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SpectrePrototype (1 of 5)

Polymer80, known for its polymer AR-15 an AR-10 80% lower receivers and kits, is ramping up production on the Spectre. This pistol frame is compatible with small-frame GLOCK components, and will accept factory or aftermarket full-size or longer GLOCK slides. This means it can be built as a 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, or even .45 GAP. Since it’s only 80% complete it isn’t considered a firearm, and can ship right to your door with the jig and bits necessary to complete that last 20%. TTAG will have a review sample in January. Polymer80’s press release, a couple other photos, and a compatability matrix follow. . .

SpectrePrototype (2 of 5)small

Carson City, Nevada (November 7th, 2015) – Polymer80, known for its approach to 80% frames and full “do it yourself” rifle builds, is developing the industry’s first 80% polymer pistol frame. Aptly named the “Spectre,”• this frame is compatible with Glock’s 9 mm & 40 caliber slides.

“Protecting our 2nd amendment is more important than ever,” said David Borges, Co-owner of Polymer80, Inc. “Our goal is to make polymer manufactured products the new standard in the 80% firearms industry. This is a significant step in the right direction for our company.”

The product mix in the 80% pistol market has always been slim, with only 1911 frames available in steel or aluminum.Polymer80 is determined to focus on firsts, therefore, after completing their research, listening to customer requests, and evaluating capabilities of manufacture, Polymer80 chose to go in the direction of a Glock17 compatible system. Key reasons stated by the company are the wide compatibility of a Glock17 – system, which can provide 3 different calibers in 9mm, S&W 40cal and the SIG 357 depending on the slide chosen by the user to finish the pistol. Additionally, on the 100% or finished firearm side, there are very few custom manufactured Glock compatible frames available for purchase, with all of them requiring an FFL. Currently there are no 80% Glock-compatible frames available anywhere in the world.

Compatability Chart3small

“When we develop an 80% product, we do it with a specific system in mind.” said Loran Kelley, Co-owner of Polymer80, Inc. “Much like with the AR-15 and .308 Lower Receivers, we needed to design a complete kit which included not only the frame, but a jig and all the drill bits necessary to make the milling process flawless. This will allow our do- it- yourself hobbyists and firearms enthusiasts to have the best possible experience building their own firearms. We strongly believe that the highest personal satisfaction is achieved by building your own firearms. The loyalty of customers to our products is proof. They have a greater sense of pride and appreciation when finished with the build process, and as a result, many customers love our finished products more than their store bought firearms.”

The “Spectre” 80% pistol frame kit will include the following items upon release:
 80% Polymer Pistol frame & Jig System
 Custom Locking Block (made from Hardened Steel) with Rails
 Drill Bits & End-Mill Bits

Polymer80, Inc. is taking new steps to raise the funds necessary to complete the project and start production in January 2016.

“Once we received a Determination Letter from the ATF regarding the “Spectre” we decided to take the next step and move forward with a Pre-Release Sale on our website,” said Alex Brodsky, VP of Marketing at Polymer80, Inc. “The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive for the pistol frame, in fact we broke all sales records the first day of the Pre-Release Sale. We would like to thank all our loyal customers for their support, as we try to raise additional funds to move this project along.”

For more information about the “Spectre” you can visit Polymer80’s store page at:

For product questions about the “Spectre” 80% Polymer Pistol Frame please visit our FAQ page: or call us at 1-800-517-1243.

For any dealer inquiries please contact Dan McCalmon (707) 580-8030
For E-store questions please contact Alex Brodsky (925) 457-7270

About: Polymer80 was started in 2013 by David Borges and Loran Kelley in Vacaville, CA. Since 2015 the business resides in Carson City, NV. Polymer 80, Inc. designs and develops innovative firearms accessories and products that allow the customer to participate in the build process. This provides a fun learning experience and a greater sense of pride in their completed firearm.

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  1. Nice idea, and definitely a better looking frame than the OEM junk. That said, that is a ridiculous price.

    • The very fact that innovations like this make gun control that much more impossible is well worth $135.

        • That price includes the jig and tools needed. I expect, like their poly lowers, there will be versions available without those parts should you already own the jig for it and such.

          Injection molds cost a freaking fortune to make, by the way. The per-unit cost is low, but the mold can cost a couple hundred grand. Sig is a huge company selling a huge volume of product and can afford to recoup that cost at $45 a pop. Polymer80 needs to recoup that cost over a smaller volume of sales. I don’t think matching Sig’s price would be feasible. And 80% lowers have always cost more than inexpensive, actual firearm lowers. They’re a niche product and they also bring significant inherent value in that they’re “off the books.”

