fact, that a Crimson Trace Laserguard built for the 238 will fit on the 938 just fine. The nine’s grip is slightly larger to accommodate the larger rounds and the barrel’s about a quarter inch longer. One last difference: the 938 has an external extractor, compared to the .238’s internal version.

Other than that, they couldn’t be much more similar. The 938 will come with one six-round mag, with a seven-round extended mag as an option. It’ll come in four different models, too. Above: the Blackwood (msrp $809). Below: the Equinox (msrp $823).

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  1. Been praying for this ever since the P238 came out. I’ll be buying one, to go along with or replace my P238. Looks like Sig did a good job of not increasing the size too much, keeping this a viable pocket gun.

    Always did LOVE my P238, except for when it came to buy ammo, I hate paying for .380…

  2. I’m about to retire from LE after this coming December. I think 40 years is good enough. For the most part I’ve carried nothing but the 1911 model .45 in Colt flavor. However, for almost a decade the Browning P-35 Highpower saw it’s share of duty because of the number of rounds it could hold. That was before everyone and their brother had a highcap nine. In the early 70’s we were usually only up against 22-25-32 caliber….though I saw plenty people planted with those calibers. One extended shootout at a downtown jewelry store got everyone going for the Browning for a while ’cause of the mag capacity. Again, this was before all the ‘wonder nines’.

    Now I carry Sig P220 on duty and the Ruger LC9 with an extra mag off duty. Since I stopped going to titty bars about a decade ago, I’ve only been in one off duty shootout since 1999 (well that was really the only off duty one). Then I was using a Kimber Ultra Carry .45 as they called it with Winchester Ranger 230 JHP. That all worked just fine. The other ones (3) were on duty deals.

    I have no idea what all that has to do with the price of tea in China, but I can attest that anyone who disparages a particular cartridge as being no good has probably never been shot with that round. Carry the biggest gun you can when you can, if that’s a .380….it’s okay. It will kill their ass…trust me..I don’t care what the ‘experts’ say.

    • Completely agree. I love carrying a .45, but that doesn’t mean I think a 9 won’t work. Lot’s of guys love to disparrage the 9 and .380 but with good ammo and well placed shots they plain work. LEO’s that I know who carry +P+ in 9 say it penetrates just as well as a .357 mag. Would anyone say a .357 is not a man stopper?! I like this new p938 because imo the p238 is not a good pocket gun because of the single action and why have such gun (mini 1911) in .380? P938 sounds like the perfect iwb light carry for me.
      Sounds like you worked a pretty tough city. Where I live the danger from 4 legged animals is usually higher than 2 legged.
      Thanks for your service.

    • Thank goodness there are still some sane people in the gun world. While it is obvious that a .40 or .45 is a lot more powerful than a .380, those guns are also a lot bigger and heavier…and more likely to get left at home. A 238 can go everywhere with you and is so small and light that you will barely notice it. And I have never met anyone volunteering to stand down range of one!

      • I totally agree! I own both the Sig Sauer P238 Equinox and the P938 Nightmare. I now carry the P938 exclusively, but agree…if my 9mm was any bigger, I’d go back to carrying the P238 especially in the summertime.

    • “Since I stopped going to titty bars about a decade ago, I’ve only been in one off duty shootout since 1999…”


  3. Another huge difference is the addition of the ambidextrous safety which is standard on the P938 and as of 2012 is optional on most P238 models.

  4. Ewwww…. it looks liks a badly photoshopped P238. The P238 is cute – a tiny, little, pocket size 1911. The proportions on this are all wrong. the grip is too long (front to back) for how short it is (top to bottom). The slide is all stretched too. It’s just… off. It’s not a mini, 9mm 1911. It’s a 1911 with dwarfism, small, wrong and makes me uncomfortable in the pit of my stomach.

    • Have you actually shot a 238? I have and have to tell you that I was surprised how nice a gun it was in terms of feel and accuracy. I’m certainly looking forward to trading my 238 up for a 938, but I’m definitely going to want to shoot it first. Got burned by the Ruger LC9. It was nice and small, but a completely lousy gun to shoot. Setting aside the relatively painful recoil, the trigger pull was just too long for me to accurately get rounds off. Every time I took it to the range, it would take one full magazine before I was able to put bullets on target consistently and that is a no go for me. My S&W 642 revolver is not much more fun to shoot, but every round out of the barrel is dead on target from the first shot. I’m hoping that the more powerful 9 mm cartridge does not make the 938 less fun to shoot than the 238.

