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Remington showed off the XM2010 sniper system around 2010 (which makes sense), and since day one they’ve promised a civilian version of the rifle for general sale. However, the more I talk to them the less likely it becomes. Ever since they landed the sniper rifle contract for the U.S. armed forces they’ve been cranking these things out at near capacity, and not even a rail system appears to be spared for civvies. Which makes things like this slightly maddening . . .

If you’re not going to sell the chassis or the rifle, why advertise it at SHOT? Above are drop-in stocks that take the Rem 700 long action, and a short action version is at the top of the page. The only thing they’re succeeding at is pissing me off. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

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  1. Is the skeletonized stock in the short-action picture a cutaway for SHOT, or is that how it would actually look in practice?

  2. Remington can blow me.

    Every year at SHOT, they trot out this and whatever the latest version of the ACR is; you know, the ACR that actually lives up to most of the promises of the original design (shown off at SHOT in what, 2009?). And none of it will ever be for sale.

    Why do they even bother?

    • They do it to build foot traffic at their booth. Go off and get one of the new model Accuracy International stocks. $1,200 is not cheap, but I doubt this Remmy version would be much cheaper if it ever shipped.

  3. Because the SHOT show isn’t directly only at civilian/consumer sales. You’re going to have to realize that there are law enforcement and military buyers (not just the US military) at the SHOT show.

    Oh, and BTW: If I had a dog as ugly as that rifle, I’d shave his buttocks and teach him to walk backwards.


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