          @Warren — I think he’s talking about the grip frames for P320, P250, etc. They aren’t firearms because the serialized part is the chassis insert. But they’re ready for you to drop your chassis into. Like the Beretta Nano. Grip frames for those run $24 to $35. But Beretta is making a profit selling Nanos and injection molding additional frames to sell on the side costs them like 6 cents each.

          This Polymer80 thing is the only 80% Glock frame on the market and the only polymer 80% handgun frame on the market. I think the only other 80% handgun frame would be various 1911 options in aluminum.

        • There are states where it’s a bigger deal than others. In CA, for instance, you can make your own firearm and it doesn’t have to be registered like purchased firearms do. You could build this into a Glock and it wouldn’t require a serial number and you wouldn’t have to inform the state that you own it.

          …at least that’s how it was there a couple years ago. I suppose it could have become more strict since.

          Or in WA here, private party sales used to be legal. No paperwork. You could purchase firearms that way without the state’s knowledge. Everything now goes through a NICS check and the state is informed and it knows what you’ve purchased. An 80% build wouldn’t be known to “the man.” Plenty of people like the idea of having all, some, or at least one gun that’s off the books (but, in this case, it’s still legal).

        • Hi El Mac,

          We totally understand your concern about the price. You actually aren’t the first one to bring up the SIG P320, After doing some research we found that this product is single piece of Polymer and is not considered a firearm for that particular platform. What is considered as the firearm is the trigger group which can costs up to $200. After completing the Sig P320 you may look at over $600 once you by the upper and the rest of the components. Once you mill out the “Spectre” frame you have a functioning firearm for $135.00 and we include the jig, locking block, and all the drill/end-mill bits needed to complete the project. Our purpose is to have a user build a functioning firearm for under $600 once all is said and done.

          We also researched the pricing on Glock-compatible 100% polymer pistol frames, which average about $199.99 plus the cost of registration. Once all is said done $135.99 seemed like a fairly reasonable price for a pre-release sale.

          I hope I was able to clear some things up for you. For any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]

          Alex Brodsky
          V.P. Marketing
          Polymer80, Inc.

          • Mr. Brodsky, thank you for your detailed response. I do believe you now have a customer! Looking forward to giving it a go.

        • @Alex:

          Thanks for responding in the comments. Assuming the Spectre goes well, is there any chance of doing a Spectre XL for Glock’s large slides (i.e. .45 and 10mm)?

        • @El Mac: Thank you sir, we appreciate it!

          @Anon in CT: Yes, that is something we are currently in discussion about as we launch the “Spectre” 80% Polymer Pistol frame. It wouldn’t be a huge change over in design, we would just have to create another mold which as Jeremy pointed out in one of his replies, is quite costly. We just have to see how the “Spectre” does on the market. Great question btw.

        • @El Mac: That is not a lower, it is a “grip module assembly” for the P250 and P320. You need a serialized fire control unit (the “firearm” as per ATF regulations) to make it function as a pistol. It is in no way equivalent to the 80% lower from Polymer80.

          That being said, there is a person that is developing an 80% FCU assembly for the SIG P250. Just Google “Sig P250 80% FCU” to learn more.

        • I predict they won’t have any shortage of customers for this price, so it’s a fair market price. There are no laws on the books that prevent anyone else from offering an alternative for cheaper, and this is not a large company monopolizing a market segment, so if it really is overpriced for what it is, the market will sort it out soon enough.

        • I have been know to pay well above fair market price for a gun that had no paperwork…
          So a buck-thirty five for the starter kit?

    • If you think you can build a better product for less, please do – that’s how the free market works. Personally, I think an 80% Glock is a great idea and more competition will only help pricing & quality.

    • BTW i wonder will these fit glock holsters?
      that’s often the toughest thing with new pistols is finding holsters for them..

    • Consideting you ge the frame, jig, drill bits, end mill bit, hardened/heat treated rails and locking block, $135 really isn’t too much of an asking price. Take $650 to buy a Glock 17. Then shit can the complete upper, then shit can the complete trigger assembly you’re left with just a basic stripped frame to build a custom pistol with that cost you how much? I get if you just want basic/stick buy off the shelf for all means. But if you’re looking to build a custom pistok this is the way to go. 135 for frame, then you add $175 for custom adjustable trigger group, $239 for a custom slide, and $75 for the rest of the internals you build a custom pistol for the same price as off the shelf with this. It really isnt ridiculous at all.