      • My dad carried a Colt mustang for years, it was the first .380 I ever shot. When the P238 came out I bought one. Yes it has a short trigger reach, but in single action I was still accurate with it (which can’t be said for the LCP or Kel-tec). I traded my P238 for a S&W Bodyguard .380 because it had the longest trigger reach I have felt on a pocket .380 and wasn’t afraid to carry it with a round chambered in the pocket (I know, I know, I’m a wuss – still… cocked and locked with only a thumb safety that close to the wedding tackle and femoral artery didn’t make me comfortable). I can acutally shoot the Bodyguard well.

        My point was: it may be comfortable, it may be accurate, but it’s ugly. The Springfield EMP (is much bigger but) is a 9mm 1911 that is proportional. This is not. Does that make me as shallow and petty as a 15 year old cheerleader, maybe. But that doesn’t stop the fact that this gun looks stupid.

        • Interesting perspective. I never really considered the P238 an ugly gun, but then again, I have not really given much consideration to the appearance and probably won’t when the P938 comes out. You do make an excellent point on the cocked hammer problem with the 1911 style and I agree. I don’t carry my P238 with a round in the chamber. Yes, I know that it will delay my first shot a second or two if I have to draw it in a panic situation, but in my mind, I think that I have a greater chance of shooting myself with a cocked gun than I do of finding myself in a gunfight where the extra second or two would make that much of a difference. Given the fact that I’m pulling a gun with an empty chamber, I’m pretty comfortable drawing as fast as I can with no fear of causing a negligent discharge. I’m much more careful drawing guns with loaded chambers from my holster and consequently a bit slower, so in the end it turns out to be a wash time-wise and its a win in the safety column. Plus, if someone were to get grab my gun out of my holster, the empty chamber might slow him down enough to let me try and get it back.

          • I don’t think the P238 is ugly. The problem (visually) is with the 9mm version. The extra 1/4 inch that is added to the grip lenth and rear part of the slide make the gun disporportional. I think it would look better if they scaled the whole gun up to the size of a Kahr PM9.

            That said: I used to carry my P238 in the same way (when I wore shorts) in the front pocket, mag loaded, hammer down on an empty chamber, safety off. I practiced drawing the gun from the pocket, racking the slide, and shooting one handed. It worked… with FMJ. When I tried it with JHP, every once in a while it would jam with the bullet getting hung up on the feed ramp. Corbon would get stuck. So would Winchester PDX. The Critical Defense didn’t, the opening is smaller. The gun cycled just fine with all ammo if fired, but there is something about racking the slide manually on a full magazine that caused it to bind. That is why I gave up on the P238 for the Bodyguard. I felt more comfortable with the Bodyguard carrying it with 5 in the mag and 1 in the chamber.

            So my advice to you is: make sure you practice the draw and rack with whatever JHP you want to carry becuse sometimes my P238 jammed.

          • I never really understood the “afraid to carry cocked-and-locked” in the pocket for the P238. I pocket carry my Sig everyday with absolutely no qualms about it. Maybe people believe the gun will automatically discharge if the safety comes off? It may have a shorter trigger pull, but it still requires 8 pounds of pressure to fire, heavy compared to any true 1911, and similar to all of the non-safety operated pocket guns out there. The way I look at it, if the safety of a P238 comes off, now it’s just like the pocket gun you guys feel “safe” to carry. It’s an extra layer of protection that you don’t have otherwise. I feel more safe carrying mine than I would yours…

            As far as looks go, I couldn’t care less! If I need it to defend myself (let’s face it, a gun has but one intended purpose, and beauty is not it) it won’t matter if I think it looks out of proportion to me. What I care about is the feel, accuracy and reliability. I have found my P238 to excel in these areas and I can’t wait for the P938 to find it’s home in my pocket.

        • Sounds like you buy and carry your pistols based on cosmetics… to many that would be a very foolish thing to do… something a dumb kid or gal might think of… I just picked up a 938, very nice shooter and carry gun… I happen to like the cosmetics a lot, but wouldn’t care if I didn’t… I also like my Kahrs… P9 and Mk9… neither will win a beauty contest… have you considered a pretty pink rape whistle?

    • I have a P238 and love it. Agree that the 938 looks a little stubby, but I think the slightly longer front to back frame will allow for better grip, and a mag extender like I have on the 238 will help with looks/proportion as well.

