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‘Awwww! Look Mommy, kitties!’ Thats probably how a North Ridgeville, Ohio mom found out about the family of feral cats who’d taken up residence in a wood pile in her yard. She then did what a lot of moms with a house full of rugrats would do, she called city hall to have someone handle the problem. Fortunately, North Ridgeville has exactly the resource necessary to deal with situations like this and they called in Humane Officer Barry Accorti. So the retired NRPD sergeant arrived at the scene on Monday to handle the momma cat and her five kittens. And then the gunfire broke out . . .

Was Accorti attacked by a rabid, overly protective mother cat? Did he find a coiled copperhead in that same woodpile? Maybe an tooled-up tabby threatening him with imminent bodily harm? Not exactly.


(Accorti) allegedly told the homeowner that shelters were full and that the cats would be going to kitty heaven. He then pulled out his gun and shot the five, 8- to 10-week-old kittens.

Accorti allegedly told the homeowner that he isn’t supposed to do this, but it was justifiable. The woman ran into the house to shield her children, who were screaming and crying.

That’s right. He busted out his service pistol and blasted the felines right there in the middle of a residential neighborhood. As you’d expect, the community reaction to Officer Accorti’s decision to dispatch the cats with extreme prejudice hasn’t been what you’d call supportive.

The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wants Humane Officer Barry Accorti fired…. OSPCA Executive Director Teresa Landon says Accorti should be fired and charged with five counts of animal cruelty. . . .

On Wednesday morning, dozens held a rally, upset the police department is backing the humane officer involved in the incident.

Many of those attending the rally Wednesday morning brought their own pets with them. They carried signs, including those asking for harsher penalties for animal abuse.

And after an apparently exhaustive inquiry into the trigger-happy Accorti’s lead launching, Chief Mike Freeman circled the wagons and covered Accorti’s ass came to the conclusion that despite cracking off five shots in close proximity to who-knows-how-many innocent North Ridgevillians, there’s really nothing to see here and the town’s outraged citizens should just move the hell along.

After visiting the scene, talking with the responding officer and re-interviewing the complainant, I have decided his actions were appropriate and have decided not to impose any disciplinary measures for the incident. We will talk with the humane officers about improving their communications with the public. We are here to help those who seek our assistance. Our agency prides itself on not telling people, “It’s not our problem or there is nothing we can do for you.” This would be the easy way out. To walk away and leave a safety issue unresolved is irresponsible. At no time does this agency condone or allow the indiscriminate killing of animals, but we will continue to assist residents when there is a safety or nuisance condition.


Well, no one can accuse Officer Accorti of taking the easy way out, can they? So for his dedication, discretion, discernment and decision-making capabilities in the field, we hereby present our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day award to Humane Officer Barry Accorti. Maybe the next time he comes across a similar infestation problem, he’ll use his new trophy to bludgeon the little critters to death rather than risking the lives of innocent bystanders.

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  1. Classic psychopathic behavior.

    “What? All I did was shoot kittens while children watched in the middle of a residential neighborhood! Was that wrong? I don’t understand why people are mad?!”

    • One of the best predictors of sadists and child abusers is how they mis-treated animals earlier in life.

      • Wonder if it’s true in the other direction, time-wise?

        If we looked at the retired PD sergeant’s record, would we find a history of abusive behavior complaints? Would it surface that he was the “old school” cop they called in to question suspects when the interview-room cameras malfunctioned?

      • According to you and your demented ilk, this must be just like all those deeply disturbed serial-killers in the making that are eradicating all those other invasive-species in N. America; like Kudzu, Purple-Loosestrife, Gypsy Moths, Emerald Ash-Borers, African Cichlids, Burmese Pythons, Brown Tree Snakes, etc., from their lands and lakes. MANY of which are due to criminally negligent pet-owners who let their pets escape confinement or dumped them on purpose.

        Or how about all those sickos that run animal-shelters, they’re nothing but a bunch of child-murdering pedophiles because they have to euthanize animals every day. And every farmer and rancher that has to humanely put down an animal with a gun must be molesting and murdering everything in their county. Those damned sickos! And what about all those people in stockyards murdering all those cattle every day for your McBurgers? I bet they’re a hide-out for all the serial-killers that nobody can find! And all those hunters that provide food for their family by hunting, I bet they’re the worst of all!

        And of course, the ABSOLUTELY WORST, MOST MENTALLY-ILL OF ALL — all those people that are paying HIRED-KILLERS to murder all those BILLIONS of INNOCENT ANIMALS EVERY YEAR to then cram their tortured dead bodies into cans and bags and slap a “cat-food” label on them for you! A bunch of demented basket cases! They’re probably the MOST heinous and notorious serial-killers of all! (on this one I’d agree)

        I bet you’re onto something!

        Like your needing serious psychological help.

        Paranoid psychotic much?

        • Way to make a mountain out of a molehill, woodsman. The article is about an animal control officer who really had piss poor judgement and his gross misuse of a firearm which makes responsible gun owners look like fools. Nobody here impugned shelters, hunters or your dignity and your reply missed the mark so far that it’s barely comprehensible. It’s only the Internet, man. Stop taking it so seriously.

        • Why don’t you go hunting with Dick Cheney? Then we’d have one less loudmouth here who doesn’t understand that a HUMANE officer is supposed to set an example for its citizens on how to treat animals and obey the laws that govern their protection. NO-ONE is above the law, and the same punishment a citizen would most certainly face for this type of action should be levied against Accorti.

        • If you believe that shooting animals with a gun to kill them is inhumane, then I suggest you take your argument to your nearest hunting lodge and tell everyone how you are going to arrest them all for cruelty to animals.

          How’s that career getting your education from bambi-cartoons while living in your mommy’s basement working out for you? Good I hope? LOL

    • Fuc* you Woodsman. You try to come off as witty and intelligent. You arent. I know ladies are repulsed by you. Lolol probably wearing your brass belt buckle, screaming about your gun rights, wearing your loser jeans hiked up with a plaid shirt tucked in.hehe .

  2. We should take comfort in the revelation that the officer INTENDED to shoot the animals.I was expecting to see a headline stating “Officer Kills Kid via ND.”

    • Fined? No, jailed. That’s animal cruelty #1 right there.

      It is not a police officer’s job to do animal control unless the animal poses a threat to humans. Weeks-old kittens? Kinda doubt it. He needs to call animal control (if the location has it, otherwise it’s his job to take the animals and bring them to a shelter) and let them take the animals to a shelter, where they’ll make the decision or not to euthanize them based upon shelter space.

      • Read the article again, Greg. He WAS the humane officer, and he KNEW the shelter was already full and that the cats would be euthanized. You could say that he was just doing his job with a different tool. And with questionable judgment.

        • My sister in law lives in the area and she works at an animal shelter. There are other shelters that could have taken these kittens in. The whole the shelter was full thing is a BS cop out excuse.

      • Wow! You people are more ignorant and stupid than anyone could ever imagine!

        The law in the USA is that it is perfectly legal to destroy any animal, someone’s pet or not, that is threatening the health, well-being, and safety of yourself, your family, your animals, or even your property. Also true even in most densely populated cities, firearms laws permitting, if not then 700-1200fps air-rifles are commonly used. The only animals exempt from you taking immediate action, legally, are those listed on endangered or threatened species lists, and any bird species under protection of MBTA (the Migratory Bird Treaty Act). Even then variances can be given should there be sufficient problem but this requires further study by authorities. Since cats are listed in the TOP 100 WORST invasive species of the world in the “Global Invasive Species Database” ( ), this means they have no protection whatsoever from being shot on sight, they are not on any protected species list anywhere in the world. Quite the opposite as a matter of fact. (This is precisely how I managed to clear out every last one of hundreds of these invasive species vermin cats from my own lands. On the sound advice of the sheriff. Even he found that trying to reason with and warn the cat-lickers did no good. But shooting every last cat finally worked! My lands have been 100% cat-free for almost 4 years now, for less than the price of a couple cups of coffee for the ammo.)

