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Mossberg is introducing two new rifles at the show this year, one is a .22lr AR style rifle and the other is a .223 Remington rifle with an interesting twist.

Mossberg has been producing a .22lr AR style rifle for a while now, but the NEW news is that they’re now going to be producing it in a flat top configuration. Full length rails span the entire top of the receiver, and it comes with detachable rear sight.

The other interesting news is that Mossberg is making a rifle in .223 Remington that takes standard M-16 magazines. I can just imagine it now, a bolt action rifle with Surefire’s 100 round AR magazine. The rifle has a 1:10 twist, so lighter bullets are better, and the chamber is .223 Remington instead of 5.56 NATO.

[UPDATE] Mossberg has since released the specifications for their .223Ā RemingtonĀ rifle, and the twist is actually 1:9. We printed what the sales rep (pictured at the top) told us and claimed as God’s honest truth, but obviously they were wrong. Just one more reason to never trust a sales rep, I guess.

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  1. AAGH! Another swing, another miss. The Mossberg .22 has generally been received as a fun and cheap gun, but neither accurate nor true to most of the details of the AR platform. It’s basically an existing Mossberg .22 receiver cradled inside of a detailed plastic stock that looks like an AR. But now it’s a flattop plastic stock.

    And I *love* the idea of a bolt-action rifle that uses one of the Universal Magazines (AR or AK), but why the slow-twist barrel if it’s only chambered for .223 Remington? A 1:10 barrel would work just fine for the majority of low-priced 5.56 ammunition out there, but this gun won’t be able to shoot that stuff. Why not spend a few hundred bucks each for new chamber reamers and use the Wylde combination chamber instead?

  2. Mossberg tells you outright it is a 1:9 twist
    And it will shoot the majority of the ammo out there up to 67 grains

    • The sales representative from Mossberg stated, checked, and confirmed on the show floor that the barrel was 1:10.

      Obviously they were wrong.

      We printed what Mossberg said was true at the time. I have amended the post to fix that error.

  3. I spoke to a rep recently and it is indeed 1:9. Also, as excited as we are to get our hands on this rifle, for varmint/predator hunting here in the midwest, we felt inclined to start a forum dedicated to the rifle. You can visit at Moderators needed.

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