  5. Ok, I *just now* commented on the P224 post that I wouldn’t buy another SIG unless they figured out how to make a slimmer double-stack.

    I take it back.

  6. One last difference: the 938 has an external extractor, compared to the .238′s internal version.

    Extractor or ejector?

    • I was told by the SIG rep who showed me the gun that he has a Crossbreed holster (open bottom) and it fits perfectly. May be more of an issue for holsters that aren’t bottomless.

      • Given that they really only stretched the gun length-wise without changing the dimensions of the trigger guard, then just about any holster that is molded like a Crossbreed (that is, open bottom, and no retention devices) for the P238 should work for the P938.

    • Welcome to the world of Sig Sauer. I initially steered away from them as I could not see why they cost so much more than guns that were just as good in my opinion. Then I had the chance to shoot a few and now own five Sigs. I agree that for the price they should provide more than one mag, but the fact is that they can’t make them fast enough to keep up with sales volume, so there is no reason for them to change. Two of my guns were purchased used so I saved some cash there and I have to say, the used ones are every bit as good as my new ones. I’m a certified Sig Armorer and completely took the used guns apart. These things hold up very well and Sig’s factory support is outstanding.

  7. Can’t wait to try it out at the range. I too hope that it shoots nice with a manageable kick as it is a great caliber weapon and should be an outstanding backup. Hope to compare it to the Kimber “Solo” as both are known for producing great firearms. Anyone shoot the Kimber “Solo” and would share their likes or dislikes as this will give me something to consider when I do my own comparison?


      In all seriousness, it is a great gun. It’s not a direct comparison to the P238 – being a double action pistol and a 9mm – I would put it in the same class as the Kahr PM9.

      That said, I like the Solo much better than the Kahr. I have big hands, and I find the Kahr to be a little small for me to shoot. In a tiny gun, the recoil of a 9mm is magnified so a little ergonomics goes a long way. I also like that a safety comes with the Solo (its an option in the Kahr, but I have never seen one with a safety in a gun shop). There are downsides to the Solo: it’s heaver – having an aluminum frame, night sights are not yet available (coming soon Kimber tells me), and it only comes with one mag (at least mine did).

      Both guns are top quality, and should feel pretty much the same. If you are going to compare the Solo to the P938, the question you need to ask yourself is: Single action only or double action only.

    • My son bought the Kimber Solo and I ran several rounds through it. Recoil is pretty stiff and accuracy was not what I expected from Kimber. He sold it.

  8. I was pretty unimpressed with shot show until I saw this bad boy. I love myP238 and it goes almost everywhere with me. If this P938 is reliable then the P238 will be retired to BUG status(I love it too much to sell it).

    I’m hoping that these ambi safeties will be available as an upgrade for the p238, I never saw the need before but it might be nice to have the little P238 as an offside gun.

    I’m begging you here, please ask crimson trace to make some laser grips for this, not that dumb laser guard.

    • Matt,

      Sig Sauer does offer an ambi safety as an option for the P238. In fact, if you contact them before the end of January, it is one of their calendar specials. The Sig 2012 calendar has one special each month and January’s is an ambi-safety conversion for the P238 including a new grip panel on the right side to accommodate the safety. The special price is I think $99 plus shipping.

  9. I like the fact that the p938 is SAO. I have a P290 by Sig that is DAO. It has a long stiff trigger pull. Takes much practice to shoot accurately. Will probababy favor the p938 ove p290 if the trigger is as good as everyone says it is. I love the p290, but I am inclined to believe that this will be the better of the two.

  10. Because it is available with an ambi-safety, I can’t wait to check out the P938.

    Regarding pocket-carry, as long as it’s in a pocket holster that covers the safety, I believe it would be perfectly safe to pocket carry it with a round chambered, cocked and locked. There are lot’s of folks that are carrying their P238’s in this condition without any problems.


  11. Agree with above excellent posts– can’t wait to try the P938 out because my P238 is my favorite gun of any size. It is perfect for its purpose and is a beauty. I “stepped up” to 9mm for my light carry with the Beretta Nano– it’s nice but it’s not a Sig and it’s the very upper limits of what I can carry comfortably in my pocket. Totally agree with the laser guard comment– it ruins the look of a beautiful gun and a grip laser makes more sense in a pocket gun or even BUG in my opinion.