        Shoot to maim is punishable under the laws that define animal-cruelty (these are the ONLY cases that cat-lickers cite to try to manipulate and scare everyone from shooting their only favorite animal). But shoot to kill is a perfectly legal way to humanely destroy an animal. The same laws and principles that apply to methods of humanely hunting animals also applies to cats. (Outfit your rifle with a good scope and laser-sight. This will ensure a totally humane, instant, and LEGAL kill each and every time. Though use a fatal chest-shot, a head-shot is not always a sure thing.) Unlike cat-lickers’ psychotic beliefs, the reality is that a cat is just another animal. It’s NOT their baby, their child, their offspring. Even if they do view their cats that way, letting them roam free is no less criminally irresponsible than them telling their child to go play in the freeway and then blaming the cars for their child’s death. If they let their cat roam free, NO MATTER HOW IT DIES, that is THEIR fault and they can be charged with all laws that clearly define animal-neglect, animal-abandonment, and animal-endangerment. Not to mention being in direct violation of all international invasive species laws in existence.

        In fact, here’s a publication from a study done by the University of Nebraska on the best ways to HUMANELY deal with a feral-cat problem wherever you live. This documentation INCLUDES the best firearms, ammo, and air-rifles required to HUMANELY destroy cats.

        Besides, what difference does it make if the cat gets shot or ran over by a car, attacked by another cat or animal, drowned, or poisoned by plants animals or chemicals (inexpensive 1-adult-strength generic acetaminophen pain-relievers gaining in popularity, for being so species specific, far far safer than antifreeze and rat-poisons that cat-lickers have forced everyone else into using lately). The result is the same. The cause is the same — the fault of the criminally irresponsible pet-owner that let their invasive species pet roam free. They’ve already proved that their animal is 100% expendable. You can either destroy their cat for them humanely, or let their lack of care cause it to inevitably die inhumanely. They don’t care one bit how their cat might cruelly suffer to death if they let it roam free. Humanely destroy their cat for them before that can happen. A well aimed bullet is the MOST humane death that ANY stray or feral cat can ever look forward to. Any other death that they WILL eventually face is all inhumanely downhill from there.

        • I had to take a breath after reading your discourse Woody, but I like your style.

        • We can blame some of that on my typing 130+ wpm. I cringe later when I see what I’m putting the poor reader through. 🙂 Except when I know that it is a cat-licker that must read it, then the punishment more than fits their crimes against all of nature and all of humanity. 🙂

        • “I wonder if I write an overly long and ridiculous comment, people will take my opinion seriously?”


    • I agree. I don’t think shooting a bunch of strays in the backyard was the intelligent thing to do; I’m not going to lose sleep over it. If I had been authorized to dispatch them I probably would have taken them somewhere else first. Before his character assassination is complete I would like to know the rest of the circumstances. Was he shooting down or was he firing parallel to the ground with a bunch of innocent bystanders in the background? More importantly what would RF have done?

      • I don’t think people are reacting as much to the killing of feral cats as they are to it being done in a residents yard with the children around.

        • Killing baby animals is cruel, he is more dangerous than those animals ever were. He should be fired and serve major jailtime. If he was a non LEO he would be nailed to the wall no question. But because he is a LEO he gets off scott free, makes me sick. This officer is clearly sick with a ichy trigger finger and bloodlust. There was no need to kill them, he just wanted to kill.

    • I’d have to assume that I would have been prosecuted for illegally discharging a gun in city limits and probably for animal cruelty and maybe endangering the family by firing a gun right next to their house, etc etc etc. This guy gets of scott free… Apparently he is able to make decisions like this but I assume that a normal citizen is not.

      • You wouldn’t have been prosecuted for anything. It’s PERFECTLY LEGAL to shoot-to-kill ANY nuisance animal on your own property. How’s that life you’ve lived in your mommy’s rental-unit basement?

        • Um. No. Depends where you live. In the city in which I live, despite being a conservative, generally pro-gun city in Eastern WA State, it is absolutely illegal to discharge a firearm in city limits unless it’s in clear self defense. I doubt I would be arrested and prosecuted, but I would almost certainly be fined if I shot a raccoon or coyote or whatever on my own property. Not for shooting the animal! Just for firing a gun.

          …different story in the County, but this applies in City limits here and does, in fact, apply to most cities in most States.

        • Firearms laws only cover guns and rifles with ballistics speeds of 1200fps or greater. That’s why all the new air-rifles with ballistics speeds up to (but not greater than) 1200 fps now come with built-in sound-suppressors. Their below-firearms ballistics speeds also keep them perfectly legal in no-firearms zones. They’re being specifically designed for the overwhelming populations of feral cats in every urban area. The demand for them is so great just for that purpose that they are designing them just for that purpose. A bit pricey, but when you consider how many years of your life that you’ve already wasted arguing with your cat-licking neighbors, they pay for themselves on first use. And cat-lickers have to have AT LEAST 12-15 of their cats permanently disappear before they even start to learn how to be a respectable human and neighbor and responsible pet-owner. You’ll be needing that air-rifle for years to come. It’ll pay for itself many many times over.

          (Though the cat-lickers by me, who were adopting “barn cats” from urban “feral-barn-cat” programs where they round them up in cities and dump them off in the country to solve their problem, were uniquely cretinized and lobotomized. I had to shoot and bury many hundreds of their cats before they started to learn. They were so dense that they even kept adopting more and releasing them as they were hearing all their other cats being shot to death and KNEW their cats were being shot to death, they were told by me AND the sheriff that their cats were being shot to death. They still didn’t care, they really don’t care about cats at all. They just use them as animal-sacrifices to try to control everyone around them. That’s also just how fu**ingly stupid cat-lickers are. True story!)

        • “They just use them as animal-sacrifices to try to control everyone around them.”

          WTF. So all those people that like to have a pet feline are really using them as pawns for local domination? That’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve said yet, but I guess the day’s not over. It’s clear that you just have a hard-on for killing cats and an unreasonable hatred for animals. FOAD.

        • Well, I didn’t want to post the lengthy post that proves this about cat-lickers that let cats roam free; but since you want to remain so ignorant so desperately, we can’t allow that, now can we. 🙂

          Some important information to help you understand “cat-lovers”. Something I discovered when “cat-lovers” (an oxymoronic label if there ever was one) were using cats to overtake my lands, eventually even by moving my property markers when using their cats had failed — failed because I got the legal go-ahead to shoot their cats. (An expensive many $1000s lesson for these property-thieves, surveyors are not cheap.) I often wondered why they kept releasing new cats onto my lands even long AFTER they already knew that all their cats were being shot to death, they were told this is what was going to happen, and was happening. Clearly something else was motivating these people. How many do you know that keep releasing cats after seeing many of them become road-kill, harmed by cat and animal attacks, die of diseases, killed by environmental poisons, etc.? (Like every last TNR (trap, neuter, re-abandon) advocate for starters.) They don’t care about cats, not in the least!