      • Hi Mike, You said the Spectra Glock frame includes “hardened heat treated rails and locking block.” I didn’t see that in the offer. Are you sure this is included cause some people are saying the frame is 100% polymer and the slide rides on polymer and of course that’s not good.

        • Says right on the advertisement hardened stainlesss steel lockimg nlock and integrated rails. Meaning the lockimg block being harfened woukd have to be heat treated to be hardened, and rails would be one piece that screw into the frame.

  2. In Michigan I can build this then, but then I would still have to register it anyways. Fun Father/son type project for Christmas or a birthday.

  3. Interesting… Can’t watch the video because I am at the airport (just seems sketchy with our best friends the TSA roaming about).

    The photo doesn’t look like it has any metal slide rails, is that a crappy photo angle, or do they have something else in mind to get the slide to not get destroyed after aa few rounds?

    • The “Spectre” 80% pistol frame kit will include the following items upon release:
       80% Polymer Pistol frame & Jig System
       Custom Locking Block (made from Hardened Steel) with Rails
       Drill Bits & End-Mill Bits

    • I think that’s why it’s left out of P80’s marketing materials and press release. I see no reason why this frame wouldn’t work with .45 GAP, but I doubt anybody cares whether it does or doesn’t haha

      • Will the polomer 80 spectrum work with a Glock 37 slide? My friend said he tryed it and the slide would not slide back.

    • I still shoot mine. You can find ammo on wikiarms , but lately I have been finding Speer lawman, Winchester, and Remington at local gun shows for $18-20 a box from police trade in.

  4. But I don’t want all the extra tools. I have a CnC mill… This is a Glock I might actually consider owning. That grip angle… Well, maybe I’ll wait for some competitors to show up?

  5. whats the point in this? what is the point in a ghost gun if you are not a criminal? what exactly, as a law abiding citizen, do you plan on doing with a gun that it NOT being able to be traced to you is the end goal other than committing a crime???? i just don’t get it with this stuff.

    i guess it would make sense to get one of these to practice modding but for that price? again, whats the freaking point of this thing?

    • I suppose one could use it to protect themselves and their family after our government has confiscated every firearm that was purchased with a completed 4473 and documented in FFL logbooks.

      • ^^This.

        “…what exactly, as a law abiding citizen, do you plan on doing with a gun that it NOT being able to be traced to you is the end goal other than committing a crime?”

        This, and the AR model “Ghost Guns” are some little bit of insurance should the Progressives, by some miracle, figure out how to totally circumvent the Second Amendment and turn every subject who refuses to turn in their firearms a criminal, even if it is done piecemeal, like the NY SAFE Act.

        The end goal is IN FACT being able to commit a crime after the fact of the government turning you unconstitutionally into a criminal. All the other stuff is just gravy, especially the part about how it gets Feinstein’s panties in a bunch.

    • Look where the company was founded. California. They care about california gun laws.

      Look at the california safe handgun roster. It prevents newer designs of handguns from coming into california. There IS a grey area, though, about whether building a handgun in California is at all legal. It has to do with the intersection of anti-zip gun laws, the requirement that a gun be made by a manufacturer, and teh roster itself. At a minimum, you’d be REQUIRED to have a break top action for the glock for it to be assembled that way initially. The experts I’ve heard talk say it is basically illegal to make a pistol in CA.

      But nonetheless, this is innovation. It lets you create a handgun that exists outside of registries in almost every state, even ones with universal registries. And that’s definitely worthwhile.

      Also, I think the kit includes bits and jigs. Those cost money. Maybe after they recoup their initial investment they’ll sell the frame by itself so you can pass the jigs/bits on to other people after you’ve built non-glocks to your heart’s content.

      • I disagree about this being a gray area. The ‘safe’ handgun roster applies to manufacturers of weapons for sale in the state of California, not for personal use. This should be treated just like an AR based pistol, which is perfectly legal to build in CA on an 80% lower. Provided you also adhere to the magazine capacity law…

        • …and careful about what you put on it (i.e. it looks like you couldn’t have a threaded barrel without it being considered an assault weapon… or you’d need to figure out how to make the magazine ‘fixed’).

          iaw CA’s AW definition-
          (4) A semiautomatic pistol that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and any one of the following:
          (A) A threaded barrel, capable of accepting a flash suppressor, forward handgrip, or silencer.
          (B) A second handgrip.
          (C) A shroud that is attached to, or partially or completely encircles, the barrel that allows the bearer to fire the weapon without burning the bearer’s hand, except a slide that encloses the
          (D) The capacity to accept a detachable magazine at some location outside of the pistol grip.