  12. Man I NEED one of those p938s! I was waiting on buying the 238 way back when hoping Sig would make a 9mm version! And now they have it! I would get the rosewood stocked one right off the bat but I’m also hesitant to wait and see if they make the P938 in stainless HD version as that’s the one I’ll want! It will be hard to find these as they will sell as soon as they come off the UPS truck at your local gun store! I predict these will outsell all other auto pistols over the next couple years! This will be one of Sig’s most succesful ventures ever! They will go faster than hotcakes!

  13. I really like my P238, it goes with me nearly everywhere. Easy to conceal and pretty accurate for what it is. You folks that carry it cocked with only the safety protecting your bottom half are a bit more brave than I. I figure I can cock the hammer back on a chambered round just about as fast as I could drop the safety and there is just about zero chance of it going off in my pants or during the most aggressive draw imaginable. The proportions on the P938 might take some getting used to, I’ll have to wait until I can get my mitts on one before I decide I have to have it but I like the idea of the larger round. The 9MM ammo is a lot easier to come by as well…

  14. I am soo looking forward to this 938 coming out. Anyone know when this will hit the shelf? I have the P238 and love it. Its accruate and its very very easy to conceal. I carry it everywhere. I hope the 938 will be just as good. The problem I see is when It does come out and there is a high demand for it, and lots of folks trading off their P238s to upgrade to this version the market for 238s will drop as will the trade in value. I think a new Nitron is about 650 in the 238 and i see that sig has the 938 starting around 800 bucks. I am guessing you will be lucky to get 400 for a used 238 when they do arrive.

  15. I bought the 238 HDW for my wife and I think she loves that pistol now more than me:). I am wondering after seeing her shoot it whether I made a mistake as she hits within 5 inches of the site at 15 yards every time and she is a beginner. ( I will never make her angry again).

    Like all small pistols shoot good clean ammo because they are a bast**** to clean. If you shoot real dirty ammo look forward to 2 hours of cleaning because the spaces are small and as this is the stainless version it should be very clean otherwise you’ll regret it. This is a very nice pistol. I bought the extended mag with the extension grip and it fits perfect even in my large hands.


  17. I have a 238 I bought my wife and she likes it. I bought the 238, knowing in the future that a 9mm was in the offering but didn’t want to wait as she is small and the .380 is suitable for her. In the .380 class it is perfect for her. I am reluctant to breath the words “Mini 1911″ like so many others because it only has some of the features of a 1911. Mainly looks…….

    1. The 1911 has a grip safety, the p238 does not.
    2. The 238 allows the slide to be pulled back when the pistol is locked and cocked. This is done to allow for the dechambering/ejecting of the round when you decide to unload. The 1911 does not allow this because once the safety is on it physically, through a notch in the slide, prevents the slide moving to the rear.

    I am not trying to be picky here guys but these are NOT, I repeat, NOT subtle differences. Nothing that regards safety of a weapon is SUBTLE. Also, as the feedramp space is small I would definately shoot lots of different ammo both HP and ball. A lot of exotic ammo is going to have feeding problems ( not severe). I would avoid flat nose ammo. Ideally, for total reliability, I would avoid HP rounds. As Clint Smith says, ” if you want total reliability in a 1911 like pistol, shoot ball ammo”. I know that will cause a lot of grief among my brethren in the gun business who rely on HP ammo as the tissue damage is more severe but there are lots of Americas enemies pushing daisies because they were shot with Marine and Soldiers .45 ball ammo. Just my opinion guys.

  18. I just bought the new Sig P938 Nightmare and took it to the range this weekend. I really hate to say this but I was NOT impressed. (please don’t beat me up) I own a P238 and a Sig 226 and came to the conclusion that my P238 was twice as accurate that the 9MM. The recoil was extremely strong for the size and design of the product. I would really like to know if anyone had the same experience.

  19. I’m off to purchase my P938 Nightmare tonight…got one on layaway. I’ll let you know as soon as I shoot it how I like it! I too own the P-238 Equinox and carry it cocked and locked with a round in the chamber. Never had any issues carrying it with or without a pocket holster in my shorts pocket, in the molded belt holder that came with the gun, or my IWB leather holster. Love the P-238 and it’s very accurate at 7-10 yards!

  20. I shot my new P-938 Nightmare this weekend, but only ran several clips through it with a variety of cartridges. 115gr., 124gr., Hornady HP, MAC HP, and +P PowerBalls. No FTFs or FTEs. The recoil was really not that bad, but the +P Powerball ammo did punch my hand a bit more. I love the way this carries in my IWB holster…very similar to my P-238 Equinox. This is definitely my new carry gun.