          “Human Territorial Behavior By Expendable Proxy”

          I have come to the inexorable conclusion that “cat-lovers” and cat-owners letting destructive invasive-species roam free, and those that defend the rights of cats to overtake private and public property and wildlife areas, are only (cowardly) using cats as a proxy for their OWN territorial behavior. Like inner-city youth that will disrespectfully and inconsiderately use loud music to stake-out territory for themselves. Whether this behavior is done consciously or subconsciously the underlying motive is the same. As long as they can have one of their cats defecate in another’s yard or destroy their property, animals, and wildlife; and the land-owner not have any recourse; the cat-owner/caretaker owns that territory. It’s time to put a stop to them using their “cute kitty” excuse for usurping and stealing others’ property. If they want territory they can buy it like anyone else. Instead they’re using underhanded and manipulative means–putting (and sacrificing) live animals in the path of their envy and greed. “Cat-lovers” only really want your yard, garden, or forest while making all others and all other animals suffer for what they can’t have. Bottom line–they want to control you and your property. That’s _ALL_ that “cat-lovers” are really after. It’s why they don’t care at all if their cat nor any other animals, nor even other humans, get harmed by their goals and (lack of) values in life.

          Google for: Loews Hotels Feral Cats

          Another replay of what these cat-licking sociopaths do, Google for: Cats Venice Complex Reprieve

          A $150 million renovation project for low-income housing, put on hold, jobs lost, money lost, homeless still homeless court costs and lawyers, just to save a few of their feral vermin cRats. And the saddest part of all, the vast majority of these TNR’ed cats had already died heinous inhumane deaths from TNR-practitioners’ “death by attrition” mantra. (Road-kill, diseases, parasites, injuries, environmental poisons, cat & animal attacks, exposure, etc. etc. Their all-encompassing feel-good blinders-on term of “death by attrition”.)

          Similar scenarios can be found by Googling for feral cats and churches, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, malls, apartment complexes, etc., etc. Cat-lickers delusionally believe that any land on which a cat has stepped-foot is their own property and they can manipulate and control the owners and all laws on it.

          This is precisely why everyone is learning to destroy all cats on their properties as quickly and quietly as possible. Telling nobody beforehand about any cats even being there. Long before these psychotic cat-licker sociopaths and psychopaths get wind of the cats. Shoot cats first — tell no-one later. The only thing worse than feral cats are feral cat-lickers. You can legally shoot the former, not the latter. You need to pay lawyers and courts to get rid of the latter. THEN you can get rid of their cats. And the sad part is, that’s EXACTLY what happens, each and every time. People are wising-up. If ANY cats are around they destroy every last one of them first, before they make any other move.

          They can’t be stopped from their behavior. They psychotically believe they are doing “god’s work” for themselves. Destroying their cats for them is the ONLY solution.

  3. I’d rather they spend the $2 in bullets than who knows how much to house and care for these cats. Although there might be quite a mess to clean up with a service pistol…but you probably aren’t going to hear a cop say “Hold on while I get my 22 out of the trunk”.

    • There is a way to properly euthanize animals. It does not involve the use of firearms, and most certainly not doing so in front of a bunch of kids in their own yard.

      • I dispatched sick cats at our farm semi-regularly growing up. This involved placing the sick animal in a brown paper grocery bag (usually with a shovel so as not to touch it) and then using a .22 revolver to the head. Kept clean-up to a minimum, nice easy package to bury. Heck of a lot cheaper then sending them to the vet to be euthanized. I’ve watched horses with broken legs euthanized with a revolver as well.

        • There’s a pretty big difference, firearms-safety-wise, between a farm and a suburban backyard.

        • What’s proper for a farm isn’t for a suburban house with kids around. The officer displayed poor judgment.

          On the other end of the outrage spectrum, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to euthanize pets via firearm in rural area of the (slave) State of NY.

      • Just think of it as a (loud, dangerous) PSA to spay or neuter your animals. “Fix your pet, or we’ll send out Officer McShooty when the shelter’s full.” Feral cats were a huge problem in my area- until a pair of red-tailed hawks & a pair of horned owls moved in. Those birds saved local enforcement types a lot of money on thinning them out.

  4. I’m confused. Was the safety issue that would have been left unresolved the kittens or the cop firing his gun at the kittens in front of a family?

    Because one of those things makes me feel unsafe and I dont think it’s the thing the chief thinks it is.

  5. If the home owner had gone out there and done that herself, they would have arrested her for discharging a weapon in a public/residential area, child endangerment, disturbing the peace, animal cruelty, and probably a dozen other ordinances and laws that the DA could make stick. This stuff pisses me off.

    • My first thought as well. The real outrage here isn’t what this officer did, but the blatant double standard which has so obviously been applied in this case. But what else is new?

    • Exactly. How many times have we heard “every bullet has a lawyer attached”? I don’t see the cops in NYC that shot those 9 bystanders or the dumb ass LAPD cops that shot that pickup truck full of holes going through the same scrutiny a citizen would have faced had they did the same thing… and I thought these guys were held up as the “highly trained professionals” model of why police should be the only ones with firearms.

    • This is our new reality. We the people no longer in control of our government. Our government has reached a point where the same rules that apply to the common citizen does not apply to those who work in government.

    • Wrong on all counts. This is what happens when the only diploma you’ve ever received was from that box of cheerios while spilling milk on your jammies and watching bambi-cartoons for your teacher.

      • May your house be overrun with rats, mice, and other flea-infested vermin. The plague hasn’t been eradicated, you know.

        May you also be overrun by trigger-happy cops, who have killed far more people than kittens ever have.

        • Cat-Transmitted PLAGUE:

          Totally disproving that oft-spewed LIE that all cat-lickers tell about having more cats in Europe could have prevented the plague. No rats nor fleas even required if you have cats around. Cats themselves carry and transmit the plague all on their own. Now add in the fact that cats attract rodents right to them if the cats infect the rodents with their Toxoplasma gondii parasite, and you’ll see a plague the likes of which have never existed before. Especially when you breed super-strains of plague with your overuse and irresponsible use of antibiotics. The very act of a cat destroying any animal carrying the plague then makes the cat a spreader of the plague, and since cats are genetically predisposed to hang around human habitation, they bring the plague RIGHT TO YOUR DOORS.

          FLAME DELETED That’s what I’d like to know.

          Cats’ most insidious disease of all, their Toxoplasma gondii parasite they spread through their excrement into all other animals. This is how humans get it in their dinner-meats, cats roaming around stockyards and farms. This is why cats are routinely destroyed around gestating livestock or important wildlife by shooting or drowning them. So those animals won’t suffer from the same things that can happen to the unborn fetus of any pregnant woman. (Miscarriages, still-births, hydrocephaly, and microcephaly.) It can make you blind or even kill you at any time during your life once you’ve been infected. It becomes a permanent lifetime parasite in your mind, killing you when your immune system becomes compromised by disease or chemo and immunosuppressive therapies. It can last over a year in any soils or waters and not even washing your hands or garden vegetables in bleach will destroy the oocysts. Contrary to cat-lickers’ self-deceptive myths, a cat can become reinfected many times during its life and spread millions of oocysts each time. It’s now linked to the cause of autism, schizophrenia, and brain cancers. This parasite is also killing off rare and endangered marine-mammals along all coastlines from cats’ T. gondii oocysts in run-off from the land, the oocysts surviving even in saltwater.

          Its strange life cycle is meant to infect rodents. Any rodents infected with it lose their fear of cats and are attracted to cat urine.

          Cats attract rodents to your home with their whole slew of diseases. If you want rodents in your home keep cats outside of it to attract diseased rodents to your area. I experienced this phenomenon (as have many others), and all rodent problems disappeared after I shot and buried every last one of hundreds of cats on my lands.

          The time has come to destroy them all whenever spotted away from supervised confinement. There’s no other solution. We have nobody but cat-lickers to thank for this health and ecological disaster. Stray-cats, the very source of all feral-cats, need to be euthanized too or you’ll never be rid of the feral-cat problem.

