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One of the biggest eye openers to new concealed (or open, for that matter) carriers is the difference in comfort a good gun belt makes. Once you lose that $10.00 Walmart special you’ve been wearing, spring for the real deal and strap it on along with your EDC gun, it usually results in the quintessential V-8 moment. You’ll wonder how in the blue hell you ever got along without one. Anyway, that’s what our new neighbors at Magpul are hoping will happen when you give the first entry in their new apparel line a try. Here’s their press release . . .

We are excited to announce the first offering in our new apparel line, the Magpul™ Tejas Gun Belt – “El Original”.  Crafted from a combination of inch-and-a-half wide top grade bullhide leather and reinforced polymer, it’s strong and water resistant, rigid enough to carry a holster, but still comfortable for everyday use. Proudly made in Texas, the belt comes in three colors and a multitude of lengths.

  • Top grade bullhide leather exterior layer and supportive but flexible reinforced polymer inner layer
  • Gun belt rigidity with dress belt comfort offers stretch and sag free performance
  • Removable chrome plated buckle with branded “tool-free” fasteners
  • Standard 1-1/2″ wide and 1/4″ thick to fit most belt loops and holsters
  • Eight holes with 3/4″ spacing for a wide yet precise adjustment range

Order Now at Magpul™ Tejas Gun Belt – “El Original”
$84.95 MSRP
Made in U.S.A


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  1. I’ve had a BullBelt for some time–yes, a real gun belt not only makes a huge difference for carry, but it will usually outlast all “store bought” belts you see in department stores. I haven’t found a stiffener to be necessary, but then I don’t carry a full size gun either. I think the fasteners Magpul uses are intriguing, and easier to use than Chicago fasteners, but on the other hand, I don’t think I’ve ever changed out a buckle on a belt. Last, this belt is competitively priced with the competition.

  2. Well, ‘Open Carry’ in Florida has survived all the committees in the House so far and will be up for the votes.

    That belt lets you change the buckle out easily.

    I just might have to find one of those NAA Mini holster-buckles…

  3. Looks like a nice belt and not a bad for price for what you are getting at $84.95. I have gone through/still own more custom leather belts and alternatives to leather than I would care to admit. My favorites even over the most expensive custom all leather belts are the composites/made of layers like this one.

    Having said that I highly recommend the DeSantis Econobelt. At under $20 it is every bit as good as the best all leather belt I have used and at least as good as other composites that cost many times as much. While you can’t easily change the buckle because of rivets it is not hard to drill them out and add standard belt screws.

    The DeSantis belt is made of leather and a synthetic material. It is both rigid and comfortable. I prefer it over a gun belt I own that was 5 times as expensive from a well known and respected maker. The DeSantis also barely creaks when moving compared to a fully horsehide belt that squeaks a lot. I was very skeptical when I bought one but I can’t recommend them enough after years of use.

  4. I, indeed carry with a literal $10 Walmart belt. It’s almost dead, being over a decade old. I don’t have any issues. I carry in a crossbreed style hybrid, so that might make the difference. If I was using the smaller single loop/double loop kydex or something with the belt clips being closer together, it might be something worth looking at.

  5. “Tejas Gun Belt” — named as such commemorating their move from Magpul-unfriendly Colorado to gun-friendly Bee Cave, Texas, perhaps? 😉

    “Magpul™ Tejas Gun Belt – ‘El Original’ $84.95 MSRP”

    Shame that all really good gun belts are so darned expensive. 😐

  6. I’ve mentioned this before, but still don’t mind the plug.. Nexbelt has a very nice belt that is so far my absolute favorite carry belt. It doesn’t have the holes that make it too tight or too loose. It uses teeth at 1/4″ increments. My belt size is a lot different when carry. (I tote a full size XDM) It also has buckles that interchange and is black on one side, brown on the other.
    It’s a nice enough belt to wear with a suit, or jeans. And runs about $50
    It’s actually a golf belt, so it’s made to be comfortable during twisting and turning. (Why it also uses teeth instead of holes)
    I am a magpul fan, but they seem a tad pricey when I already have a tried and true belt for less money.

  7. A good belt is a must. If you carry, it’s just as important as any of the other equipment.
    Mine came from bull hide belts.

  8. a proper gun belt is KEY to comfortable carry otherwise you’ll be cranking down on that cheap belt so tightly you can barely breathe…and your firearm will still be flopping out to the side. A proper gun belt makes pocket carry a lot easier as well if you’re carrying anything bigger than a NAA Mini.

    I like the Uncle Mike’s Instructor’s Belt (about $30) but the Tejas looks nice.

  9. Sponsors….pay for everything…

    OTOH….Having had to make decisions involving comfort v. carry for more years than Dan/Robert et al, have been around…..

    Well, Wal-Mart has some exclusive brands selling at discount prices under ‘other’ names. Brand names are a ripoff……nuff said.

    Pricey belts, and I have a 35 year old Desantis, are great! HOWEVER! Your body type just may not be adaptable to a quality rigid belt. My preference BTW.

    Use whatever fits your body type and can be snugly adjusted.

    Everyone is tring to sell you somethin’.

  10. makes great looking leather gun belts for $60,including stiffener.
    For untucked use, you can’t beat Wilderness Tactical.

  11. Magpul getting ready for January 1st in Texas. I’m expecting a glorious wave of 1911’s, leather, and cowboy hats.

  12. I saw this belt promo’d on another site and when I came to after seeing the price, another $80 belt was getting high fives on my local gun community site. I’ve had a $40 Eddie Bauer Jean belt for at least 10 years that I wear every day and have shot bunches of USPSA, IDPA and Steel Challenge matches with. I dont carry every day and that could make a difference but I’ve always found definite purpose gun belts to be too stiff and too heavy.

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