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In the video below, two animated (as in high-spirited, not actual cartoons) twenty-somethings discuss the need for gun control. Host Hannah Cranston throws softball questions at Sarah Ullman, Twitter self-identified as a “filmmaker and founder of One Vote At A Time, a SuperPAC of female filmmakers fighting for progressive causes.” Ms. Ullman is nothing if not honest . . .

“The movement for gun safety legislation has started to move away from the word control in its own language and how it talks about itself,” she admits, right from the git-go. “We use the phrase ‘gun safety’ now because we want to emphasize that the goal is not to take away someone’s Second Amendment rights.”

Even though that is the goal, of course. To, as Ms. Ullman asserts, “ensure safety for all citizens” “And no one can be anti-safety,” Ms. Cranston adds, helpfully enough.

Ms. Cranston is floored — floored I tell you — to learn that someone who’s suspected but not charged with domestic violence can buy a gun. I guess that innocent-until-proven guilty thing is an inconvenient presumption.

But not as presumptuous as Ms. Ullman’s story of a DV victim who died because the courts didn’t order the abuser’s guns confiscated. As if he couldn’t have found another gun or killed her some other way. As if the victim wouldn’t have been better off defending her life with a gun. One more thing . . .

The video’s title — Will Gun Control Laws Take Away Your Second Amendment Rights? — is an excellent question. 

I don’t think it’s best posed to a progressive filmmaker. Instead, Ms. Ullman should ask residents of Hawaii, who haven’t seen their government issue a single concealed carry permit since 2000. Or New Jersey, where millions of law-abiding citizens can’t get a concealed carry permit for love nor money. Think tank about that, will ya?

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    • No, they won’t, because we’re not fool enough to let them get enacted. At least in NH; answer may differ for those in CA, NJ, NY, etc.

      • I made to 5:18. All I can say is OMG. Is this the future? Listening to these two twits? I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it, much better to resist any and all gun “safety” now. These two are not in it for the long haul is my bet.

        • And people say I’m crazy for advocating peaceful secession!

          We are not one “united nation”, nor are we a “union”.

          Nobody who thinks this way and wants what these two want in way identifies with me. Does that mean I want them dead? No. Does that mean I want to use force of law against them somehow? No.

          Better to leave them to their own la la land and leave like minded people who value liberty and freedom to our own.

          Doesn’t need to be a messy divorce at all. Just sign the papers and walk away.

      • You forgot your neighbor ; “The People’s Republic of Massachusetts…”

        A tune sung by folks here…”Escape to N.H. …Or, ME., or VT. ……”

        Nothing like having your 2nd amendment [privileges] rights protected so vigorously by your local police department that exercising them is a adventure in political corruption, pain, and bureaucracy…..

  1. Virtual twins (wearing swim suits) “discuss” identical philosophies. I lasted 12 seconds…only because I slipped on my mouse click.

    • As soon as they opened their mouths I found their whiny, Mexifornia slang voices too much to bear! Are there really PEOPLE that listen to two blonde libturd bimbos try to explain something that they have no concept of!!!!?????

  2. Gun control has negative connotations? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

    The goal isn’t to take away 2nd A rights; it’s a completely inadvertent benefit. (hee, hee, hee).

    How do these 2 keep breathing without coaching? They must be surviving on their autonomic nervous systems.

  3. Actually, this is reassuring…these 2 nit-wits couldn’t convince anybody to breathe, much less throw away their guns. If this is the future of the antis, the fight won’t be very difficult.

    • Wrong. These chicks, and their clone post college indoctrinated “sisters”, drag hordes of pansy post college indoctrinated 20something guys around by the pecker Activating the community and antifa-ing. They don’t even know what marxism and fascism is.

      Same as the flowers chicks of the 60s.

    • There are many more where these 2 nitwits came from, if it weren’t so, kim kardashian wouldn’t have any fans at all.

  4. The obvious question to ask anybody who claims not to want to take away our 2nd Amendment rights is, of course, what those rights are. What is it that the government is prohibited from doing, no matter how much it might think it’s a good idea? I have yet to hear an answer to this question from a gun control nut that actually resembles anything like a right.

  5. Two air heads who have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, their knowledge of the subject draws down to what they’ve read in Cosmo or other garbage online publication and cannot even think rationally. 🙂

        • So what?
          All a think tank is, is a group of people who provide advocacy for an idea or agenda. Which is exactly what these ladies are doing.
          Hell, The View is a think tank.
          Again, so what? Having that label doesn’t make their opinions any more logical.

  6. When introducing the DV story, neck-length hair says the killer was a felon who shouldn’t have had a gun, but the police and court were powerless to take it away?

    • And those two blond women failed to mention the victim’s power to move away from her antagonizer.

      Good grief people. If a boyfriend, girlfriend, our spouse indicates that they are entertaining the idea of killing you, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY AND DO NOT EVER COME BACK. And prepare (mentally and physically) to defend yourself with deadly force wherever you end up relocating.