  6. Most people in my state of residence, PA, think that raccoons, foxes, or dogs are the main carriers of rabies. No. Free roaming suburban cats are the main carrier. The explanation given is that most cats do not get rabies shots, and also come in contact with all the other small-mammal carriers. Shooting feral cats is not such bad idea. It might be civilized to have the kids cleared to the TV room first.

    • True but in small rural town we balance that with cats eating mice/rats (a milllion tons of corn in the area). But shooting kittens? I’ll shoot a coon in my yard/outbuilding but a cat? At the price/availability of ammo (and the likely threat)?

      They no longer have gunnysacks and waterbuckets in Ohio? I suppose this is a rural vs suburban/city thing. Animals may be members of the family but they are not blood relatives (or even adopted human relatives). They are critters.

      Animal abuse??? It was over as quick for the kitty as fast as it is for the hog down at packing plant. Though it was a former cop on the trigger. How many rounds per kitty did it take and were there any occupany of pickups shot?

      • neiowa,
        My thought exactly. How can it be cruelty to animals when death was instant. Stupid for discharging his gun in a neighborhood, heck yeah. But cruelty…nope.

  7. Officer Accorti better hope my daughter never comes across this article, because if she hears about this, she WILL find him. And I don’t think he’ll enjoy remembering the time he got his ass kicked by a 12-year-old girl.

    • This is NOT an issue for 12-year old girls to rule upon; nor is it an issue to be settled by ad-hoc “animal safety officers”.

      This is an issue for the homeowners to settle, and no one else. We don’t pay public employees to do this sort of “work”. DO. IT YOUSELF; be an adult for once in your GD lives, for chrissakes!

      • Kind of missing the point.

        Yes, the homeowners could maybe have taken more responsibility for it. I’ve done so myself — taking animals to the shelter and even humanely killing them myself when it was absolutely necessary.

        However, in that town (as in most) they DO pay public employees to do that kind of work. Officer Accorti apparently was that employee, and he chose a butt-stupid, callous, and potentially dangerous way to do his job. That’s the real problem here.

        And though I originally said it in jest, I can be serious about it, too. If my kid wants to kick that guy’s ass, she can do it with my blessing.

  8. If the home owner had shot the strays in their yard it would have been a different story, even though the cats were disease carrying varmints invading the property. It proves again there are two classes of people. Government and the peasants.

    I as the homeowner might have shot them myself if I had determined them varmints which should be my right but that right is illegal within city limits which is the reason I don’t live in town. If I called Animal control for every skunk, raccoon, possum, and coyote that took up residence on my property my phone number would be blocked by the county.

    • You do realize that animals have no way of knowing or understanding about things such as property lines or private property correct? They are simply living their lives and trying to survive which is no small feat out in the wild. I don’t shoot any creatures that innocently roam my property and I have little to no issue with them. Raccoons and skunk? What they hell are they doing to you that you need to kill them?

  9. I`m not a PETA or animal rights type but this is totally outrageous behavior. These kittens could have been adopted out. Even if the animal shelters were full as Accorti claimed, there had to be pet rescue organizations in the area that could have fostered the cats until a home was found. Accorti is showing obvious signs of being a sociopath. Better keep a close watch on this guy, he might be a Manuel Pardo or Drew Peterson in the making.

  10. I didn’t know that anyone, including the police, were allowed to discharge a weapon in a residential area outside of an emergeny. Were any of Jimmy Carter’s killer rabbits on the loose too? Maybe they got the kittens to be co-conspirators. You can’t trust kittens.

  11. I’m all for pest control, but discharging a firearm in such close proximity to a residential neighborhood, come on.

    Don’t setup a makeshift execution in front of children for animals that many people consider pets.

  12. Well, I guess ferrets better keep their noses clean. They may be next.

    I can agree the kats needed to be shot. At about 6 ounces and in such numbers the officer must have been fearing for his life. At least he’ll have dinner with his family.

    I wonder if any of these officials have respect for any type of life.

  13. Just what we need another A–H— throwing lead around a residential neighborhood, where any one round could have hit a rock etc. and hit by standers too, he needs a stay in jail to remind him he is a danger to all…

  14. I feel very torn by this story. I hate cats. Feral cats might be rabid. On the in-laws farm I’ve seen the boys tasked with drowning kittens they found because they don’t need more mouths to feed and they interfere with the livestock and can’t be left to roam the farm.

    On the other hand, middle of a residential neighborhood with a service gun? kinda messy and seems more like a statement – dont make me come out to deal with your friggin cats lady.

    • Hey, with all due respect, and no intention of offending, I was wondering what drives someone to hate cats. I sit here writing this with a furry companion of 13 years purring away on my lap. This little guy has given me wonderful companionship over the years, plays fetch with me and watches over my two sons each night, and I’m just trying to understand the hate thing.

      • I am deathly allergic. Literally, they have put me in the hospital a couple times. Love dogs.

        • Makes at the very least two of us. My skin breaks out, my eyes end up swollen almost shut if I go into any area/home containing or having previously contained cats. The simple visit of a cat owner to my home can mess me up, as happened not two weeks ago when a buddy of mine who owns 3 cats came to drop off some no longer needed holsters. The holsters had cat dander I was unaware of and within 10 minutes of opening the bag I was in Dander Hell.

        • I hear you, fellows. Allergies are a bitch. I’m sorry that you guys are allergic. I am that way in the Spring and Fall with Tree allergies. Sucks big time.

      • It’s usually just guys trying to show what “tough guys” they are. The allergies I can understand but that’s not something that should induce hate. Drowning animals like the previous poster mentioned is just an act performed by the lowest of the low. A barbarian. What a terrible way to die. It’s rare that I’m embarrassed by my fellow gun owners but sometimes it happens I guess.

        • This has been ever so enlightening; now I’m looking forward to re-uniting with my late father (the finest human being in my life) in hell.

        • William, Clearly he wasn’t if he drowned poor baby animals like that. Anyone doing such an act deserves to be in hell.

        • I agree Joe, this is the kind of crap that paints us all in a bad light and aids the gun grabbers. Drowning is one of the most horrible ways to die, not something I would wish on any living thing. Not even on the sickos who commit it. I am sure hell has a special place for such low lifes.

      • Destroying cats is neither hating cats nor a fear of cats.

        Why do mentally-unbalanced and psychotic cat-advocates always presume that if someone is removing a highly destructive, deadly disease spreading, human-engineered invasive-species from the native habitat to restore it back into natural balance that they must hate that organism? Does someone who destroys Zebra Mussels, Kudzu, African Cichlids, Burmese Pythons, Brown Tree Snakes, or any of the other myriad destructive invasive-species have some personal problem with that species? (Many of which are escaped PETS that don’t even spread any harmful diseases, unlike cats.) Your ignorance and blatant biases are revealed in your declaring that people who destroy cats must somehow hate or fear cats. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        It is people who let a destructive invasive-species roam free that tortures-to-death all other wildlife, wasted for their cats’ play-toys, that have zero respect for ALL life. They don’t even care about their cats dying a slow torturous death from exposure, animal attacks, diseases, starvation, dehydration, becoming road-kill, environmental poisons, etc., the way that ALL stray cats suffer to death. They don’t even respect their fellow human being. This speaks more than volumes about your disgusting character. People like you should be locked up in prison for life for your cruelty to all animals, cruelty to your own cats as well as all the native wildlife that you let your cats skin alive or disembowel alive for their and your entertainment. If you let cats roam free you are violating every animal-abandonment, animal-neglect, animal-endangerment, and invasive-species law in existence.