    I’m hoping after some more time on the range, that the clip spring will break in a bit too. It was very difficult loading the last 3 of 6 cartridges and I have pretty strong hands. I ordered the 7-shot extended clip as a backup and should receive that soon from I agree on the comment above about accuracy as I was more accurate with my P-238 Equinox. But more time on the range will tell.

    One more thing on looks. After I cleaned and oiled both the inside parts and exterior, the gun looked magnificent! But a short moment in the leather holdster, and the oil that made the slide look fantastic, is absorbed by the leather and then the slide resumes its dull non-shined surface. I know this is a workhorse not a show horse, but I do like the polished blue look when it’s freshly oiled. Anyone agree or know how to make the slide hold a glossy look?

  21. Shot a box of 50 Winchester 115 gr. last night and got pretty frustrated… Nearly two or three in every clip failed to eject after firing. I don’t think I was “limp-wristing” it, but it’s possible since there’s not a lot of grip to hold firmly. Think I’ll stay with the better ammo for now and see what comparisons I come up with back at the range.

    I was pretty accurate however, i.e. 3″ groups at 7 yards. But some of my first shots were low by up to 5″ from center. A YouTube video of someone shooting this gun said the same thing.

  22. This has turned out to be a total disappointment. I’m a big fan of Sig and carry the 1911UC and the P238 daily. I was so looking forward to this 938. Bottom line…trigger is the worst. It’s way too long. It’s way too rough and it’s way too heavy. This has to be the heaviest trigger I’ve felt on any single action. I’m so disappointed.

  23. Like several others, the P238 is my favorite pistol… it has been ultra reliable for me, and especially with the Sig extended mag, the ergos are outstanding. Accuracy was amazing out to 10 yards. Negligible recoil makes for much practice, and ammo is not that bad online. The P938 doesn’t thrill me, until the price comes WAY down… I feel that eight .380 +Ps will handle most situations if placed properly. Carrying cocked and locked is no issue, in fact, I am a bit more comfortable with that than with my Glock 26 (which, for the cash, and recoil and accuracy and capacity and reliability, puts the P938 way down the “to-do” list). Best to all…

  24. Purchased the P938 Extreme hands down great carry weigh. Has the worst trigger on any out of the box hand gun that I have every purchased. Also had a problem with it jamming could be the ammo Winchester white box 9mm. All I can say is very disturbing this much money where is the overall quality?


    • Had the same issue this weekend. My p938 jammed on me twice. Still not giving up yet with it. I need to run a lot more rounds through it to give a more accurate decision. One other thing, the magazine was extremely hard to load. I could only get 4 rounds in. For a 9 I stll love my 226.

      • Have run about 600 Ed’s of assorted the the 938 and couldn’t make it act up. Took it apart and cleaned the guts real good as there were some minor burrs but it seems to loosen up the more I shoot it. Have many other guns but this one will always go with me. Good job sig

  25. Ok I am  biting my tongue. I had a great day with my p938. I found the more I shoot it the better I feel about it and the more comfortable I am with its power. The main thing to remember in a quick situation when you point and shoot you will be as accurate as need be. I am not planning on looking to target practice but making sure I am within the target area and it Does very well.  Even one handed which I find easy for me makes the mark. I am now a believer but the problem now is  that I want to carry both the p226 and the P938 at the same time. Is it also possible to carry the 226 too?

  26. I just got my P-938 Nightmare back from Sig Sauer. Let me first say that Sig Sauer’s Customer Service is really top notch! They extremely accomodating on the phone, issued a FED EX return authorization at no cost to me, and returned it back to me in a little over a week. Thanks SIG!

    They sent a letter along with the gun that stated they could not replicate the 1-2 FTEs per clip I was having. I was using Winchester ‘white box’ 115g FMJ, Fiocchi 124gr and 146gr FMJ, and Hornady 124gr JHP. However, Sig’s Gunsmiths ran 50 Blazer Brass 124gr. FMJ, 10 Gold Dot 124gr. +P JHP, and 10 Federal 124gr. +P JHP without one FTE.

    My conclusion: At least for the time being, I will only run premium ammo through my P-938 Nightmare. Hopefully it will “break in” at some point soon so I can shoot a little cheaper ammo at the range. I know I will not use it for target practice much, but I definite like shooting this little gun. With 9mm +Ps, it packs quite the punch!