    • They also failed to point out that the TRO (which had the same power as a PRO) wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.
      Reliance on the government (in this case, the courts and police) isn’t a good choice when your life is in danger.
      You would think that that would be obvious, but alas…

  7. Gun “safety” has essentially taken away my second amendment rights in NYC. From carrying to simply buying.

  8. Hmm… a twin blonde ‘Think Tank’.

    Novel concept.

    Are these girls in high school yet?

    Excellent job by their graphics department, BTW.

  9. I’m totally sorry I watched any of it as it gave them clicks on youtube. TTAG should have stupid warnings to keep us from actually watching some of these videos as it gives them some, I guess, credibility.

  10. To “ensure safety for everyone”……really! How would they make that happen? Can’t be done. How can these two young, inexperienced know nothings be taken seriously?

    • Hey, Connely.

      Are you related to John Lee Pettimore?

      And don’t you have some ‘crops’ to tend to down in that holler on down the road?

    • “How can these two young, inexperienced know nothings be taken seriously?”

      Because life is all about altruism, fantasy, and feelings!

      Altruism: bad people should not exist.
      Fantasy: we can make everyone safe.
      Feelings: it feels sooooo good to say that bad people should not exist and that we can make everyone safe.

      The fact that none of that is reality doesn’t matter.

  11. Neither of these two bits of fluff are capable of critical thinking or rational thought. If this is the best the gun control crowd can do for advocates, then the 2nd Amendment is in no danger at all.

    • “If this is the best the gun control crowd can do for advocates, then the 2nd Amendment is in no danger at all.”

      You’re wrong.
      These two are only what you see as mere examples of what’s out there. And these two represent millions upon millions of Americans today; products of public schools, and then liberal colleges where they are taught that feelings trump reality.
      So when these two prattle on, they get heard by a lot of people. Published just a few days ago, this video has over 3k views, with more each day. These ideas and “logic” get passed on by many if not most who watch it.
      And this one video is far from the only one. There are thousands more, each getting watched thousands of times.

      Do not confuse the lack of gun control efforts at the federal level with a drop in the drive for gun control. It has instead changed the language (“gun safety” and “common sense regulations” instead of “gun control”) and the battlegrounds (to the state and local levels).
      Leverage is the game here. At the local level, LA is a lock for this crowd, as is San Francisco. And as they go, so goes the whole state. California is already being pointed to as “model” for gun safety and common sense gun regulation.
      Dismiss these two at the peril of your rights.

  12. “And no one can be anti-safety”
    How lovely; a debate in which there *cannot* be an opposing view. Crap like this is why we’re through talking with these idiots. Not one more inch given willingly.

    What’s frightening is that this approach has come to color *all* the leftist pet causes and policy items. There’s a lot of talk about how Americans no longer communicate to work out conflicting ideas, but this is where it all comes from. There is nothing hypocritical all in saying this as a conservative, since guns are perhaps the only issue where we have not been forced to unilaterally compromise in the face of such anti-intellectual, moralistic brow-beating. And the 94AWB came damn close to exactly that.

    It’s a dangerous behavior on their part, and is identical to the run up to the US civil war with regards to slavery (the South clearly had no option but to continue slavery, yet the North refused to entertain anything but complete capitulation on the issue in their favor, no matter what the consequences for southerners of all colors were). Similar to how the Abolitionist Movement was ultimately sustained by the explosion in urban wealth brought by the Industrial Revolution, I am convinced this latest political jihad by the leftists is the result of the Information Revolution. It seems whenever these ivory-tower Utopian types get enough pocket change, they start trying to change the world outside for the better (in their minds). Such zealous single-minded determination is extremely effective at achieving goals for the ‘greater good,’ right up until it wipes tens of millions of people off the face of the Earth.

  13. I have:

    Hoped in a car because I knew it was going to wreck.

    Got elective surgery in an Indian hospital.

    Occasionally smoke tobacco

    Rarely reapply sunscreen if I where it at all

    Learned how to drive stick shift in SoCal

    Played with matches for over a decade

    I am anti-safety AF!

  14. Cranston is tied in with “The Young Turks” – that bunch of unhinged lefties who just lost their minds after the election.

    I’ve always laughed at the irony of moniker, “The Young Turks,” but I suppose it is an honest representation of who these clowns are.

    For those who are not well schooled on the origins of the name “The Young Turks,” I’d suggest reading up on the takeover of the Turkish government by “The Young Turks” in 1909, and their subsequent policy of genocide against the Armenians – over 1.5 million Armenians (who were Christians) were killed, starved, burned, raped, etc – by the Turkish military, led/ordered by The Young Turks.