        If people do hate cats today, have LEARNED to hate cats today, you have nobody but yourself and everyone just like you to blame. YOU are the reason people are now realizing that all excess cats must be destroyed on-site and on-sight. You’ve done so much to make people care about cats, haven’t you. If you want to do something about it, direct your sadly and sorely misplaced energies at those that are causing the problem, not at those who are actually solving it AND HAVE SOLVED IT 100%.

        THIS IS YOUR FAULT and THE FAULT OF EVERYONE JUST LIKE YOU. You have NOBODY but yourselves to blame.

        You can take that all the way to the very last shot-dead cat’s grave.

    • While I understand your situation, frustration and your farmer in-law’s dilemma, the practice of drowning any animal is repugnant. Are 22 rounds that expensive?

      That said, I also hold in contempt all the Oprah grade do-gooders who created the no-kill shelter movement of the last decade+. Combine that with a weak economy and tight local government budgets, it’s no wonder many areas are inundated with cats and dogs.

      • actually the in-laws are in the Scotland, no rifle, and no drugs to euthanize them (i think because certain kinds of drugs are not supposed to be on the farm near dairy cows). yes, Scots are a little brutish, why do you ask.

        • Sigh.
          Given the lack of legal, humane killing options on the Scottish farm, a pass is warranted. I know farmers – I understand that drowning was, in times past, a useful pest control tool.
          As a child, it disturbed me to read Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe doing this distasteful, yet necessary, task.

          That said, we’ve advanced a long way and should strive to be better.

  15. I heard that the kittens were driving a “blue pickup truck” last seen with a violent murderous ex-cop at the steering wheel. wait…….that was a woodpile? oh….my mistake. the police department will buy them a new woodpile.

  16. I like cats, and own one, but animal pests are animal pests. They should have been taken away and shot/disposed of in a discreet location, however. Thanks to this guy, the kids might grow up associating guns with psychopathic kitten execution instead of self-defense, hunting, or more noble uses of a firearm. At first, I had an emotional response “Oh, that’s horrible, he should be fired,” but I’m glad the city has the balls to stand up to public pressure and the animal-rights nutters.

    • They’re protecting a state employee who did something that would get any of us put in jail.

      • Yes, that’s a hugely frustrating aspect of this, too. If a city employee has the right to dispatch varmints on a homeowner’s property, the homeowner ought to have that right as well.

        In the present discussion, it would appear we can pick our poison -either varmints can be killed, but only by Big Brother, or Big Brother and the proles are equal because nobody can kill varmints, they being accorded similar rights to humans.

    • My first thoughts were exactly as yours with regard the prejudicial lesson taught anyone who saw or was otherwise exposed to the LEO’s use of a firearm in dispatching these kittens – in front of anyone to see – in the middle of a neighborhood; instant anti gun proponents.

      I see the other issue as extremely poor judgement and should have been addressed in that light.

    • I’m glad the city has the balls to stand up to public pressure…

      Yeah, no need to give a crap what the public thinks about a reckless cop being protected by a ridiculous double standard. Those people are just dirty mouth breathers who are lucky to be represented by such a wise and benevolent government.

    • Those kids will grow up learning what it means to be a criminally irresponsible and criminally negligent cat-licker who lets their invasive-species cats outdoors to roam free — their cats get shot to death. A very valuable lesson.

      • Wow, buddy, you’re obviously a bit more than just a little stupid. Kids don’t understand that kind of stuff; they saw a gun used to kill little kittens. Whether or not the kittens should have been killed doesn’t matter; the fact that the officer did it in the middle of a neighbourhood where kids could see it does matter. I must say, though, seeing your constant posts, it’s very obvious that you’re a cat hater, and that’s fine, but pull it back some. You’re coming across not as some intelligent person who has all these reasons behind what you say, but rather as one of the most idiotic people posting comments, talking like you understand how law works or the fact that one must be some sort of evil person to have cats.

        Take a chill pill, you pedantic twat.

        • And every child that ever grew up on a farm and learned to chop the heads off of chickens for dinner or were shown how to shoot their pet 4H pig in the head for the weekend barbeque turned out to be a traumatized basket-case for the rest of their lives.

          You’re just mommy’s-basement pussy-whipped on all sides, aren’t you.


        • And every child that ever grew up on a farm and learned to chop the heads off of chickens for dinner or were shown how to shoot their pet 4H pig in the head for the weekend barbeque turned out to be a traumatized basket-case for the rest of their lives.

          You’re just mommy’s-basement puššy-whipped on all kinds of sides, aren’t you.


        • The only reason you’re allowed to carry guns, Wussman, is because there isn’t an IQ test required to do so.

          Let me help you out here since you seem to be struggling with a woeful lack of education:

          1. How many people have been killed by police officers either by accident or on purpose?

          2. How many people have been killed by disease carried by rats, mice, the fleas they harbor, cockroaches, and other animals that reside below cats on the food chain?

          3. How many people have been killed by domestic cats either tame or feral?

          Perhaps the problem is that you didn’t bother to attend a real school where they teach you this stuff and you got edumakated at the School Of the Dining Room Table by your equally ignorant broodsow? I suppose that’s really not your fault that you started life at that big of a disadvantage.

          Feel free to shove the barrel of whatever you prefer to carry up your cavernous backside at any time and pull the trigger. Thank you, drive thru.

        • “And every child that ever grew up on a farm and learned to chop the heads off of chickens for dinner or were shown how to shoot their pet 4H pig in the head for the weekend barbeque turned out to be a traumatized basket-case for the rest of their lives”

          As a matter of fact my ex husband grew up on a farm chopping the heads off of chickens and slaughtering other livestock. He was an abusive, insensitive lout and the best thing I ever did for myself was divorce him. Incidentally he was also abusive to my cat and I took great pleasure in signing our dissolution paperwork while I told him to his face what a verbally abusive, massive douche he was. Walking out the door and taking everything I could was one of the best feelings in the whole world.

          Our first two years of marriage, he tried to put my cat to sleep because said cat was old. I read him the riot act and over time, he came to resent me because I got so good at destroying all of his arguments which, needless to say, were as thoughtless and unlettered as yours. He finally stopped trying to argue with me, apparently because he couldn’t stand the self-humiliation anymore.

          All that said, you’re not even close to the sharpest tool in the shed (although you are a tool shed) so let me help you out here a little, brother:

          1. How many people have been killed, either on purpose or on accident, by cops?

          2. How many people have been killed by disease spread from fleas carried by rats and mice, or from disease spread by cockroaches? How many people have been made sick because of spider and snake bites? In case you didn’t notice, all of the above reside lower on the food chain than cats.

          3. How many people have been killed by kittens?

          Perhaps the problem is just that you didn’t attend a real school and instead were instructed by your broodsow at the School Of The Dining Room Table, and this is not your fault, though you should recognize that this has placed you at a distinct disadvantage. Fortunately for you, Wussman, an IQ test is not required for gun ownership.

        • Your EX’s upbringing had nothing to do with that. Instead you are a self-victimization manipulation freak who uses self-victimization to manipulate and control everyone around you. This is why morons like you let your cats roam the streets to get flattened by cars and then scream bloody murder over the death of your cat — WHEN IT WAS YOUR OWN DAM* FAULT!

          Self-victimization to manipulate everyone in your world is so last-century. Try something else. Everyone is onto your deceptive and manipulative little game and it doesn’t work anymore.

  17. I can’t imagine what kind of a cop this guy was. I’d be interested to see a review of any complaints of violence or misconduct against him.

  18. I prefer the title “Irresponsible Armed Government Employee of the
    Day” for this story.

  19. This guy is a monster and a moron.
    Typical way to deal with feral cats is to catch, spay/neuter and release. Also feral kittens, especially ones this young can often be socialized well enough with humans to be adopted.
    I could even understand shooting the mom because catching adult feral cats is not easy.