    I’ve been dry-firing the heck out of it with a ‘snap-cap’ inserted into the chamber. The trigger, although has a little play in the beginning, has a very smooth release. I also didn’t like the ambidextrous safety at first, but since I’ve been practicing both right and left handed, I really think this was a brilliant addition over my P-238 Equinox.

    • Okay, I can honestly say it was the ammo, not the gun! It’s just a little picky that’s all when trying to use “cheap”ammo. Now I’m using 124gr Speer Lawman brand 9mm ammo ($14.99/50 count box) in my P-938 Nightmare. No FTEs in over 100 rounds like I was experiencing with the cheaper white box Winchester 115gr. ammo.

      I LOVE THIS GUN! I now have the confidence to every day carry in my IWB holder or in my side cargo shorts pocket with my pocket holster. Cocked and locked with 124gr. +P Gold Dots at the ready and my new 7-shot extended clip I ordered from Sig Sauer as a backup.

  27. Ok I took my granddaughter out shooting today 7/1/12 she is 15 she shoots a sig 22 1911 she can drive nails with it at 15 yards well I went out and got the sig 938 I love it grate gun good quality we shot 125 rounds through not a hiccup and dont worry about the recoil she can shoot the gun better than I can it is a shooter. Now all I have to do is find one for her .

  28. If prices keep going up the way they are none of us will be able to afford to shoot anything but 9mm pistols as any other ammo is getting outrageous. Screw all the talk of ballistics, wound channel, etc. If ever there was a case to buy a 9MM it is because the ammo is affordable. Try going to the range and shooting 50-100 .45 rounds or .380 rounds. You could fill up your gas tanks of your large ford truck for the same cost. I wish more people reloaded their own ammo then we would send a strong signal to the damn ammo manufacturers that we are tired of their profiteering. I bought my wife the SIG p-238 in .380 but what a mistake. I should have waited for the 9MM P-938 or some other 9MM because the ammo is cheaper and the lethality is greater once she carries it. Sorry I say that John Moses Browning but your beloved .380 ACP ammo is too expensive for what you get. I carry my .45 for protection but I have stopped pissing away my money shooting it for fun. It’s time the US public send a message to the ammo people that enough is enough. STOP GOUGING THE CONSUMER

  29. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a P938 a week ago. Just wanted to mention that mine came with both standard as well as extended clips. Also included was a small plastic holster that fits the gun great. I had some difficulty dialing my target shots in ( shot low ) at about 25 ft, but after 50 rounds I was able to get some nice clusters in. I find the gun to fit my small hands well and am also very pleased with Sig’s fit and finish. The gun has quite a kick, as you would expect from a 9mm, but with practice got good control. Nice piece!

  30. I own the 238 and the 938 BOTH. Are great guns.
    It is not too small and if you haven’t fired one. You don’t know!
    Holsters fit both guns, as does the crimson lasers.
    Great job sig!

  31. The last word in subcompact 9mm or .40 S&W is the Walther PPS – superior in every way. Period. Don’t waste time arguing with me, check it out for yourselves. This is representative of the consistently glowing reviews:

    If you prefer a wheel gun, the Ruger LCR in .357 is clearly head and shoulders above the competition:

    Don’t be fooled by high-intensity marketers like Glock and S&W. They tend to be conservative and sell on their now-outdated reputations rather than continuing to try new improvements. Remember when Microsoft out advertised, price-fixed, and outsold Apple a jillion to 1? Now we know that Apple was the superior product all along, it was just ahead of its time and cost a bit more for a number of factors, some of them related to MS anti-trust violations.

  32. Liked it, saw it, bought it, I just recently aquired th p938 and so far it has lived up to Sigs repuputation, i have thrown FMJ’s an Hollowpoints through it and have had no fail to feed or fire problems, as far as what it looks like, who cares, I bought this as a secondary weapon for backup, its not for a beauty ppagent its there to protect me and my loved ones, the only real issue I have with it is the trigger pull is a bit to heavy for my taste.before i mess with it I’m gonna throw a few more hundred rounds down range to make sure that all the springs are set and the she is broken in pretty well, as far as accuracy goes for a small pocket gun at seven yards, it was what I expected, good not great but I think with a little more practice that I can do much better, wish that they offered a mag that was just a little longer even with the extended mag my pinkie finger is hanging off just a little bit, other than that this is a fine little pistol and should give years of service, have always been a fan of the Colt 380 mustangs and this is a great alternative to that. Like a nother gentleman said if this was a SA/DA this little gun would be a bit better.

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