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Some of you may be saying “I’ve seen this before.” And you’re absolutely right. What you see here is Wyndham Weaponry’s new “multi caliber rifle system” that they are pimping heavily at SHOT Show. There’s just one thing: they didn’t design it.

This gun started as the MGI Hydra, a gun we reviewed not too long ago. It sounds like Wyndham got the rights to produce it and are planning on making it to much tighter tolerances than the original, which is a good thing because the original could use some fine tuning. The concept is really cool and I can’t wait to see how well they pull it off.

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  1. Windham with an I, Nick… (And they were who I got my first AR from, so I’ve got a soft spot for the guys.. great customer service.. Broke my hand guards – guy with a New England accent on the phone — “Ya need a new handgahd? I’ll get you a new handgahd.” – good people)

  2. If this can get ironed out it will be fantastic. I remember the Hydra and I know a guy who got to try one out at Big 3. It was definitely and work in progress, but one that was conceivable. Hopefully Windham will have the money to put behind this rifle and make it a reliable and consistent system. This is something I am excited about and I may have to fork some cash over for it.

    • Isn’t that just a ak47 magwell and ak74 mags.

      Upper is machined for ak47 mags already.

      Avoid there glock mag kits mine fired out of battery and blew side of the case and blew mag out.

      Also I had to send the upper back cause it was machined wrong.

  3. Can someone explain how this is different then a new barrel and bolt in any other ar15 caliber? Cause I’m pretty sure my ar is multi caliber with a new bolt and barrel. And buy pretty sure I mean I know it is. I can seriously do it in like 12 minutes.

  4. What they should really do is make it low-shelf, so it can be used with a DIAS. MGI made the perfect lower for a DIAS, but then went and screwed it up by making it incompatible. Oh, and also by making them mostly vaporware, just like their .308 mag well.

    So yeah, low shelf.

  5. Love the package, except for the handgards, so five years ago. Longer, thinner in either M-Lock or Keymod and I’m in for a unit.


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