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Still having trouble getting your mitts on ammo? Want to train at home without the hassle expense, and questionable muzzle control of your buddies at the range? iSniper has a new solution that will let you train at home. Their new iDryfire app (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) along with one of their iMarksman dry fire lasers lets you record your shot placement to see exactly how accurate (or not) you are. To get the full value from your training session, though, you may want to lock up any felines in the house before starting you commence firing, though . . .

LANGHORNE, PA (June 2013) –  iSniper, Inc., developer of the iMarksman® Virtual Target System for Marksmanship and Use of Force Training, announces the release of the iDryfire Laser Target System iPhone and iPod Touch app. The patent pending iDryfire™ Laser Training System provides safe, convenient firearms practice in any environment, building muscle memory and confidence for actual firearms use on the shooting range. Used by responsible citizens, law enforcement agencies, security companies and militaries around the world, the iDryfire® Laser Training System makes firearms training, anytime training without the high cost of ammunition. Now, the iDryfire™ Laser Training System iPhone and iPod app makes it even easier to transport and train in any location.

The iDryfire™ system can utilize a variety of available laser training inserts, cartridges or handguns. The iMarksman® Dry Fire lasers fit handguns and rifles from .22 up to .50 and shotguns; 12, 16 and 20 GA. Airsoft and paintball guns also work as laser simulators  with the iMarksman® dry laser inserts. Other option available are iMarksman® Simulators for the S&W M&P, GLOCK and the SIRT Simulator handgun and LaserLyte® Laser Training Cartridges.

The iDryfire™ system and phone app are easy to use. Place a target of your choice on a no-glare background such as a wall. Insert your Dryfire laser device or prepare your SIRT training handgun. Set up your smart device facing the target at about 2 to 4 yards. Press the START button and get ready! As soon as you hear the sound, shoot (dry fire) at the target.  Review your shot placement and reaction time. Save your result and go again! Create exercises such as holstering and presenting the firearm, dryfire and reholster just like in our video example.

The iDryfire™ Laser Training System is compatible with the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. It requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. Available on iTunes for $12.99.

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  1. I hate to steal any thunder from the iDryfire Laser Training System but I have to throw this out. Consider an inexpensive pistol that shoots airsoft plastic BBs. I know it sounds lame to many people when they hear the word BB. Of course it isn’t the same as firing live rounds. Nevertheless, it develops solid trigger discipline and control and fundamentals of target acquisition and aiming. It is also a safe way to practice drawing and shooting or point shooting without any worry of serious injuries. The best part: you can shoot inside your home/apartment or in your back yard.

    By the way accuracy at close range amazed me. At 10 feet, I can hit the cap of a 2-liter soda bottle at least 9 out of 10 times. It is a round projectile so accuracy starts to suffer at longer distances. Still, I paid $20 for a plastic airsoft pistol and $5 for 2000 plastic BBs. How can you go wrong?

    Important note: wear safety glasses when handling and shooting airsoft guns. The BBs have muzzle velocities over 300 fps and will penetrate cereal boxes. While they won’t penetrate skin, they leave a huge welt that really hurts for about 5 minutes. (Don’t worry, the BB sized red mark on your skin will go away in about a week!)

    • +1 on the airsoft training. If you want to get really fancy there are metal slide versions that have a gas blowback system in them that actually racks the slide and creates a bit of recoil. You can probably find your exact gun as an airsoft. I’ve got a Glock 23 clone that works very well and is dimensionally identical to the real thing.

      • KWA makes several replicas. I have the KWA P226 and it functions just like my sig and the rail fits my light and the gun itself fits all me sig holsters. The only issue indoors is you get that propane smell.

    • I’m all about both airsoft and dry fire practice, just depends on the weather. I still need to look up in my area if it is legal to use airsoft or not but so far I’ve not had the neighbors call the police on me.

      • Outside? You can shoot airsoft in the house. Just put up a counple of layers of cardboard, or even just blankets to keep the pellets from maring the walls and your fine. Added plus is you can scenario real life home defense this way. I shoot mine in my home office. Only hassle is picking up all the BBs afterwards.

        • It’s not a problem shooting in the house either, just sort of nice setting up targets on a lazy hot summer day and sitting on the back porch to practice. lol.

          This summer’s plan is to set up a whole tactical layout and practice.

          Airsoft is still a lot more fun than dryfiring, even at my laserlyte target.

        • Just watch out what you hit with your pellets. They can leave a small dent in the wall. Also I ND’d on with an Airsoft gun and took out my friends droid and had to pay him 200$ so while they really don’t do much damage just be sure not to underestimate them when shooting g around glass and stuff.

        • Aye, better your glasses than your eye though. Could also use it to “accidentally” take out that annoying pet rat the eldest just had to have but now no longer feeds.

  2. I have mentioned this before, but I bought replica BB/Pellet pistols to practice in my garage. I built three six foot tall targets stands out of 1×4’s and rubber backed carpet for the backs and cardboard fronts. The actual target area is 18″ by 36″. I can stage them next to each other, far apart and at different distances. Gives me a whole range of scenarios instead of just one target. Both replica air guns feel the same and fit my holsters. Although the replica M&P is a bit lighter, it still feels just like the real thing.

  3. Spent over two hours trying to set this up, one issue after another. The software and driver files were corrupt. After I obtained a new set of software, the camera was not detected by my computer. I received an error about the device malfunctioning. The iDryFire software itself kept crashing as soon as it opened. I tried this on two different PCs. I do not recommend buying this product.


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