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Wanna get your kid started in skeet or trap? Are you a petit femme or — like me — shorter than the average bear? Then you’ll probably want to take a look at Franchi’s latest. It’s a compact, soft-shooting 20 gauge auto-loader with plenty of butt stock spacers to get just the right length of pull. I shot Franchi’s full-size 20 bore at SHOT and it was mighty easy on the shoulder. Press release after the jump . . .

ACCOKEEK, MD (September 19, 2012) –– Franchi proudly introduces a new short-stock semi-automatic model called, the Affinity Compact. Integrating form and function, the Affinity Compact is the perfect gun for both young and small-statured shooters. It’s a sleek, perfectly balanced, semi-automatic shotgun that’s driven by the ultra-reliable Inertia® system.

The key feature of the Compact is its adjustable buttstock, which starts with a 12⅜-inch length-of-pull (LOP), and to which spacers can be added in ¼-inch increments, increasing the LOP to 13⅜-inches. As a young shooter grows, so grows the gun. When the time is appropriate, a full-size buttstock can be fitted to the Affinity Compact. A shim kit comes standard with the Compact, allowing for adjustment of drop and cast.

The Compact features a 24-inch barrel, slim fore end, and is light-weight for shots requiring a quick swing. Its refined design allows a responsiveness that few shotguns can claim.  Available in 20-gauge only, the Compact receiver is made of a lightweight, durable aluminum alloy that’s strengthened with steel inserts that ensure a solid steel-to-steel lock-up.

An innovative light, fast and reliable self-loading shotgun, the Affinity Compact is right at home in every type of shooting situation, whether it’s hunting birds or busting clay targets. Shooters now have an Inertia® Driven, short-stock shotgun at an attractive price. Picking up the distinctive Compact gives new meaning to “feels right.”

SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 20-Gauge  Barrel Length: 24”  Chokes: IC, M
Sights: Red fiber optic bar  Finish:  Black synthetic, Realtree® APG™
Stock Material: Synthetic  Average Weight: 5.5 lbs.  Overall Length: 43.375” and 44.375”
Length of Pull: 12⅜” to 13⅜”  Drop at heel: Adjustable from 2” to 2.5” in 4 increments
Drop at Comb: 1.5” (Adjustable with shim kit)  MSRP: $899 – $999

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  1. Hey Franchi, bring back the SPAS 12. Yes it’s big, clunky, and Benelli makes a much more svelte convertible. Who cares? We’ll love you again if you bring it back!

  2. Make a 20 inch barrel available with the short stock and it would be a very viable home defense shotgun coupled with a good light and handgun.

  3. Too be fair, I would prefer this version over the regular version just because it has a shorter barrel and it’s chambered in 20 gauge.

    Dragging a 12 gauge + 26/28 inch barrel in the woods for long distances can be a PIA.

  4. They make the 20 ga. in a hunting camo with a 26″ barrel also. Every Affinity that I have seen so far has been of excellent quality. They have one of, if not the best trigger on any semi going. They are made in the Benelli plant. The real world weight is closer to 6 lb even. The Forends are not as thin as the m2 Benelli due to the main recoil spring being around the mag. tube. Randy Wakeman does a good review of the 12 and 20 version on his site. I am going to get one for my son this X-mas.

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