    • whats the point in this? what is the point in a ghost gun if you are not a criminal? what exactly, as a law abiding citizen, do you plan on doing with a gun that it NOT being able to be traced to you is the end goal other than committing a crime???? i just don’t get it with this stuff.

      1) How many criminals use “ghost guns” in a crime? Pretty much none. Maybe 1 in the last 10 years or so?

      2) I like my privacy. I don’t want my name or my gun on any list because I own a gun. I have a right to privacy with my kitchen knives and my plant fertilizer, kerosene, and pressure cookers – but not with my guns? Nanny state pre-crime nonsense. I am innocent until proven guilty. Not guilty because I seek a gun and only innocent until the NIC’s check says so. Feel free to encroach on my privacy the moment there is an actual victim involved.

      3) I neither want to ask permission to own a gun, nor be “granted” permission to own one which is exactly what the NICs check is, UBCs, etc etc.

      4) I don’t support background checks. They don’t work and are a waste of tax dollars. Security theater. Don’t believe me? I “could” build this submachine gun Friday this week while eating a turkey leg, and nobody can do shit about it. What do you think about that?

      5) I like working on guns. It’s fun and entertaining. Some people work on classic cars. I work on classic and modern guns. Again – my business – not anyone else’s.

      The concept of the “ghost gun” was invented by fear mongering politicians who want to control the populace for their own personal interests.

    • pres stone asked:

      “whats the point in this? ”

      This is the equivalency of your library check out records.

      It’s none of the Government’s damn business what you check out from a public library or what you look up on Google.

      The Second Amendment means what it says in plain English, “The right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

      That is “the point in this? “.

    • The people who want those things do indeed want them for the purpose of committing a crime at some future point – said crime being owning a prohibited weapon. Not a crime yet, but it might be one day – did you miss all the talk about “Australian style gun control” in this electoral cycle? Hillary has brought that up as her model, and while she didn’t expand on what it actually entails, it’s basically a blanket ban on handguns and semi-autos.

    • The point of an off the books firearm is to beat the government gun grab. When Uncle Sam takes your guns that are on record, and they will, what will you use to defend yourself? It is a good idea to make your own firearm for that reason.

    • We are not the criminals. It’s the criminal fed and state governments we are concerned about.

  6. I am really really interested in this! My big question is what Gen Glock parts is this frame going to be compatible with? After reading this I immediately went and priced out parts to see what the total build cost would be. Looking on a couple different websites about the best I could do was $415 for a G19 type build for frame parts, slide, barrel. Unless you could find a Glock with a trashed frame that’s being parted out there’s no way it would be cheaper than buying one…BUT still very cool and as with any of the firearm builds I’ve done in the past they may have cost a little more over all but I cherish them more because I gave them life. THEY ARE MY BABIES!!

    • Not really about being cheaper, but about being “off the books.” At least for most buyers. If you go on GunBroker, you can find complete GLOCK slides being sold at good prices. You’d just have to get the parts to go in the grip frame and make it functional. You could raid the Lone Wolf catalog and build it up with aftermarket stuff or you could buy factory GLOCK replacement parts from various retailers. I think it’s made primarily for Gen3 internals.

      BTW — G19 slide would be short on this frame I believe. It’s designed for G17 length or longer slides.

      • FWIW, if you’re trying to “keep things off the books”, you really shouldn’t be buying on GunBroker, seeing how the transaction record is public, and remains visible for quite a while – for convenient indexing by NSA or any other agency that would potentially be interested in building such a database.

    • @Will P: The “Spectre” is compatible with Glock17 Gen3 3-pin system. Many of our customers have found deals online or at their local gun shops. We ourselves are currently looking at vendors and their prices right now, and are trying to decide who’s products we will offer along with the “Spectre” pistol frame.

  7. I’d like to see a diagram that shows exactly what needs to be milled out.

    how long before the different colors are available?

    why have one of the most controversial bits of the glock on there?!?
    also it looks chunky and bulkier than a glock frame. i could be totally wrong (and i hope so) about the grip size.