  15. I like this game. I want to play, too!

    1. Voting safety laws. An “understanding” test and ID verification before voting.
    2. Speech safety laws. If another person is offended, it is criminal assault.
    3. Intoxicant safety laws. Alcohol, Opioids, etc added to Schedule I drug list.
    4. Internet anti-bully safety laws. Full name, picture, and GPS info attached to every internet post.
    5. Home safety laws. A camera inside every parents home, so CPS can monitor the safety of your kids.

    Nobody’s “rights” would be diminished by these and there would be zero unintended consequences. My proposals will bring us one step closer to Utopia. It’s common sense safety for the children national security 9/11. Safety.

  16. You lost me at twenty-something. Two millennial girls who have no life experience whatsoever being used as a cute mouthpiece nothing more nothing less.

  17. Wow. Voting is still enabled (mostly negative) and comments are allowed (all negative).

  18. Am I the only person who can barley listen to the youth in this country butcher the English language ? Like…Wooooooow Uh Uh like.

    • Why? Did you give birth to them and then teach them to be so stupid and vapid? Otherwise, you are not in any way connected to their antics. Why should you apologize?

      🙂 They are responsible for themselves and their stupidity, just like everyone else. But I’d like to slap their mothers up side the head anyway.

  19. “Will Gun Control Laws Take Away Your Second Amendment Rights?”

    Duh! These laws, by simple definition, infringe upon the free exercise of the 2nd Amendment, period. NO other laws, pertaining to any other enumerated rights, prevent the free exercise thereof, none. Why is the 2nd relegated by our courts to 2nd rate status?

    • Gman, either you don’t really understand what “rights” are, or you have not been paying attention for a long time. At this time, there are simply no actual “rights” that can be freely exercised. None.

      The actual RIGHTS are:
      1. Life. That means that nobody can legitimately end that life (unless you are the aggressor), or dictate how it is lived. The flip side of that is the “right” to defend that life, and that of others, from those who would end it – or enslave it.
      2. Liberty. Same as above, actually. Each individual is responsible (as much as cognitively possible) for whatever they choose to do with that life. This includes free choice of what they put on/in their bodies. The flip side of that is the responsibility to accept and live with the consequences of those choices and actions, rather than fraudulently palm them off on others – especially at the point of a gun.
      3. Property, acquired without force or fraud. The “right” to do with and on your property as you will, as long as it does not damage other people’s property or harm other people. The right of exclusion from private property as the owner wants.

      Which of those are you perfectly free to enjoy right now? None of them. All the people around you may give lip service to them in some way, but the tax collector, the local prosecutor and police, the various bureaus and political entities will be very glad to disabuse you of the notion just as soon as any such silly exercise of your “rights” come to their attention. And most of your neighbors will be glad to bring any such uppity behavior to the notice of their “betters” at any time.

      Why does anyone think that the “second amendment” can or should stand alone?

      • You should tag pwserge in this post. Maybe he’ll recognize his egregiously conflicting FEELINGS about what rights actually are.

  20. Wow. Just…. wow.

    And if anyone is wondering why more young American men are turning to online porn than pursing relationships with young American women, this video is a good example why.

  21. Get ready for new anti-gun laws. the “left” is hammering hard every chance they get on guns and gun owners. Every towns state initiative, the most pro gun yet incompetent president we ever had, media portrails of gun owners as Nazis….it all just adds fuel to their ant gun fire. NPR, CNN, exe tones of reporters adding their anti-gun comment after a story not related to guns at all, I.E. Charlottesville Nazis intimidate with guns, no mention of the armed commies………… Its time to start organizing on our end we cant leave everything up to the NRA……

  22. “Dave was a FELON who shouldn’t have had a GUN but they couldn’t take it away from him…” LOL. Next week they’ll be bored with this and protecting baby seals. I watched the whole thing because I had a feeling they were gonna start making out.

  23. The only thing that will take my gun rights away from me will be Death. Far to many people fought and died to establish and protect this nation from tyranny for me to lay down for anyone. Anyone who isn’t willing to fight and die for their rights doesn’t deserve them. Words mean nothing. Only actions tell the true story. I can be a peaceful person as many know me to be. They also know I will fight for what is mine and defend it with any means necessary. Where will you be if that day comes?

  24. I am retired law enforcement. I have a retired law enforcement ccw permit which allows me to carry in every state in the country. I must qualify annually with the firearm that I carry in order for my permit to valid. That firearm is a 15 shot 9 mm. I also have the regular ccw permit which is not recognized in all states. Despite all of my efforts to be “lawful” in exercising my 2nd amendment rights, California, New Jersey and New York infringe on my right by A. not recognizing my regular ccw and 2. not allowing me to carry the firearm which I have to qualify with to make my LE ccw valid. How much more infringement if SCOTUS going to allow before they start to support the US Constitution the way they are sworn to force compliance to?

  25. The really scary part is that these 2 believe the tripe they are spewing out like so much vomit. Another scary thing is that they will be allowed to breed and make more mental midgets who deny the truths of REAL LIFE and motives of evil people.

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