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Gorilla Ammunition continues to establish itself as a top-tier brand, loading highly consistent, great looking ammo. Aww, and I remember when they were just a newborn…well…whatever a baby gorilla is called. With their growth they’re expanding the product line, and it looks like the next step is self-defense loads that will also work well for hunting. Another photo from SHOT Show follows, plus Gorilla’s official press release . . .


Gorilla Ammunition Releasing New Line of Self Defense Ammunition

Silverback Ammunition from Gorilla Ammunition is a new line of pistol ammunition and 300 Blackout ammunition featuring solid copper CNC machined projectiles.

Vero Beach, FL, – January 20, 2016 – Gorilla Ammunition introduces the new Silverback product line, featuring solid copper machined projectiles in 380 ACP, 9mm, 45 ACP, and 300 BLK. These technologically advanced projectiles create insane temporary and permanent wound cavities with controlled expansion to optimum depths.

“The growth of Gorilla Ammunition has been tremendous over the past year. We are very excited to release our new Silverback Line at SHOT Show. These lead free, CNC lathe turned copper projectiles are engineered and tuned for maximum expansion with penetration depths dictated by user requirements. Our proprietary heat treating and CNC machining process provides the unique ability to tweak projectile performance in soft tissue. This technology is groundbreaking for the ammunition industry and self defense ammunition consumers” said Lanse Padgett, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“The entire Gorilla Ammunition team has worked tremendously hard over the past few months developing and refining this product line. It’s been our mission to be on the leading edge of 300 Blackout and now with the Silverback line we offer a 300 Blackout subsonic cartridge that expands and creates terminal performance on game that is tremendous. I am really excited to see how the consumers respond to the introduction of this new ammunition technology.” said Gorilla Ammunition’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Jay Duncan

About Gorilla Ammunition:

Gorilla Ammunition is a manufacturer of high quality modern firearm ammunition and dominates the 300 Blackout ammunition category. Also Gorilla Ammunition offers the Silverback product line of self defense ammunition, featuring solid copper machined projectiles in 380 ACP, 9mm, 45 ACP, and 300 BLK. These technologically advanced projectiles create insane temporary and permanent wound cavities with controlled expansion to optimum depths. Gorilla Ammunition’s industry leading quality and performance is helping this young manufacturing company grow very rapidly.

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    • F! I’m feeling sick to my stomach now. I was just about to buy one of their mausers too. A couple of mausers – actually. Unbelievable!

      • I saw this too and wish I won the powerball! Luckily I found a store only an hour from me that sells Yugo Mausers cheaper than anything online. I snagged a really nice M98/48 for $350. It looks great and the action is smooth as butter, even with a load of cosmoline covering it. The barrel looks great also. They have a lot of M48s and 24/47s of differing quality stamped or milled parts with the handful of M98/48s. The 24/47s look great and they only want $250 for one. I almost want to go grab one of those also because of their condition.

        • Do they have a website? What’s the name of the store?

          Go grab one, find two that look exceptionally good. Buy one, tell me the SN of the other so I can order from them.


  1. Uh.. “Solid coper”. Anyone else see a problem with this? I see them trying to do to this what they tried with M855. Besides, solid coper = spendy.

  2. Price per round? Been looking to start loading my own Subsonic 300 BLK for self defense and game, but even loading myself will be around 1.50 a round minimum because expanding subsonic bullets are a niche and expensive.

  3. One day, many of the same guys who are currently busy pontificating all scientificcy about the “penetration and expansion” their FBI idols have taught them, is going to come around to the fact that cavitation behind the high pressure zone in front of the projectile renders a good bit of it pretty moot.

    As hardcast bullet hunters realized eons ago, the total bullet diameter takes a distant second to the flat front (meplat) as far as permanent would channel goes. Gaming “expansion” measurements of recovered bullets by poking skinny wings out behind the effective “meplat” of the expanded bullet, may make the shebang look cool and advanced and effective on paper, but who the heck knows if it makes much of a difference in real life?

    One thing is for sure, the bullet will be MUCH more likely to yaw in any non uniform substance (that’d be real flesh and bone and blood and ligament and air and…… as opposed to carefully mixed gelatin), with almost no shank and those long, high leverage winglets poking out everywhere. And once a bullet has lost stability and is yawing, it will much easier deflect off hard, high value tissue like bone, rendering it much less dependable than a straight tracking bullet. At least per hunters who have shot thousands of animals, all of whose internals bear much greater resemblance to people than a gel block does.

    If the goal is solely, or at least mainly, to prevent over penetration from high momentum for caliber rifle rounds, deforming the heck out the bullet may be a way to achieve that. But for a handgun round? In 9mm, a full wadcutter (or Hornady xtp) profile is pretty much as wide a meplat as you can get away with and still get sufficient penetration from a 115. Beyond that, every gain somewhere, is a loss somewhere else, as you simply don’t have the momentum to overcome any added drag and resistance.

    But all these new-new bullets do look all cool and kill’y, like the infamous “Black Talons.”

    • Last shot (2015), I believe Alexander Arms said they were working on a pistol type bullet for the .300 BO. The idea was flat slow and heavy, subsonic. I haven’t seen any new information. The likely outcome was that the rounds probably gave them feeding issues, but I would still like to see the testing.

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