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There’s something insanely sexy about the whole “actical rifle” thing. Precision adjustable and skeletonized firearms are my idea of an Israeli supermodel. And I have to admit, this new rifle from Savage rings all the right bells. Just about everything is adjustable, cycling the action is light and smooth, and while the trigger wasn’t the best I’ve ever pulled it was a far cry from the worst. All in all, not a bad gat. Now, if only it came with a silencer mount. MSRP is $2,500.

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  1. Ummm. Not new. Savage has had a 110BA in .338 lapua for awhile. Check out Gun 65 in stock right now with an msrp of $2,465. Maybe what’s “new” about this one is the left hand bolt version pictured above.

  2. The lefty is definitely new, and that price definitely doesn’t include the glass. The .338s usually run right around $2000 retail, so i wouldn’t be surprised to see this one go for about the same. That’s still a great value for a very accurate .338 out of the box.

  3. Anyone thinking the 110 BA is pricey hasn’t tried buying something that can compete with it. Go try to get Ed Shilen, Don Geraci, Dan Dowling, Mike Bryant, Nathaniel Lambeth, RW Snyder and Mark King, etc., to build you a rifle that will compete with this OEM box stock piece.

    Enough said

    I own two of these on 300 WM and 338 LM

  4. getting in on this rifle late. But I own one and I love it I load all my own ammo and topped it with nf glass 8×32 optics run almost same as rifle but then so does the lapua brass not a rifle to waste rounds with. So I try to be accurate accurate at a mile is not cheap well for me not weathy


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