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The San Tan Gear ExecPro Armored Bag strikes me as a particularly good idea, in that you don’t really lose anything by carrying it. Except $400. But it’s like that shingles shot. If you don’t have it and something bad happens you suddenly realize you would have paid anything to have gotten it in the first place. Only it’s too late. Mind you, I’m not a big fan of off-body carry. At all. But ballistic protection? Sure. Why not?

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    • TTAG – Body armor backpacks for kids? Terrible idea. Awful.

      Body armor briefcases? That sounds pretty good.

    • Interesting link! I wonder if I can get one embroidered with “Civilian” on the front?

  1. This product is neat because the bag and the panels are part of a system. The system doesn’t seem extremely compelling, though. There are vendors that will sell you IIIa panels (including high-end Aramid/Gold-Flex) in any shape. You can get edge-to-edge coverage IIIa panels that fit in a $250 Tom Bihn bag for $150, and you still have the great storage and ergos of a Tom Bihn bag.

    • According to the link, “about 5 lbs.” To which of course you have to add 5-7 lbs for your computer, another pound for the charger, and another couple of pounds, perhaps, for all the other miscellaneous stuff you through in a briefcase. All told, that means you are lugging 10-15 lbs–which doesn’t sound like much until you find out that your plane is at the far end of the terminal.

      • If I were to work in a high risk area, or for some reason knew I was at a greater risk of getting shot at than your average office slave, I could deal with that weight.
        however I can’t even find a reason to take a bag with me at all. The bag stays in the car and I just take the laptop for the 100 yards from the garage to my desk. Granted, I am in an office park with no other foot traffic. When I worked downtown, I certainly took a bag, so I did look like the most inviting victim to rip a laptop from my bare hands.
        I would find this system interesting for traveling, where I could without much notice find myself in an area I shouldn’t be in. But I have to wonder how the TSA will react when I am scanning ballistic plates along with my laptop.

        Anyone know if there are guidelines for that? I assume some of our troops had to deal with that at some point, even if it would be an exception rather than a frequent event.?

        • I just checked the TSA page and no mention is made of bullet-proof item. Even under the military traveler guidelines, lots of info on weapon transport, but no mention of bullet proof vests or armor.

    • A useful fashion accessory for the adventurous traveler whose end destinations include Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan… actually “anystan” and pretty much any African nation.

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