    Instead of catching these kittens though, which wouldn’t have been very hard given the age and giving them to a shelter who would try to find them a good home this idiot opens fire in a residential neighborhood; killing innocent animals and putting lives in needless danger.

    I don’t care if you or I as average citizens found a den of Black Mambas in our back yard, if we opened fire in a residential neighborhood we would be in jail facing multiple felony charges.

    Look at that poor officer who got attacked by the feral cat while writing a speeding ticket, he got bit and scratched to hell, he was in the middle of nowhere and he still managed to restrain himself from opening fire.

    I hope they protest the hell out of this idiot, this has got to be the worst case of cop-on-animal violence since that Cow up in Canada that got shot like 30 or 40 times because it was “rampaging”.

    • PS: I said this in another post but I will say it again.
      My sister in law lives in the area, she works in an animal shelter.
      The “full” animal shelter is not the only animal shelter in all of North East Ohio, there are plenty of other shelters and someone would have made room for these kittens, tried to socialize them and if sucessful found them a good home.

      • Well said – this could have been handled better. There were probably options regarding animal control.
        That said, I think no-kill animal shelters are part of the problem. There are too many stray / feral animals and too few resources to control them with non-lethal means.

        • Many places have kill and no kill shelters. The no kills usually being no profits here in IL. The county runs the kill shelter. Might be a problem if kill shelters were not in operation. The real problem is still often people when it comes to dumped stray animals.

  20. He could have handled it without firing a shot, like two Military Police did when I called them about a stray kitten…

    We lived in base housing at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, TX. One morning I went out and saw a young cat jump down from under my old Ford Ranger. I figured it must belong to one of the neighbors, but when I approached it, it crawled back up into the engine compartment. Not wanting catburgers the next time I started it, I did what was duly expected and notified the Security Forces there was a stray animal in the housing area.

    Shortly afterwards, a patrol car pulled up in the driveway and two of Sheppard’s finest got out. I told them where the cat was and one of them copped (no pun intended) a “you wuss, you called me out here for this?” attitude. He smugly walked over to the truck and popped the hood. The cat jumped from under the truck and ran into the monkey grass in my neighbor’s flowerbed. When Macho Cop walked over to where it was, the cat shot back up under the truck.

    After a few minutes of this, Macho Cop called the other over and between the two of them, they managed to corner the cat and get it by the nape of the neck. As Macho Cop held the spitting, hissing, flailing ball of fur at arm’s length, Other Cop asked if he should call for someone to bring a cage. Macho Cop said “nah” and walked over to their patrol car, opened the back door, tossed the cat inside, slammed the door and walked back over to where Other Cop and I were standing, to wrap up their visit.

    The cat immediately went ballistic and began bouncing off of every solid surface in the car. Before Macho Cop could get back over let it out, the cat had disappeared. Neither of the cops wanted to open the door at that point in fear of becoming the target of two pounds of fur, claws and teeth. However, what could they do? They couldn’t just leave the car blocking my driveway. Besides… someone was sure to notice when they returned on foot after leaving in a car.

    Finally we all looked through the windows at every angle possible to see if we could spot it. Nothing. Other Cop cautiously opened the back door and stuck his nightstick in there. He ran it under the front seat to see if the cat was hiding there. Nope. Nothing.

    Then we heard it. A low yowling moan emanating from somewhere in the dashboard. The cops looked at each other with an “aw shit, what do we do now?” expression on their faces. They debated spraying pepper spray under there but wisely decided against that. Finally they realized they were going to have to get back inside there and drive back to their squadron with a feline grenade threatening to take them both out at any moment.

    I didn’t follow up to see if they made it unscathed, nor did I request a copy of their incident report. I worked at the hospital there and never heard anything about two SFs coming in with multiple lacerations, so I assumed they got back safely and finally got the cat out of the car. But I’ll bet the next time they got a call about a stray cat, they showed up in full body armor.

  21. Fired? No. Hell no.
    The bastard needs to be tied to a stake and put in front of a firing squad.

    • He shot a feral cat. He didn’t drag them behind his truck or set them on fire. Take it easy there. These are just feral cats.

  22. What’s the difference between feral cats and possums? Cuteness? The communication of his plan probably could have been done better but whether it be diseased raccoons, possums, badgers, or cats, disposal of the animals is warranted. They’re feral. They weren’t family pets playing in computer box in the den.

  23. I’m sure that the kittens made a furtive movement, placing the former cop in fear of his life and justifying the shooting.

    Those kittens are lucky that there were no plunger handles nearby or they really would have gotten what for.

    Oh, for future reference, Officer Mengele, the next time the shelters are full, bring the strays there anyway so they can be humanely euthanized. I know it’s not as much fun as shooting them, but I’m sure that there’s a sweet Golden Retriever somewhere in the community that you can blow away to take the edge off.

  24. I just saw an episode of Alaska State Troopers where they dispatched a deer, that had broken its back jumping over a fence, with a shotgun against the property owners fence. Both animals had to be out down. Who cares? They’re feral cats! Just because they’re cute doesn’t mean that they can’t be shot.

  25. Having spent my early years on a farm I understand the quick and no nonsense way of dealing with animals that need to be put down for whatever reason. But that video shows a neighberhood full of houses and families. Bad place to start cracking out your service piece. Too many chances for an epic fail. Even if he had been standing over the cats and shooting straight down into the ground who’s to say that there wasn’t a buried gas line or water line there? How about a rock that can cause a bounce back?

    This man was not a pyschcopath because he killed those animals. He did not torture them, he killed them. Just as any farmer or hunter does. No, this guy was just stupid. Too stupid to be trusted with a gun in any residential area.

    Maybe Barney Fife style. He gets a revolver with 1 bullet he has to keep in his shirt pocket.

      • Call me soft but I couldn’t shoot a kitten unless it was injured and was suffering with no chance for recovery or foaming at the mouth from rabies, even then it would be tough. How this guy could shoot FIVE healthy kittens is beyond me.

        Even thinking of this from a hunting prospective, if I happened to kill a doe and found she had five fawns…I wouldn’t go shooting the fawns either.

        Maybe this is one of those cases where culturally its ok to shoot/eat things like deer, chickens etc and not cats.

        • JS, I think it’s a sign of how far we mostly urban Americans have gotten from the process of life and death. We go to a store to buy neat packages of food. People die in hospitals and not at home for the most part.

          If this guy had stomped those kittens to death with a big sh!t eating grin on his face I would have agreed with the psyhcopath label.

          And no, I don’t consider any man to be soft because he doesn’t want to kill. I was shot at in the service and I shot back. If I never have to do violence to another person or animal again I will be a happy man.

          Killing of any kind is a bloody messy business. I’ve seen hogs, cows, horses, chickens and too many types of game animals and pest animals killed by too many methods to have any delusions about killing.

          I’ve done some of the killing myself. I never saw it as fun. It was just a part of life and the times I lived in.

          As I said before. I think this guy was too stupid to be trusted with a gun.

        • I agree, this guy shouldn’t have a job where he gets to carry a gun. I have hunted before too, shot deer, woodchucks, etc . Maybe because I own cats I don’t know, to me killing healthy kittens, especially in this manner is one step away from Norman Bates.

  26. now children remember always pay your taxes and do your hwk…. bamg bang bang……. bang bang reloads and drives offf…. epic lol

  27. another special class of “citizen”. If you or I had done that, we’d be in jail for endangering the public.

  28. Sounds like a lazy burned out POS. Fire his ass. Sounds like a “good ole boy administration also.

  29. I’m curious… how do all of you “oh, they’re just cats” (weeks old kittens to be exact) commenters feel about late term abortions? I’m thinking you’re OK with aborting a life at 26 weeks because it became a “nuisance” to its mother.

