Magpul just announced two new products for the M16/M4/AR-15 market, and they’re both grips. The MOE+ is an enhanced version of their MOE grip, where “enhanced” is code word for “covered in rubber like a Hogue.” The MOE-K (pictures after the jump) is a small and compact version of the MOE grip designed for the PDW class of weapons. The MOE-K is available at the store online right now, with the MOE+ available from dealers soon. Are they significantly better than other grips? We don’t know yet. But when it comes to ergonomics and weapons handling equipment Magpul is the best in the industry, and seeing a new product launch from them is like seeing a lunar eclipse these days.


  1. I’m a geek for Magpul products. The VK-22 I tested may have been inaccurate and wildly unsafe, but it was very comfortable to shoot once I replaced the stock pistol grip and trigger guard with Magpul MOE versions and added an MOE vertigrip.

    Magpul sells an MOE grip with replaceable backstraps to get just the size you need, but I used the basic MOE which gave just the hand-filling girth I needed.

  2. A small correction might be in order, the MOE+ has to be purchased from a dealer/distributor. It is NOT available in MAGPUL’s store. It’s listed, but you can’t buy it there. MAGPUL is selling the MOE-K in THEIR online store, however. It’s a bummer waiting for dealers to stock.


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