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Lefties rejoice. Savage Arms has announce that they’re now producing their popular Model 10 and Model 110 BA rifles in left hand versions. In addition to long range chamberings in 6.5 Creedmoor, .308, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua, they’ve also added a new .223 version of their Model 10 chassis gun. Here’s their press release . . .

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – August 29, 2017 – Savage Arms is pleased to announce left-hand versions of its popular Stealth chassis rifle chambered in popular long-range calibers. The lineup has also expanded to include 223 Rem. The proven rifle platform delivers exceptional accuracy and performance. Shipments are currently being delivered to dealers.

The Model 10/110 BA Stealth is a lighter, more compact option in the BA line. It features a factory-blueprinted Model 10/110 barreled action mated to a custom version of the Drake Hunter/Stalker monolithic chassis, which has been modified to Savage’s specifications.

Features & Benefits
• New left-hand and 223 Rem. models
• Factory-blueprinted Savage action
• Monolithic chassis machined from a solid billet of aluminum
• M-LOK fore-end and Picatinny rail for easy configuration
• Adjustable AccuTrigger
• 5/8 x 24 threaded muzzle with protector
• EGW one-piece scope rail
• Fab Defense GL-SHOCK six-position, shock-absorbing buttstock with adjustable cheek

Part No. / Description / MSRP
22639 / 110 BA Stealth, 300 Win. Mag. / $1484
22664 / 110 BA Stealth 300 Win. Mag. Left Hand / $1484 – NEW
22640 / 110 BA Stealth 338 Lapua Mag. / $1622
22665 / 110 BA Stealth 338 Lapua Mag. Left Hand / $1622 – NEW
22847 / 10 BA Stealth 223 Rem. / $1207 – NEW
22848 / 10 BA Stealth 223 Rem. Left Hand / $1207 – NEW
22637 / 10 BA Stealth 308 Win. / $1207
22662 / 10 BA Stealth 308 Win. Left Hand / $1207 – NEW
22638 / 10 BA Stealth 6.5 Creedmoor / $1207
22663 / 10 BA Stealth 6.5 Creedmoor Left Hand / $1207 – NEW

Savage Arms is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. To learn more about Savage Arms, visit

About Vista Outdoor Inc.
Vista Outdoor is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of consumer products in the growing outdoor sports and recreation markets. The company operates in two segments, Shooting Sports and Outdoor Products, and has a portfolio of well-recognized brands that provides consumers with a wide range of performance-driven, high-quality and innovative products for individual outdoor recreational pursuits. Vista Outdoor products are sold at leading retailers and distributors across North America and worldwide. Vista Outdoor is headquartered in Utah and has manufacturing operations and facilities in 13 U.S. States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico along with international customer service, sales and sourcing operations in Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe. For news and information, visit or follow us on Twitter @VistaOutdoorInc and Facebook at

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  1. They have always made 110ba in left hand as well as axis rifles among others…this is nothing more than an update to a line…still nice to see more lefty stuff out there.

  2. An idea for an ad:
    This simple trick will make your rifle left-handed (shows a picture of a mirror).

        • I’ve owned a Stag model 2L for years now and it has been super reliable and very accurate. I changed out some cosmetics, but all the internals are still factory original and goin strong.

  3. Where’s my .264 Win Mag? Just kidding, i think I’m the last fan anywhere…, It certainly does have it’s shortcomings, but lighting up a varmint with a 90 grain TNT at ridiculous velocities will never not be fun.

    • The problem for the .264 WM is that, while on paper it would appear to be the cat’s rump for pushing a high-Bc pill at holy-crap! velocities, every .264 owner I know (whether they’ve darkened my shop door or not) has complained of the lack of accuracy. I’ve not looked at the situation in any particular rifle, but the Win70’s, the Rem700’s, etc out there – all I heard are complaints about how their owners can’t seem to find a load that gets the groups down to 1″ – never mind less.

      • Personally, I’m impressed that you know people who actually shoot .264 Win Mag. I think my weirdest caliber is 6.8 SPC.

      • I actually have 2, a Win 70 and a newer Sendero I got a screaming deal on. The Sendero is comfortably MOA all day long, granted I’ve only run a couple different loads through it, and they were both light. The aforementioned TNT’s and 120 gr TTSX. The Winchester is critter accurate, but I’ve never really benched it.

    • Basically, your .264 WM has been supplanted by 6.5×284… which is within 50 FPS of the WM, and is notoriously accurate.

  4. I like it, since now I can get one ready made instead of having to buy an action and mount it in my own chassis. I also appreciate the gesture of lefty friendliness after the aggressively right handed GRS stocks.

  5. Good for Savage. My 110 BA .338 Lapua is literally a lot of bang for the buck. The top rail that came with it doesn’t have true 1913 spacing, so I put a 20 MOA Ken Ferell rail on it.

  6. Question for left handed bolt action rifle users:

    Can you keep your cheek weld and sight picture while you operate the left-handed bolt?

    I shoot lefty and its been decades since I have shot I (regular right handed) bolt action and I can’t remember if I was able to stay on the rifle holding the pistol grip/throat with my left hand and operating the bolt with my right.

    I think the answer was yes for a light and very smooth .22, and not for anything heavier.


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