    People, anti-gunners read TTAG too. Don’t give them more ammunition to use against us with your total lack of compassion comments. Just my two cents.

    • They are cats, not human beings. Big difference. You should ask all the PETA folks what THEY think of late term abortions.

    • Comparing feral cats to human being. Get the emotions out of it. They’re cats. There are millions of cats, a few we’re euthanized before the were able to grow up and become doctors, or the president of the… Oh wait… They’re cats. They’re just gonna reproduce more and more. They’re cats. Who cares? I’m a cat owner and if I had some feral cats in my yard, they’d surely be ridden of. Not by a firearm but probably with anti-freeze, and if I trap them, the animals shelter will kill them for me instead.

      • I agree JSIII, killing kittens or other defenseless baby animals is a sign something is wrong with the person.

      • What makes you think humans are any more special? Or why we have any more right to life than a cat or any other lifeform? The truth is we don’t, some like to think we do but in reality we don’t. The only difference is we have the power, not the right. Yes human babies can grow up to be doctors or the pres, or gangbangers, killers, drug dealers, gun grabbers, etc. We have a great capacity for good or evil, which cancels out making us better than other life. If you are okay with killing kittens but not late term abortions then you are a hypocrite just like the gun grabbers. If there is any lifeform there is too much of it’s humans. 7 billion is way too many, over taxing what the environment can support. Get off your high horse people, you are nothing special, just another bag of fresh meat just trying to live another day and nothing more.

  30. All he needed to do was take them outside of town and do it there. No one would know or care. Dont do it in someones back yard. That is just stupid.

  31. Cats are vermin. Especially feral cats. Can’t say I’m too shaken up over their demise.

    However shooting them in the lady’s yard was a bad call.

  32. Even if the cats needed to be put down, was there really no better alternative than to shoot them in a neighborhood with young children watching?! Truly mind-boggling.

  33. My lands were invaded by 100’s of these invasive species cats that, after a 15-year nightmare, had all but annihilated every last native animal on my lands. From smallest of prey that was gutted and skinned alive by cats for their senselessly tortured play-toys up to the top predators that were starved to death from cats destroying their ONLY food sources.

    The moment I STOPPED trying to reason-with or engage the help of cat-lickers who were creating and perpetuating the problem was the very moment the problem solved itself.

    I’ve not seen even one cat in nearly 4 years now. (Also disproving their oft-spewed deceptive and mythical “vacuum-effect” lie.) Just Google for this complete search-string, as-is, including all quotes:

    “Licensing and laws do nothing to curb the problem” AND “I don’t see anyone dumping cats where I live anymore” AND “irreversible consequences to”

    There you’ll find an answer that works 100%, is permanent, affordable by any individual or size of community, and all done in less than 2 seasons.

    I’ve had to shoot and bury literally HUNDREDS of these invasive species piece-of-sh** vermin. Everyone should do their part to stop this insanity being perpetuated by these delusional and uneducated criminally irresponsible cat-lickers.

    To show support for this officer everyone should shoot AT LEAST 1 cat per day. That should start to put a dent in the problem.

  34. I can’t believe how much whining I’m hearing about animal cruelty. These are not pets, they’re FERAL cats. Have you ever dealt with them? They’re nasty critters, and they breed about the same rate as rabbits.

    Officer Accorti should have donned heavy leather gloves, stuffed the pests into cages, taken them out of town, and shot them all there. If people are so concerned about animals, why are shelters crammed full?

    Hopefully homeowners will think twice about bothering their local law enforcement officers with pest disposal. If they wanted humane, professional results, they should have called a Critter Control specialist. Those guys come in, catch/cage the varmints, and haul them away. Why are we griping about how officers do it, when it’s not in their job description?

    Again, though. Officer Accorti: location, location, location.

    • FLAME DELETED Shawn cats that are in the wild make the best house cats if you get them as kittens. I have rescued cats my whole life and dogs and any other animal including wild ones. Also kids from abusive situations. FLAMES DELETED

  35. “After visiting the scene, talking with the responding officer and re-interviewing the complainant, I have decided his actions were appropriate and have decided not to impose any disciplinary measures for the incident. We will talk with the humane officers about improving their communications with the public.”

    And if Joe Homeowner had pulled out a .22 and popped the kitties there in the middle of a suburban neighborhood, the local cops would have arrested Joe for illegal discharge of a weapon inside the city limits, plus about 15 other charges. “Hey, do what we say, not what we do.”

  36. No question…this guy needs a psychiatric evaluation to see if he is stable enough to carry a gun. Maybe a check of his medical history (just like in New York State) to see if “nerve pills” have been prescribed by his doctor. His action,here, seem to indicate a lack of common sense and who knows what else??????? And we should look at his supervisors who sanction this guy.

  37. TTAG, shame on you for equating this APiGG (armed professional government goon) with gun owners. I’ll bet most anything he did not own the firearm he used so irresponsibly.

    • Due to all the deadly diseases that cats spread today, it would be wrong to advise they be used for food or anything in this day and age (even in jest). The risk to anyone dressing them for even the use of their furs today (as they were commonly used in the past) could be deadly to the people involved.

      I tried feeding one of the shot-dead cats on my land to the last few starving opossum (almost all the rest of my native wildlife starved to death from cats destroying all their food sources). Thinking that for once these invasive-species cats could give back for what they had destroyed and wasted. Those opossum died from some disease in the cat. Alarming — in that opossum, due to their cooler body temperatures, cannot contract nor transmit many common diseases, not even rabies. They are one of the most disease-free animals in N. America. Yet … something in that cat-meat was able to kill all the opossum that were under my care (2 adults and 3 young they had while under my care). Cats truly are complete and total wastes of flesh. They can’t even be used to safely feed wild animals. Leaving any of these invasive-species cats out in nature, alive OR dead, is no better than intentionally poisoning your native wildlife to death.

      PLEASE dispose of them safely and responsibly, and hygienically as possible. Wear gloves while doing so to protect yourself as well. After the last cat is gone incinerate or bury those gloves too.

  38. Did this officer not consider using a silencer or bashing the kittens in the head with a solid piece of wood…borrowed a hammer?? It’s the noise aspect of the killing that has parents and kids upset…big bad government ruled by jooish supremacists killing kitties and Muslim children 10,000 miles away. Yummy! Hypocrites!

  39. To all you asshole men including “WOODSMAN” who think its cool to kill anything including cats and helpless beings on this earth when you die you will eternally rot in hell. Pray to God you do not have kids or a relationship with a real women because you are also the kind who will beat and abuse them and your kids. I know your kind you hate and really cannot see the true gift you were given to be born on this planet! You think everything here is for your taking and you really don’t give back. And “WOODSMAN” really cats are an invasive species -what about all the other stupid men that had to have all the snakes and other reptiles that have invaded the country. Along with you “WOODSMAN” the biggest invasive idiot asshole I have ever read about. Go ahead and defend your right to bear arms along with all your fellow gun buddy’s- why don’t you all go out and have a game and shoot at each other and see who is left standing. My only hope before you die is that you get to feel how painful it is to be shot and slowly die from it!

    • I worry about these bible-home-schooled cat-lickers who believe in Karma.

      If cat-lickers truly believe in Karma, maybe they’ll be skinned alive or gutted alive someday, then left to flop around and scream in agony — EXACTLY what they allowed their cats do to all other animals. Then hoping their screams can draw the attention of someone with the strength of heart to put them out of their misery. Like I had to do to all the wildlife on my lands that local cat-lickers tortured to death with their cats, my being forced to stomp those poor suffering animals to death with my own boot to hush their agony and torment caused by their cats. May the cat-lickers who believe in karma hope like hell that I’m not the one to hear their screams for help after something has gutted them alive or skinned them alive. I’d just leave them there to thoroughly learn their much-deserved lesson at long-last, not even risk dirtying my boots with their unused gray-matter.