    To be honest i am on the fence about this. I do not own a glock due to the grip angle primarily and i ALMOST bought into the pre-order for these. But ideally it would have a svelte grip and no finger grooves, that way it’ll fit any hand easily. Another note, if you guys made a G15 size frame i’m sure it’d be INSANELY popular, after all what polymer competition is there that has a 1911 grip angle and is that goldilocks size? Most compacts are too small.. And it takes the most popular magazines out there to boot?!?

    I mean i am totally on-board with the concept. I almost built a 1911 but wanted more capacity and didn’t want to worry about the hand-fitting and barrel/slide matching issues etc…

    is there any chance you guys might get rid of the grooves? and also a chance of other colors like OD and FDE or even crazy colors like WHITE?!?

    • I would imagine since since you’re already milling out a receiver you can just sand off the grooves while you’re at it. That’s what I’ll do if I get on-board with this.

      • (drill presses)

        “Naw, they won’t ban them. They’ll just want them registered.”

        And a video camera trained on them 24/7/365 that is seen at your local police department.

        After all, if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have *nothing* to worry about, ‘citizen’…

  9. I’m most interested in the G26 / 27 and G19 / G23 frame size compatible with Gen 4 uppers. Any plans on building those? (I apologize if I missed that in the literature, I’m glancing through this on a mobile phone).

        • @aguy We would LOVE to offer this product to retailers, whether online or gun shops. Please if you know of anyone interested in carrying the “Spectre” as part of their product mix, we will be happy to talk with them. They can email our Sales VP Dan McCalmon: [email protected]

      • I too would definitely be in for a G19. And do look into offering different colors- I believe that would be a big hit too.

        Great idea and looks good to me. I hope you have great success.

  10. @ P80 Alex B. –

    The Drill Bits & End-Mill Bits, are they rated for polymer only?

    I.E., Can I use the bits in an end mill on metals, aluminum – steel?

    • @Geoff PR: They are the same metal drill bits you would use on Alum products yes. They will wear out faster on Alum products, much like any other drill bits would. Our end-mill bits are marked for the correct milling depth on our Lower Receivers.

  11. If you don’t understand the point of an 80% lower/frame, then you really need to place yourself in a state that treats you as merely a “subject” and not a taxing paying citizen. Believe me when I tell you that the CA Safe Gun Roster is no more than a blatant ban on firearms you can own. Oh, you want that new Glock Gen4 G17? Hold on a minute while I look this up on the Roster… Sorry, you can’t have it. It has not been tested by the state of CA, and if you want to submit to testing, please supply the state with your 3 copies of the firearms you want to test and along with ammo for the state. Pay a fee for your firearms to be tested and once they pass, continue to pay in yearly renewals to keep it on the “safe” roster. Oh, wait, I forgot to tell you that CA DOJ “improved” their safety list, which now includes loaded chamber flag, magazine trigger disconnect, and microstamping. You can’t meet these new safety standards you say? Ok, you can’t submit your firearms for testing.

    Our list of handguns in CA is aggressively getting smaller by the month. Just last year, CA DOJ in bold red letters stated that Glock Gen3 handguns made in USA has not been tested and as a result are NOT legal to purchase in CA. When was the last time you were able to buy a Glock Gen3 Austrian made Glock? Thought so. As a entrenched Californian, I’m fighting this bat shit craziness with everything that any law abiding taxing paying citizen of USA would do. I’m not a criminal simply because I enjoy firearms as a hobby, nor do I have nefarious intent simply because I enjoy building things. To believe that I am means you are no different than the people who are pushing our civil liberties way side for the sake of the collective.

    I am EXTREMELY excited about this. I can built myself a non-Glock Glock with the features of a Gen4 Glock and NOT have to pay out the nose for a real Glock Gen4. For you good gentlemen out in free states, you won’t get this, but for the rest of us in CA, NJ, HI, and NY, you will.

  12. @P80 Alex
    Would you guys be offering a lower parts kit or parts kit that includes the slide and barrel in order to complete the frame.

    • @Max We would love to offer the full parts kit for the “Spectre.” At this point we are still researching the right vendors to provide the parts for us and our customers. Our primary goal is to offer these parts at a reasonable prices, and until we find the vendor that meets that criteria, we ask our customers to do a little bit of research and purchase the right parts on their own. Please keep in mind you need the parts for Glock17 Gen3 3-pin type frame.

