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GASTON J GLOCK's Extreme Performance Shooting Shirt (courtesy

A couple of days ago, Austin hit 108 degrees. And yet there I was, cool as a cucumber [roasting in a convection oven] in my T-shirt, sandals, RKBA holster (with sweat guard) and Caracal C. In terms of not dying, I reckon the T-shirt was the most important part of my wardrobe. Which is why I welcome GASTON J GLOCK’s Extreme Performance Shooting Shirt with COOLMAX® fiber-based moisture management system. With one caveat. Tone it down dude. If a little bitty Porsche logo gets it done in Zuffenhausen, minimalism will also work in Deutsch-Wagram. Either that or GASTON should acknowledge his OFWG American clientele and change the message from “Hit the Plates” to “Hit the Gym.” Or “Push Away from the Table.” Just sayin’ . . .

SMYRNA, GA (July 2013) –  GASTON J. GLOCK style LP, the purveyors of fine quality hunting and shooting sports apparel and accessories, is pleased to announce that the newest addition to their shooting apparel line, the Extreme Performance Shooting Shirt, is now available for purchase. Made in Germany, the Extreme Performance Shooting Shirt is made from COOLMAX®, an innovative performance fabric proven to lower skin temperature and lower heart rate during physical exertion, ideal for the extreme athlete. COOLMAX® provides an effective fiber-based moisture management system, wicking away perspiration from the body and through the fabric where it can be evaporated quickly, allowing the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable. The Extreme Performance Shooting Shirt has been function tested and certified by ADVANSA, a leading European polyester fiber producer, based in Germany.

The Extreme Performance Shooting Shirt is designed for both men and women athletes. The athletic, V-neck shooting shirt is slightly longer in the back to provide a better fit over the hips. The sleeves are cut intentionally shorter to allow for a greater freedom of movement in the upper arm area while shooting. There is also a stitched pleat in the back to allow for more freedom of movement as well. Please be advised that the shirts are cut differently for each gender. The women’s cut is close fitting with a slightly fitted waist, while the men’s cut is not.

The Extreme Performance Shooting Shirt is ideal to use for competitive shooting teams. Teams will find that they can use eco-safe dyes to print their sponsor logos on the shirts with the aid of GASTON J. GLOCK style LP’s in-house designer who can custom design the shirt per the team’s wishes (order separately by email at [email protected]).

The Extreme Performance Shooting Shirt is available for purchase on the website for $95.00 and comes in sizes S – 3XL for men and XS – 3XL for women.

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  1. I will never wear one of these newfangled synthetic material space-age Glock shirts. I don’t care what their moisture wicking capacity. They will never catch on with real shooters. Good old fashioned cotton and wool was good enough for John Moses Browning, it’s good enough for me.

  2. I’m not too comfortable with the idea of running around with a target painted on my back. They call these the G. Zimmerman Special?

  3. Last I checked, underarmor doesn’t charge a hundred bucks for a shirt. If a company wants me to advertise for them, the money needs to go the other direction.

    • And there isn’t extreme branding on all of UA’s gear. Their stuff did the trick in Iraq and the Mojave Desert. I even rock their hoodies.

  4. Want a shirt that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool in summer?

    Carhartt Work Dry[tm]:

    I’m wearing one now. They work like a champ. They’re being cleared out for a new product line, and they’re being sold for less than $20/ea.

    Any shirt I buy for $95 better have french cuffs, a nice collar, really nice cotton and well sewn buttons. $95 for a t-shirt? Not ever going to happen here.

  5. I admit that I like Gaston’s pistols, carry one regularly and highly recommend them to others. That said, I’m just not willing to advertise for the sleazy ol’ bastidge. He’s a bit of a dirtbag, ethically speaking–ask his ex-wife, his ex-partners, his ex-managers, and his ex-kids. Come to think of it, I’m not willing to advertise for ANY gun company or shooting product unless they’re paying ME to do it. If the sleazy ol’ bastidge wants to send me a free shirt, and if I can cover it up with a light jacket so as not to draw attention, fine. Otherwise, no, thanks.

  6. The best thing I’ve found for extreme heat is a long-sleeve white compression shirt with any other kind of loose-fitting shirt over the top. Layers and long sleeves might sound counter-intuitive for summer, but the compression shirt does an even better job of wicking away moisture than coolmax, and the long sleeves offer some sun protection as well. Throw a baggy / loose t-shirt over the top of that and the cotton will help soak up moisture from the compression shirt and maybe salvage whatever chance you might have at not looking totally unfashionable. 🙂

    Anyway, that’s what I wear for cross-country AZ desert hiking in 110+. We’re not as humid as TX, but I’d wager the compression shirt would work as well as CoolMax in any case.

  7. Target had Champion wicking tees on sale last weekend for like $9. Gaston Glock doesn’t need anymore of my money.

  8. I was lucky enough to find black and olive drab under armor shirts when I was in TQ, Iraq in 06 going for $5. In retrospect, I should have bought two dozen!

  9. The shirts are downright ugly. With all the financial resources that Glock, Inc. have at their disposal, you’d think they would have hired some real talent who would understand the preferences of people in the gun / self-defense demographic. This shirt looks like something to be worn by the tennis / soccer / set.

  10. Meh, I’ll pass. I have plenty of these athletic shirts without the extreme logos. I like being the grey man.

  11. You guys realize this is not the gun inventor Gaston Glock right? This is his oldest son’s company..

    Besides the name he is no longer a part of Glock Inc


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