      I’d just keep on walking — to a far far better day.

      • RIGHT ON KATHY D. Girl I WILL PRAY FOR WOODSMANS DEMISE. Heaven above,may he rot in hell and my pleasure would be to procure that.

        • Now there’s the true display of being a complete sociopath and psychopath of every last cat-licker online that I’ve come to know oh so well.

          Thanks for proving it yet again!


          Out of ALL groups of people on the face of this earth, you will find NONE that compare to the amounts of death-threats, threats of torture against humans, and posts about their hoping for the demise of all humans on earth than those that come from these sociopathic and psychopathic cat-lickers.

          I’ve collected more death threats from these cat-licking sociopaths and psychopaths than the hundreds of cats I’ve shot and buried. LOL

          (The FBI’s been wanting my collection that I archive locally and online, but I like keeping it open-ended. This way, should any of these morons ACCIDENTALLY make good on their threats (which I already know are as empty as their minds, hearts, and souls), then they ALL go down during the investigation. LOL Thanks for giving me another one to add to the ever growing collection! Hope for your sake that I don’t die “suspiciously”. LOL)

    • Here’s my standard issue prepared reply for bible-home-schooled morons like you:

      Homo sapiens is NOT an invasive species ANYWHERE, you freakishly stupid moron. Since humans have the genetic code to give them the capability to travel/migrate to ANY part of the globe, this means they are native to any area that they have migrated to on their own. Just like birds that have this capability and can travel to different continents and islands. Those that have the flight-range required to do so are NATIVE to those areas that they are capable of traveling to ON THEIR OWN.

      (And for the love of all that’s good in the world, PLEASE don’t display your further ignorance and stupidity by trying to claim that European, Native American, African, and Asian humans are different “species”. That’s usually your next huge omelet-on-the-face move that you astoundingly ignorant fools make.)

      Whereas, an animal genetically engineered through selective breeding, such as CATS, are NOT AN INDIGENOUS SPECIES ANYWHERE. They are no more natural to any native environment anywhere on earth than some genetically engineered insect that was invented in some lab, that once released out into nature will destroy all native wildlife, JUST AS CATS DO. Someone once kept a “pet” bee one time. He too selectively bred this pet. After he selectively bred it it was called an Africanized Bee. It accidentally escaped his supervised confinement, and look what happened. Luckily for us they’re’ not destroying the complete food-chain in every ecosystem where they are found today, are limited in their range, and they’re not spreading many deadly diseases to all humans and wildlife — you know, all those fun things that these domesticated-species cats do.

      If you phenomenally stupid cretins are going to use ecology, biology, speciation, and genetics in your arguments, the very LEAST that you could do is have a base comprehension of what you are talking about. Don’t you think?

      No. And that’s the problem with terminally ignorant morons like you, you CAN’T think.

      If ONLY there was a legal cure for “stupid”.

      • “Homo sapiens is NOT an invasive species ANYWHERE”

        WTF are you blathering about? Humans are not any more important than cats, which have also successfully migrated to pretty much everywhere on the globe, brought by humans themselves. In fact I daresay they thrive probably better than humans do because they’re a lot more resourceful. But now there are more humans than cats and humans are far, far more destructive to planet earth than any cat could ever hope to be. Perhaps you’re just a narcissist.

        “No. And that’s the problem with terminally ignorant morons like you, you CAN’T think.”

        Nothing you have said even close to resembles any kind of either biological fact nor does it qualify as logic.

      • I see that 3rd-grade diploma from your institute of bible-home-schooling is working out well for you. (To correct all your errors I’d have to educate you up to at least a Freshman year biology class in high-school, something that I have neither the time nor inclination to do. It’s much more fun letting fools like you wallow in your lifelong bliss of self-inflicted ignorance.)

  40. Another enjoyable, well written article by Mr. Zimmerman. Thank you.
    However, a pet peeve…’close’ proximity? as opposed to ‘far’ proximity?
    Why is this word (proximity) so often misused?

  41. How many people want to bet that “Woodsman” is a 40-year-old loser who lives in “mommy’s basement” far from any woods, owns no “lands,” has never slaughtered an animal or held a gun, and spends his long, un-employed hours trolling?

  42. Barry Accorti is a moronic loser that should be no where near a weapon. What an idiot. An absolute idiot with no reason to be on the planet at all other than to take up space and do stupid things like pull out his super manly weapon and blow away a bunch of kittens. Oooooh what a big man. Ugh. Loser.

  43. This is why the government should not be armed. Firearms should be the right of private citizens only, as the Constitution intended.

  44. Those who have heard of this case and are outraged over the way people are trying to hijack everyone’s lives, homes, and lands with cats — in support of Accorti there’s a new movement happening across the land. They are all shooting at least one stray cat per day to put an end to this nonsense and show their support for Accorti. Not quite the results that cat lovers had intended but that’s what everyone is getting. Think twice about what you are trying to force others to do. It may just backfire in your faces, like this one most certainly has. The interesting aspect in all of this is that once a person shoots one cat it just becomes easier and easier to shoot many more of them. It’s not going to stop now.

    • I was feeling bad. I thought I wouldn’t get to add any Accorti-Cats to the movement in support of him. Having been so successful at eradicating hundreds of cats 4 years ago. Not seeing one since. And what magically appears in my yard today?! An Accorti-Cat! (The squirrel-alarms started sounding loud and clear so I grabbed the rifle and headed outside.) One shot and it bolted about 10 feet and dropped dead.

      Before burying it I checked and it was a nursing mother. Every teat in use. So when the kittens in the woods somewhere start crying later; they’ll make a nice treat for any one of the mother raccoons, foxes, skunks, opossum, etc. that have been ambling through my yard every day, evening, and night. (They like to come by and show off their kits/cubs to me each whelping season, to get their yearly vitamin-fortified treat for a few days. I think they do it to show their kids where to come for an emergency if ever need be. Some of the mothers even taking a much needed snooze belly-up in the yard, using me as their free babysitter. I feel so used sometimes. 🙂 But since it’s only for a few days each year, I love it!)

      Anyway, since that cat was a full-on nursing mother, can I count that as at least a week’s worth of Accorti-Cats? I think so! 🙂

      Better those kittens should starve to death or become some other animal’s snack; than all the dozens and dozens and dozens of infant raccoons, opossum, skunks, foxes, birds, etc. that would have starved to death from just that ONE cat.

      A VERY successful day. My lands are back to 100% cat-free again, and I also got to do something in honor of a persecuted saint — Officer Accorti.

  45. Holy shit. Woodsman, you have to be the biggest loser virgin on the planet. Write a book or something dude, quit wasting your time and effort writing short stories on post boards and arguing with animal lovers. Some people see it differently than you do. Some people would prob want to put one between your eyes before they shoot other non-human earth inhabitants that have been here much longer than the human race, simply because they respect ALL living things and don’t like your strongly opinionated point of view. That crazy fairy tale about u hunting and killing 100 cats is hilarious, but u could probably sell that in the short story fiction section most likely.

    Try hugging a puppy or something man, you don’t have to be embarrassed to show those sensitive emotions you’ve got built up somewhere way down. Nobody is going to judge you.

    Seriously though, for as well spoken as you are, you should direct your effort somewhere that’s going to repay you in a way. Quit fucking with cat lovers blogs dude.

    Barry Accorti’s home address is below. Someone go teach him a lesson.

    18390 State Route 58
    Wellington, OH 44090-9493

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