  13. Saw these at the Big Reno Show. Very interesting to say the least. It seemed very popular, it looked like they were on at least page two of preorders when I was looking. Not a big Glock fan, but I’m interested to see where this goes. Keep it up guys!

  14. Sooo, for the price of this plus components needed to complete it I can just go and buy a new fully functioning Glock and have no questions about the quality of the frame that I will end up with in the end.

    I know some folks want to finish their own receivers for various reasons but for me it simply isn’t worth it.

    A bit sad really, I like the look of the frame and if it were cheaper I might have tried it. Oh, where is the G19 version? I either missed it or they aren’t making it.

  15. So, after the 80, the slide/barrel combo, what all else exactly would I need to purchase and install.
    Where is the spot to go get all of that?
    I’m very interested, but might be inclined to wait until full packages are available if the rest of the parts are hard to find.

  16. Polymer rails? no thanks… Id rather buy a glock lower.
    Also, Most glock lowers will be coming with triggers, mag releases, pins, etc…

    All that stuff adds up on this, which comes completely stripped of parts.

  17. Ok, well, I’m in. I got a couple of buddies interested too and all three of us are now impatiently awaiting the arrival of our new project. One more is thinking about it. Peer pressure is a wonderful thing!
    Still would love to hear exactly what else needs to be purchased and where/how to find it for a good deal.
    For me, I’m thinking .40 g22., but may also keep a spare .357 sig barrel for swap out.

    Stopped by the Crossroads show today in the OC, but could not find these guys unfortunately. Was really looking forward to a conversation.

    Guess I’ll have to pace in the waiting room like an expectant father…in the old days.

    Any more info on what this entire project is going to take from y’all would be greatly appreciated!

  18. Just got my email from Rainier Arms advertising these. Glad you guys found at least one retailer. And one that has a reputation for selling quality parts as well. Good for y’all.

  19. Could this 80% be modified easily to fit a 19 slide and shorten the grip for 19 mags? Inquiring minds want to know… Seems quite possible, just curious if the company making them had tried it.

    • I shortened the grips on my 17’s to accept 19 mags. Don’t see why you couldn’t do the same with this. As for the slide, not sure. Will have to take a look when mine comes. I assume/hope a G19 sized frame is in the works. Also, when will just the frames be available to purchase without the jig and tools?

  20. TTAG, did you ever get one? It’s out on the market now, I need a 3rd party review, stat!

  21. Just got one. It looks great! Now if you had lowers for a Glock 23, I’d definitely be interested in two or three of them! Thanks!

    Kevin T.

  22. My questions are….1 – Is this gun, once completed, allowed to be Carried Legally and 2 – If, God Forbid, I was involved in a self defense shooting situation would I be looking at any type of prosecution because of said gun?

  23. Has anyone found it cheaper than $125 with “hacked” coupon code over at the site???

  24. Looking forward to the XL 80% frame !!!! Do you have an idea when this might be available for purchase ?

  25. So i bought me one of these and it was a quick and easy job to mill/drill and assemble .
    I am a wee bit disappointed in the pin location and think ot would be a small price to make pin drill holes larger and provide metal bushing insert drill guides to avoid the bit digging into the jig . My pins went in but not like they should have .
    I also had problems with the millimg of the slides but that worked itself out .
    I dont think it a good idea reuse the jig as it is damaged during the process .

    • Why would you reuse the jig when they give you a new one with every frame? It’s meant to be a one time use. Also if you centered the bit properly with the jig your holes will ne dead on. It takes some effort but the jig is dead on with the holes.

  26. I absolutely love mine! It blows my mind that there are people who claim that this is a hard project. I used a jig saw to cut down the excess material, literally took me 2mins and it came out almost perfect right off the bat. Also although ideal; you don’t NEED a cross vice. A make-shift jig made by clamping down 2 pieces of wood parallel to each other worked perfectly (a jig for my jig).

  27. Not when you can get a 100% ready to go lower from Sig for $45. $135 for an 80%er is ridiculous.

    Looks like we have a sheeple (amrican) here…8). That Sig lower IS REGISTERED and CAN BE TAKEN
    AWAY…at any time. Did not the events of New
    York and Connecticut teach you NOTHING ? We
    now in Washington State have a California style “Assault Rifle” ban in the legislature. Folks who foolishly purchased at their local FFL can now
    make another trip to the local police station
    to turn them in….

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